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Posted by ElectricHaggis

I've been meaning to download the FEAR 2 demo, but I haven't got around to it yet.  From what I've heard people seem to like it.

Posted by Brandy

The surprise was indeed worth the wait...even though my sleeping meant that I wasn't actually consciously waiting. :-P

Posted by StevieQ

Emjoy CoD2, pity you don't like GRAW

Posted by Darro

Well I know you have enjoyed your first session with COD 2.  Played the demo of FEAR 2 and sucked since I couldn't get past the part where the big solder dude comes blasting through the door.  I will ge the game sometime this year but prefer to finish the first one and its expansions first.

Going back to Fallout 3 so will probably download the DLC just to be fully prepared.

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

I've heard FEAR 2's demo is pretty sweet, and I would like to second your comment: fuck winter.

Posted by temperedvortex
Posted by BraindeadRacr

FEAR 2: Project Orgin is gonna be awesome. No doubt.

Posted by HairyMike87

I have the same symptoms as you. Except I'm lucky enough to not have it as bad as you. I can go to sleep okay, but when I wake up, my nose just does not stop running and I cough like a madman. I almost fell asleep in my Statistics class today because I felt like I was okay but I wasn't. Hope you get well soon.

Posted by lordofultima

Huzzah! Thanks for such a magical welcome. After I shake this sickness I'm going to start writing something, I swear. Until then, Monday Night Raw with a box of tissue and some oj.

Posted by DBoy

Remember that coughing thing I had in my last video blog?  It got worse.  Much worse.  If I slept an hour last night, it's a friggin' miracle.  I couldn't breathe, had to blow my nose every 30 minutes, and I felt like utter crap.  I still went to work this morning, which was a huge mistake.  Kept blowing my nose, which now is as red as Rudolph's, and just felt miserable.  I hate the flu.  I hate winter.

Nonetheless, let's look on the bright side of things, shall we?  When I came home, I had a nice little package waiting for me.  In that package was Call of Duty 2: Special Edition.  Many people have told me this is a fantastic game, so I cannot wait to play it.  As for GRAW, yeah... not enjoying that one at all.  So much so that I went out and bought the second one... yep, I did that.  Why?  Well, because a certain James Logan (a.k.a. jimb0) told, nay PROMISED me we would play some co-op together on it.  He better keep to his promise if he knows what's good for him.

I'll also be getting the Fallout 3 DLC, entitled Operation: Anchorage tomorrow.  Man I can't wait to get back into my favorite game of 2008.  I also tried out the FEAR 2: Project Origin demo.  Man is that going to be one hot game.  Graphics look amazing, shooting feels just right, and the demo got some scares out of me way more than Dead Space.  Day one.

Last but not least, EndSights.  Check out some of the stuff we posted on there, including my review for The Maw, what the EndSights staff wants to see in Assassin's Creed 2, and much more.  Also, I'd like to give a hearty welcome to our newest staff member Michael, a.k.a. LordofUltima.  Finally, that big surprise I was talking about in the video blog... it's coming.  Please stand by.