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Posted by Brad
"Buy an Xbox already, GEEZ."
Are you a person who belongs in both of these categories?

  • Clings to the personal computer as sole gaming platform
  • Wants to play Fable II

If you answered "yes," it is my solemn duty to deliver some bad news: Lionhead's community "dude" Woody has stated unequivocally the company is not working on a PC version of Fable II. Here's the full quote.

We're not working on a PC version of Fable II.

There, glad that's cleared up. He does allow that the official Fable II site will be updated with new info "if this changes."

And does anyone expect it not to change? If you remember all the way back to the heady days of 2004-05, there was a full year between the original Xbox release of Fable and the follow-up PC (and Mac!) version, The Lost Chapters. I can't think of a good reason Microsoft won't repeat history with Fable II, maybe at the end of this year. The 360 original is barely three months old at this point; it's a bit early to start talking about future Fable plans.

Besides, given the ease of porting from the 360 to Windows, I'm sure they could crank out a PC version in, like, a week, tops, right? Right?

Totally jesting. Thanks to the newly redesigned Joystiq for the link.
Posted by insanejedi

Such a clear statement.

Posted by JoelTGM

I don't see why not on PC, but I don't care because I have a 360.

Posted by raikoh05

yo just cause they aint working on the pc version, doesnt mean microsoft isnt paying someone else to do the port, just like gears 2.

Posted by darkjester74

The way 360 ports are going these days (see GTA IV and Saints Row 2) I'm not sure they would be doing the PC gamers any favors. 

Posted by ZeroCast

Oh come on, i really wanted Fable 2 on the PC, i just hope we see some indication in the near future because this would be one heck of a game if it comes to the PC. 

Edited by spiceninja

Would you call me crazy if I said I don't believe them? Game companies lie so much about these things that I just can't take Lionhead seriously.

Posted by raikoh05

lionhead might be right, but microsoft likes money, they can get someone else to do the port.

Edited by Jimbo

Have you seen the state of some of these PC ports lately?  A week is plenty for the amount of effort that gets put into them.  Srsly, I think they just click the "Work (badly) On PC" button in the 360 code and that's it.

It kinda makes sense for devs to deny a PC release, even if there will be one.  If it converts one "I'll just wait and pirate it on PC" customer into a 360 purchase then it's worth it. 

My guess is you'll eventually see a PC release (inc. DLC maybe) when there is no danger of it cutting into 360 sales.  It will have as little effort as possible put into it.  It won't sell many copies, but it will still make money because it will cost next to nothing to make.

Posted by Stevokenevo

Something about Fable just suits the consoles alot better.  The sitting on your couch with a controller looking at your big tv,  not many people can do that with the pc.  I think i would still get it if it came out though.  Theres very little chance i'll be getting a 360 anytime soon.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Why would I care? If I wanted to play Fable II (Which I kind of do now) I would get it on the 360. People who pretend that the PC is the end-all platform for playing games are just deceiving themselves.

Edited by MrKlorox

I didn't pick it up on 360. I'd get it for PC if it was cheaper like most PC games. But then again I'm a sucker for high resolutions and anisotropic filtering.

I hated that the Fable TLC PC port didn't have any controller support. This is no mouse and keyboard game.

Also, the argument that one cannot play PC games on the big screen and surround receiver is a broken, flawed one.

Posted by Scratch

There was a time when I was actually hoping they would port it over to the PC. But now I really don't care. There's other stuff to play.

Posted by Kohe321

I got a 360 so I don't care :D

Posted by Hangid

Thats too bad for PC gamers. Isn't it funny? Before, a lot of the best games were on the PC and used to get ported onto consoles. Now its the other way around. Oh how times change.

Posted by lordofultima

Who would play Fable on a PC in the first place? It doesn't seem suited for it.

Posted by Blomakrans

But...but...I want to play it!

I don't have the dough needed for buying an xbox, especially considering that I live in Iceland. :(
Posted by Hector

Hahaha good one.

Edited by KamasamaK
lordofultima said:
"Who would play Fable on a PC in the first place? It doesn't seem suited for it."
Probably someone who doesn't own an Xbox 360 or is a "graphics whore". The first one was released on PC and played fine. It would support the Xbox 360 controller, of course, if that's an issue.
Posted by Hamz

........I am not pleased by this news.

Posted by StaticFalconar

Wow, this means that Fable 2 is actually a 360 exclusive

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

I thought I saw it on PC o.o But it is certainly a game made first and foremost for consoles, so I don't think its that big a deal. Its not exactly a masterpiece (too many big glitches, still riddled with balance issues, some frustration in the combat [like the casting spire guards vs melee characters v.v], and some less then realized concepts) so PC gamers aren't missing out on a hell of a lot. Its a good game and all, but more then a little dissapointing.

Posted by Snail

Shame, maybe I would pay for it.

Posted by TheMagicalLeprechaun

Eh. I cried.

Posted by ZombiePie

Just because Lionhead isn't making the PC version doesn't mean it isn't being made. Another studio could be making the port.

Posted by Brackynews

No PC = No free DLC = No problem! :-p

Posted by breton

I won't hold my breath, but I'm still expecting it to come sometime. And when it does, I expect it to be integrated with GFWL in which case I won't buy it.

Posted by WholeFunShow


Posted by HatKing

Ahh you PC guys aren't missing out on a whole lot...you guys get a bunch of great RPGs and Fable isn't exactly cutting edge stuff.  I mean it is a good game...but nothing all that great compared to some of the stuff on PC...Fallout is probably more rewarding.

Posted by PartTimeNinja

That sucks... this is like the only thing stopping me from selling my 360.

Posted by TooWalrus

Ha, I love that. Here's the full quote: "We're not working on a PC version of Fable II." lol

Posted by pause422
raikoh05 said:
"yo just cause they aint working on the pc version, doesnt mean microsoft isnt paying someone else to do the port, just like gears 2."
Microsoft doesn't give a shit about the PC at all.
Posted by waza

black & white 3
having that on PC would be amazing ... having it exclusive to the xbox 360 => i would definitely consider buying an xbox 720 (since i have more than enough consoles for this current gen ... but buying the next one and playing black & white 3 would be an option)

Posted by Det1

God I hope that if they do release a PC version that they don't do a saints row 2/GTA4 style of "JUST GET A COUPLE OF GUYS TO TAKE A WEEK ON IT, DO WHATEVER THEY CAN AND THROW IT OUT THERE" thing.

Posted by coaxmetal

The state of PC gaming is disappointing. I mean, I am a die-hard PC gamer, and there is absolutely no chance of me ever getting a console (unless its an old one, I would totally go for an SNES), but stuff like this is annoying, I mean, its not the greatest game ever (I have seen friends play it) but I enjoyed the first one and this one looks pretty fun. It does look like a more consile-suited game (most third person shooters or similiar, as this is not a shooter are, but they work just as well with a controller on a PC).

PC Gaming wont die, not with MMO's, but I would like to see some good new RPG titles (though, there was The Witcher and Dragon Age: Origins is supposed to come out this year).

The whole thing is sad, since I think that PC controls (KB/mouse) are better suited for most types of games (RTS, most RPG's, FPS). I guess thats a personal thing, but .... well I am off topic now. Point it, this is kind of dissapointing, but I was not expecting to see a PC release of it this year anyway, So I didn't actually say anything at here.

Posted by oliver

you not missing alot

Posted by AspiringAndy

Meh, when they get around to it I know that they will do a decent port, unlike GTA IV.
Fable The Lost Chapters was a well done PC port.

Posted by Bellum
pause422 said:
"raikoh05 said:
"yo just cause they aint working on the pc version, doesnt mean microsoft isnt paying someone else to do the port, just like gears 2."
Microsoft doesn't give a shit about the PC at all."

The PC is very important to Microsoft. I imagine Windows probably makes more money than the 360 does, and with the proliferation of the Open Source movement, Microsoft has had to actually compete, of all things. That's what the whole "Games for Windows" thing is about. Because honestly, what other advantage does Windows have over, say, Ubuntu, that justifies the huge price difference? The only other reason people use Windows that I can think of is because they've always used Windows.
Posted by Johnny5

Hmm I'll continue to wait. Or rent it , I do have  a 360, just kinda wanted it on pc

Posted by Will1Lucky

There most likely working on more DLC instead, It could be a while before PC users get it but if they do they are likely to get it along with all the released DLC so far.

Posted by coaxmetal

"Because honestly, what other advantage does Windows have over, say, Ubuntu, that justifies the huge price difference? The only other reason people use Windows that I can think of is because they've always used Windows."

That and Games -- I dual boot Ubuntu, and games are in fact the main reason I don't use it exclusively

Posted by Bellum

That's what I meant. :P No real reason to use Windows except for DirectX.

Posted by Vafthrutnir

Good news.

Posted by Linkyshinks

I'm not at all pissed, as a ardent lover of PC gaming.

Posted by krazedkaoz

Good, 360 version has too many bugs anyway.

Posted by warxsnake

So much hate for the PC, GEEZ.

Posted by Media_Master

Yeah I don't have either console and don't plan to since my PS3 works fine.

Posted by BiG_Weasel

I don't see them passing up the opportunity to release it on PC. It may be a marketing ploy so as to not stifle sales of the 360 version, which is what they did with Gears of War.

Posted by Scieran

Indeed it is a very clear statement. To elaborate on that, it's basically saying, they're not working on it.
Remember Fallout 3 DLC? They said "No, not at the moment" for the DLC on the PS3 after the release of 360 and PC. Months later, it changed.

Posted by Azteck

Yeah you know what? I have it for the 360 so who gives a shit?

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