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Posted by HandsomeDead

You could have posted a picture of a turd and it would have been a more accurate representation of the Cruis'n series.

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I didn't care for Cruis'n USA in the arcade and the N64 version was a pain to play (*&^#@$@#&'n control setup!!!)

The other 2 I never played in the arcade, but liked them on the N64. Especially Cruis'n Exotica, that was fun to play and was also hilarious to play as the frontloader.

Never played Cruis'n on Wii and probably won't judging by the reviews it got.

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Except uhh... Cruis'n USA isn't Sega. It was made by Midway. ;)
This was actually the first N64 game I bought. I loved it back in the arcades, and had plenty of fun with it on the N64 as well. In truth, it's not a great game, but I always thought it was pretty darn fun. The series hasn't had too much success since then. I suppose Cruis'n World was a pretty big hit, and then wasn't there like Cruis'n Universe? And then the God awful Cruis'n on Wii? This brings back some good memories, though. It definitely was a fun arcade racer.

Posted by ferrarimanf355
imayellowfellow said:
"i remember playing this game lol, the girls in bikini's at the end of every finish line hahaha"
Don't forget running over the poor animals!
Posted by imayellowfellow

i remember playing this game lol, the girls in bikini's at the end of every finish line hahaha

Posted by ferrarimanf355

Over at my old haunt, I'd occasionally throw out a topic and talk about it for a week. I'd link back, but the blog was deleted for some reason or another.

Anyways... I'd thought I'd try it here. This week, I'll detail the history of the Cruis'n series. It's been 15 years since Cruis'n USA hit arcades (well, almost- I think it was released in the fall of 1994), and really, it's been a guilty pleasure for me. I always hold Sega racers in high regard, but there's something about the Cruis'n series. Maybe it's the quick play mechanics where you can play it for five minutes and feel satisfied... maybe it's the music... maybe it's having fun with a friend... but it always has a special place in my gaming canon.

Here's a YouTube of the Grand Canyon level in Cruis'n USA. And no, I don't know why Mount Rushmore pops up at the end. See you guys later!