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Posted by Brad

Last night I was flipping through the channels, or sections, or whatever in the New Xbox Experience (is it OK to stop calling it that yet?) when I ran across the promotional image you see there above. Sure, cool, it's early 2009. Time to see what games the people loved last year. Lord knows we did it ourselves recently.

But what's that, there, on this "best of 2008" graphic? Call of Duty the Fourth? You mean the one that came out in 2007? Yes, it occurs to me that they may simply be referring to the top games based on Xbox Live activity in calendar '08, but until today I thought we were utterly alone in our recognition of COD4 as 2008's best 2007 game. So alone and so, so cold.
Posted by JoelTGM

I still play it, it's a solid multiplayer game.  I'll quit playing it when Modern Warfare 2 comes out.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Yo, CoD4 is just that awesome. You guys know that.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I saw that, and I think we can come to the conclusion that without that graphic, many people wouldn't have clicked on it, and considering there is a Netflix ad on it...viola! Money making!

Posted by majnuker

Yeah, that game deserves the recognition it has gotten over the past year. Only thing to wait for now is Modern Warfare 2 to smack that bitch up, then we'll be able to let go of it once and for all.

Unless of course, it continues on as a sort of Counter Strike like game. lol.

Posted by bshirk

I thought CoD4 was kinda fun, but I never got into it as much as Halo 2.  I played Halo 2 for three years, and Halo 3 and CoD4 just didn't impress me that much. 

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

CoD4 deserves all that and more IMHO. Best multiplayer FPS by far.

Posted by OneEyedNinja7

Yeah, the video had a guy pick it as his game of 08. I certainly played COD4 more in 08 than 07, so I can see it counting.

Posted by Jayge_

I saw that too. I was like "... the map-pack-included edition?"

Posted by giyanks22

I haven't played it since COD WAW and GOW2, but it was one for the ages...

Edited by SpikeDelight

It's OK Giant Bomb, I thought it was 2008's best 2007 game as well. You are not alone anymore.

Posted by Dane


Posted by Grandma11

wow thats hilarious. i wouldn't have even noticed (my mind would've tricked me to think world at war)

Posted by Atomic_Tangerine

Yeah... I actually had to just tell myself "NO MORE CALL OF DUTY 4!"  I know once the next one comes out I'll play that for a year straight too, and I don't want 2007-2010 to be the chunk of my life where I did nothing of note besides get to the tenth prestige class...

Also, after playing the beta, I have no interest in World at War.  I went back to 4 once I got killed by a dog without the chance to break its neck.

Posted by zityz

Yea, that's because Call of Duty 4 is the bee's knees!

Posted by MrKlorox

The answer to "Why" is "because everybody else does".

Posted by Bucketdeth

I thought it was a good game but not as good as everyone says, I hear people talk about it like it's the best game that will ever come out and they should just stoping games because this one was released and it`s all they need.
But thats just my opinion.

Edited by kboy

After the obscene amount of CoD4 my friends played last year, you try convincing them that it wasn't the best game of 2008.

Because it wasn't.

Posted by TomA

I like CoD 4 too.CoD 4,Mass Effect,and Halo 3 wre my top 3 games of 2007.

Posted by John

Jesus C, let CoD 4 die already. Let's move on to bigger, better, more badass things.

Posted by Virus

COD:W@W weapons suck and so do the tanks. Also, some of the maps are too big and don't have the same frenetic pace as the COD4 maps.

I love chaos. That's the reason why I keep going back to COD4.
Edited by Slunks

Braid, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, BioShock, GTA IV

Man, what a freakin' year.

Posted by Claude
Posted by Lunarbunny
Posted by kagekage

COD4 anyday over CODW@W.
w@w is juss a re-up of 4. treyarch needs to do its own thangg

Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell

I'm still playing the hell out of CoD4.

Edited by matrix_hiei

I noticed that too, and thought it was pretty funny. That being said, I think I played more Call of Duty 4 than any other game last year, except for maybe NHL 09.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

Man, it's just that good of a game.

Posted by TonicBH

Sadly I kinda quit COD4 a few months back for other games. That and I was sick playing the game over and over with little to no rewards just to complete challenges and/or get golden guns.

Maybe it's time I go Prestige Mode...

Posted by Hector

CoD4 is awesome. I can't wait till "CoD4/2".

Posted by chronicsmoke

what can i say after all this time I still cant get enough of COD4

Posted by Jesus_Juice

I played over 300 hours of Call of Duty 4, and most of that was in '08. Being a Senior in high school was a lot like being unemployed, so I can empathize with Jeff and Rich's addictions to Call of Duty 4. Being a freshman at a demanding university is a different story, though, and I haven't played COD4 since I started in September. I really miss that game.

Posted by Bulldog19892

COD4 is one of, if not the best game of the decade.

Posted by Cubical

im still trying to figure out why people are playing it on the xbox since it looks and controls like  low res ass on the consoles and the limit of 18 players rather than 32 or 64 boring  as hell let alone doing it for that damn long.
add on the fact you have to pay $10 for the damn offical maps that are  in the free pc patches. Also no mods or change wich would drive me up the wall playing that same crap over and over again for that long. also the zombie mode in that new call of duty  war at war  is a total rip off of the PC call of duty 4 zombie mod and i played that longer than the normal call of duty 4 .


IT makes me say one thing WHY? are you people that deprived the games online is not that great. hell even the single player is not that great.

And even the far better real PC call of duty 4 with more damn maps to play  is not even that great I stopped caring about the game after like a week of playing it online since it was pretty damn dull no matter what you are playting it on there is not that much to it just standard fps game .

Posted by LegioXIII

CoD 4, for me, is THE multiplayer console game right now. Until they fix Gears of War 2, I'll be playing CoD 4.

Posted by Discorsi

I didn't find anything too amazing about CoD 4.  Then again I do not think I have ever liked a modern setting shooter ever unless you include Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  I loved the BF series till BF2 and i do not like CoD 4.  I did however love what I played of WaW.  The guns felt a lot better etc.

Posted by BawlZINmotion

I'm not much of a Call of Duty 4 fan, but I can definitely see this.

Posted by Zereta

I don't see what's so great about COD4? I have Halo 3 on my 360 and COD4 on my PC and I got bored of COD4 extremely fast. Sure the singleplayer is pretty awesome but I never so what was so great about multiplayer. 

W@W was a better game than COD4 if you ask me.
Posted by Dryker

I'm with LegioXIII, someone's gotta fix Gears 2. Brad, same page, I had the exact same reaction to the graphic.

Posted by Shadow

Don't get us wrong, COD4, It's not that we can't quit you, it's that you're the only game millions of people have.

Posted by HiroSeven

I've never played CoD4 online... but realllly want to!

I'll have to get on it after this week is over (ie. after my Pharmacy admission exams are over...).



Posted by adthomson

it aint got nothing on Halo 3 :P....

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

I only played the demo once. Not sold on that, so...
Guess what I am saying is that I am done with the CoD franchise. I guess I was after trying CoD 2...

Posted by Aurelito

Yeah it was a great game but i couldn't play multiplayer for more than 2 weeks. I hate seventh generation

Posted by PapaLazarou

I did....... about 5 mins after I played it...... it was shit.

Posted by Snail


Posted by TekZero

Shadowrun provides me with enough online shooter action.

Posted by CitizenKane
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is probably the best shooter so far this generation.  I absolutely love it.  I should go back and play more multiplayer.
Posted by suneku

I played CoD4 like crazy for half of 08, guess I'm one of the contributors.

Posted by starfox444

really? i like world at war more.

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