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Posted by Goly

ahahaha you know the only game i beat from that backlog was chrono trigger. still i was so proud when i did. ah and yakuza. dude thx for reminding that that backlog was there, i'm actually gonna update it once i figure out which games i still have to play. any obscure recommendations? i'm lacking in pc rpgs. i've only played the first fallout and quite a bit of vampire bloodlines, but never got around to finish it. it was too creepy and i'm an easily scared person ahaha.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

This backlog still accurate? :)

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Posted by Goly
  • Chrono Trigger - DONE
  • Yakuza 1(DONE) and 2(not DONE)
  • Vampire: Bloodlines (again) - YES
  • Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 - THIS SUMMER
  • Brutal Legend - After Psychonauts
  • Bioshock - After Brutal Legend
  • Currently playing: Psychonauts.
Feel free to recommend some games for my backlog, I actually don't feel like posting all the games I've played but I'll give you an idea:
 -I've played most Rockstar games 
-Still haven't got Uncharted 1 nor 2, which I will buy eventually I hope
-Only computer RPG I've played is Fallout which I really liked
-I love adventure games, Lucasarts fanboy, Sierra not so much, really enjoyed Gabriel Knight 1, and some of the Leisure Suit Larrys. Haven't played too much of the recent adventure games, the last one I remember beating was The Last Express I think.
-Got a PS3 with not too many games, GTA IV, Arkham Asylum and Brutal Legend, the first two I've beaten, the last one is already on the backlog. Feel free to recommend there
-Haven't got an Xbox 360
I think that's it, ill edit this if I feel something relevant should be said or if I see a good game to add to the backlog.