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Posted by JJOR64
DXSSI said:
"I would support Power Stone 3 on any platform they cared to make it on.


Posted by Dan_CiTi

I wish they would have made a 2D version of SFIV of the Wii that looked like SFIII. I have it on 360, but it would be nice to see it on the Wii.

Posted by MrsIronNipples

Powerstone 3 would be awesome on any platform.  The main purpose is debunk those stupid statements "Wii would like to play Street Fighter IV".  Powerstone 3 just happens to be a more appropriate game that can work on the platform.  Its the same issue that occurred with Street Fighter 2 for the Genesis.

Posted by StaticFalconar

Forget just the Wii, how about Powerstone 3 at all?

Posted by Captain_Fookup

I just want a damn Power Stone 3, and Powerstone 1&2 on the XBLA/PSN.

Posted by PowerStoneAlliance

you're absolutely right!  Power Stone needs to make a comeback and the wii would be a great platform for this kind of game.  We need to keep demanding this game no matter what!

Posted by MrsIronNipples

Yeah, I am going to have to agree with you DXSSI, we need more fighting games Capcom.

Posted by DXSSI

I would support Power Stone 3 on any platform they cared to make it on.


Posted by MrsIronNipples

There have been discussions of bringing Street Fighter IV to the Wii.   A better alternative would be to make Power Stone 3 onto the Wii.  The controls for Street Fighter IV would be terrible on the Wii.  The controls for Power Stone 3 would not only work on the Wii but be superior to an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 controller layout.  Online would be better with Power Stone 3 as opposed to Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV controls would be awkward on the Wii.   The game uses 10 buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, Light Punch (LP), Medium Punch (MP), Heavy Punch (HP), Light Kick (LK), Medium Kick (MK), and Heavy Kick (HK).  Arguably there are 14 buttons if you include diagonals.  The best options would be a classic controller, A Gamecube controller and an Arcade Stick.  A Wii Remote and Nunchuck combo can work, however the buttons are not laid out correctly.  One design would be able to utilize the D-pad for attacks and that would be horrible (try playing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core for the Wii).  The best set-up would probably come be the analog stick for a D-input, waggle the nunchuck for kicks, waggle the Wii Remote for punches and the buttons A, B, C and Z will be used as modifiers. Another modification could be made such as A to LP, B to LK, C to MP, Z to MK, A+C to HP and B+Z to make a HK.  Modifiers would just suck for Street Fighter IV.  The game was designed so one could have all the buttons laid out at their fingertips and done so comfortably.  It just wouldn't correctly.  Unless they package the game with a fighting pad, the game would be poorly received.

Power Stone 3 would have perfect controls for the Wii.  A to punch, B to kick, C to jump, Z to grab, the analog stick to move around, the D pad to use final attacks while in transformation.  In addition, it would work with the Classic Controller and the Gamecube controller, giving the player choices to play in a fashion similar to the Dreamcast.   The mechanics to the game are simple enough to include motion controls and still be fun in the same fashion.

Online gaming would be terrible for Street Fighter 4 as oppose to Power Stone 3.  Street Fighter IV is probably going to be a fast paced game.  With the frame rate and detailed backgrounds, the game is probably going to lag a lot on the Wii.  Power Stone 3 doesn’t need to be fast paced to be fun.  The design and layout is a major part of what makes Power Stone fun.  The ability to throw, kick, punch items, use weapons, jump around,  and run around the arena to hunt for the power stones.   Regardless of the frame rate, the game would be fun.

It should be noted that the game can probably use a facelift.  The game should include an Arcade mode, Adventure mode, versus mode, online mode and the other modes that are usually included.  Arcade mode (1-4 players) would be similar to its predecessors but be redone to make it unique.  Capcom should make loads of bosses for this mode.  Adventure mode would be a platform adventure, something translatable based on the games mechanics but still different from what has been done in the older games.  It would be cool of Capcom can have Adventure mode run for at least five hours.    Versus mode would of course be a local multiplayer (1-4 players), nothing amazing but something that is a staple requirement.  Online should be something catered.  It will do everything that versus mode does and more.  One thing it should incorporate is a ranking system.  Players will be able to rank against each other based on score and of course score will be based on performance.   Another feature would Co-Op Arcade mode.  There should be round robin mode to for a decent alternative to local multiplayer.  I am sure Capcom will have some interesting ideas over my own for online.  Another cool idea would be able to play the older power stone games.  And all those VMU games they packed in the games should be playable on the Nintendo DS via DS Download Play.  Maybe they can have some playable characters from some of Capcom’s other franchises or some of Nintendo’s franchises.  Enough rambling on about what I think should be placed in the game.

To sum it up, why would someone want to have Street Fighter IV on the Wii?  Perhaps to save money on buying a new console but the game would be a dumber version that just won’t cut it.  Another note to be made is that they haven’t made a new Power Stone game in quite some time.   Or perhaps they are going to develop in Japan only like Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom.