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Posted by Brad

Those of you who haven't been paying much attention to video game web sites the last 24 hours or so may have missed the new Final Fantasy XIII trailer that came out. So here, please enjoy.


Ryan and I are pretty into this trailer--especially the super frenetic, action-oriented combat footage. I know Square-Enix has talked about creating a more fluid battle experience in this game, but then again, there's a big fat standard combat menu at the bottom there. So I'm not sure how much different it will be in the final analysis. Jeff got angry about all the no-context name-dropping going on in there, arguing that stuff isn't meaningful if you don't know anything about the back story before watching the trailers. But that's just how Final Fantasy likes to roll.

One thing I'm sure of: That's a damn pretty game. And since it's being developed first on the PlayStation 3, I feel like FFXIII is better poised than any other game to highlight differences in graphics quality and performance between the PS3 and Xbox 360. I'm really curious to see how the 360 version looks, next to the PS3 one.

Let's skip the exhaustive analysis of the trailer, since our Final Fantasy XIII wiki has just about all the info that's been released so far. Head over there if you want to know more about the known characters and such.

Lastly, since Square has made no secret that you won't be playing FFXIII in English this year, we put this list together to help you pass the time until it finally does hit shelves in the West.

The Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Trailer Drinking Game

  • When you see feathered hair: Take a drink
  • When the hair is feathered upward: Two drinks
  • Inexplicable use of apostrophes: T'ake 'a drin'k
  • Laws of gravity are defied: Take a drink, upside down
  • When you're unsure who's talking: Drink until you don't care who's talking
  • Something looks like an animal but obviously isn't: Drink, then run around on all fours
  • When you think you're watching a trailer for Killzone 2: Finish your drink
  • When the trailer ends: Continue drinking until the game comes out

So, uh, what are you drinking tonight? And after you've had a few, what do you think of this footage?
Posted by chililili

Good trailer, but game will not be released for a while

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Best drinking game ever.

Posted by Jotun

It's pretty unfortunate we won't be seeing the game until next year. It was announced in, what, like 2005 or something? Anyway, the graphics look very impressive and the story seems to be on-par with the previous games' in terms of being convoluted.

Man, can't wait for 2010.

Posted by GaspoweR

Drinking game sounds awesome!

Posted by AndrewB

Funny you should mention it... I happen to have a totally messed up concoction of Tequila, Amp, and a few other things. Watching this trailer could very well mean the death of me.

Actually, I already watched it. Explosions, guns, swords... it looks awesome. I'm so glad it'll be out on the 360, since the only thing that has ever kept me from enjoying much of the (core) Final Fantasy series is that I've totally lacked any console they've been released on. And now that I might be interested in emulating or otherwise playing them, the graphics are too darn dated for me to enjoy.

It's going to kick ass to be able to play this game, whenever it actually finds its way onto our shores (because God knows I can speak but a few words of Japanese, as much as I wish it were more).

Edited by AspiringAndy

Looks great.
The evil dudes look like Helghast.

Posted by McBain

Looks great! Too bad we won't be able to play it until sometime next year...

Posted by BrainSpecialist

That didn't make the slightest bit of sense.

Edited by MikeFightNight

You know what I reliazed after this trailer and tall boy.  I have 0 interest in JRPG's.

Posted by remixrunixlp

Dude, if those are the rules this might as well just  be a three minute waterfall.

And Jeff, you just don't understand maaannnnn. It's sposed to reel you in with its AURA. Don't you SEE it?!

Posted by Systech

I'm drinking Mountain Dew Voltage because I actually like that stuff! Weird, eh?

Posted by Claude

That sure looks like a pretty Final Fantasy game. So old, but never played...

Posted by theuncannygiraffe

It's pretty.... but I am a bit concerned how much the battle system puts me in mind of X-2. However, I have faith. :)

Drinking games - fun for all ages! :D

Posted by virtorio

For brief moment I was interested, but was quickly reminded that this is a JRPG.

Posted by Bulldog19892

That drinking game is awesome, but unless you're beer that shit would kill you.

Edited by AndrewB

Final Last Fantasy Ever XXXIV: Dub Edition.

Posted by CharleyTony

The only thing that the combat reminds me is Chrono Cross...

Are they dumming the game down to make it more accessible (more action-y)?

Posted by theuncannygiraffe

NahBulldog19892 said:

"That drinking game is awesome, but unless you're beer that shit would kill you."
Nah - after the fist 10 or so, your liver becomes immune.
Posted by NateDogg


Oh and and the trailer was really good as well :)
Posted by NeuroticOwl

I'm getting kinda amped about this one.  That's actually pretty cool, since I stopped liking Final Fantasy around number 10.  Bummer about the protracted American release date and potentially extra protracted 360 date.  And to think, I was getting so used to worldwide releases too.

Posted by SmugDarkLoser

^ But 10 was the last good Final Fantasy.
This looks like potentially the best in the series.  A definate competitor.  Reminds me of FF7 *yum*

Posted by Dalai
Bulldog19892 said:
"That drinking game is awesome, but unless you're beer that shit would kill you."
Fuck it, break out the Everclear!
Posted by keyhunter

No thank you sirs.

Edited by CallMeRotten

Yep that's a Final Fantasy game alright. Looks okay, combat looks a lot less boring but who knows how I'll feel about it after a few fights. Square Enix's character design still strikes me as vanilla, I haven't really liked anything they've done since FF8.

Also, was that Metal Gear Ray I saw hopping onto that bridge?

Posted by Highlander

Cutty Sark Single Malt 2001, Chilled, I mixed it with some Vault, it's a kick in the mouth (kinda like a certain candy...)

Posted by ThomasP

Combat looks pretty sick IMO. Great trailer; could have done without the dialogue though.

Posted by suneku

It's so depressing to see this and realize that it's more then a year away.

Posted by Sabata

Jesus, it's like they pulled half the voice work out of Diebuster.

Posted by Philosoma

The StormTrooper guys that were wearing yellow rubber overalls are now sporting Helghast helmets! Yeah, it looks really fun - I'm interested in how summoning will work in this game above all. FF13 Versus and Agido are going to be pretty damn cool as well from what has been reported. Fantasy Final!

Edited by twswordsman

If there were some more games for PS3 that I actually wanted, I'd buy it for this. So far only Killzone 2 and FF13 have teased me...at that's not enough.

Does anyone else hear that music though...sounds like it came from Final Fantasy 11....
Posted by WilliamRLBaker

Average its in no way the power house graphics that people made out the ps3 was capable of and square would be able to pull out.

Graphics are markedly not CGI which is par in course for square, Characters look just as weird and male characters feminate just as all ways.
I may be in the minority but i dont really care as well the inclusion of CGI in the trailer makes me think it will be just like most square games since they've been puting games on cd and thats 70-80% cgi and 20-30% actual gameplay.

Posted by Jayzilla

is it me or does the soundtrack sound like a Love Boat episode? Will there ever be a male Square character that doesn't look like his name should be androgynous like Lindsay, Terry, or Chris? I guess I just don't get what all of the fuss is about with these games.

Posted by isayalotofthings

Looks like every other FF i have played. What can i say, the love isnt there anymore.

Posted by m1k3

I would like to see more about Versus XIII instead. From what i've seen its a lot better looking than XIII. This still looks like its going to be good though

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I wish I could make out the combat menu better - I watched the trailer on G4 today and it seemed pretty hard to make out what the menu said.  Beyond that, the game looks like 48 flavors of kickass.

Posted by Fracture

Will have to see how this game controls when it comes out, right now that trailer just looked like a giant Japanese mess of FMV and battles that look like the new version of context sensitive battles.

Posted by liquidsol

Final Fantasy, what the hell happened to you.  Square-Enix, I would like you to make an instant classic.  You know, like you used to?  Just stop making new games and keep re-releasing the old ones on DS, or remake them.  Please, just put your money into what you do good, or used to do good.  Every other genre has survived, but the love for Japanese RPGs, is sadly gone.  Hopefully someday it will come back, but it's not likely considering all the other good developers out there. 

Games like this have completely lost their appeal, and instead appear to be non-sensical ADHD garbage.  The music, the setting, the characters, the art style.  None of it mixes.  It's like a peanut butter, mustard, chocolate, and pepperoni sandwitch, thrown into a blender, and made into a smoothie of nonsense.

Posted by pain777pas

Do you guys have the best video on the web or what instant and always high quality. You seriously are contenders for the best gaming site. Everything is in place except the exclusive huge game stories. This is the best video of the trailer I've seen so far and no delay. Keep up the great work. I too wonder how this will fare on the 360 and how many discs will they have to take up. This game looks amazing so far. Square you may redeem yourself from the debacles for home consoles this gen with this game. Versus now too please and info and ingame footage would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Red

Footage looks good. Beautiful game, although some face models look a little weird. Combat looks like it could be fun unlike FFXII but I'm not too sure about the story....which is why people play Final Fantasy.

Posted by floorswine

A very pretty game to be sure, but the deal breaker is undoubtedly going to be the combat system.

Posted by IncredibleBulk92

Aaaaan I'm reminded why I'll never play a Final Fantasy game again.  I'm serious now but aren't those characters just the cast of FFX?  Wakka dyed his hair and put a black hat on and I swear the main character is just Yuna. Sir Auron has beefed up and dyed his hair orange but their all there.

Posted by Tortoise

Terrible trailer.. showed nothing of any real interest and full of meaningless dialogue. We could see the combat animations, but how does it actually play?
Also, same floaty CGI as ever with weakass gunplay and a camera stupidly flying around all over doesn't make things exciting.
I'm still interested in the game proper, of course.

Posted by Captain_Insano

contrary to popular opinion this trailer has actually gotten me really excited about the FF franchise again. I am curious to see how the combat works as I did really enjoy the system (however antiquated it is) of earlier games like FFVII and FFVIII. I hated IX and didn't get more than a few hours into it. X was pretty good but had areas that irritated me. I never got around to XII and had written off ever really playing the franchise again when I invested into 360 but now hurray

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

Jager bombs are the only way to go for this drinking game, of course opting for the Final Fantasy energy drink instead of Red Bull

Edited by oliver
AspiringAndy said:

The evil dudes look like Helghast."
i was thinking that to
kinda looks like a mix of 8 with 10 and  i hated them to

mmm iv not like a ff game since ff9 and i dont im gonna like this one by the looks of it
Posted by teh_destroyer

Word on the drinking game.The game looks good,time will tell what combat moves the menu at the bottom of the screen will show us.As for what I am drinking tonight,I will be drinking my good old Whiskey with coke.

Posted by akumous

The trailer is now available on PSN for download for those who wants a HD copy. Listen, guys I've been watching the trailer constantly, especially the battle segments, and through my personal scrutiny I came away with this conclusion. The battle system is awesome, because per character is allow to attack 3 times and once the other character is ready he or she can attack as well...It is very dynamic and seamless because they can combo up and chains together, without undermining the traditional JRPG system of the old, like FFX for example...I am getting this on day one for the Japanese release date....:)

Posted by Afroman269

Never cared enough for any FF game but that drinking game sounds fun. I'll have to write out my will first cus I'll probably succumb to alcohol poisoning.

Posted by demonbear

This trailer reminded me why i don't like Final Fantasy rpgs. This is 60$ saved right there, thanks FF13 trailer. I can use this money on games I'm sure i care about.

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