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Posted by makari

I guess it finally had to happen. A game was going to come out that provoked me into buying an xbox360 or a ps3. That game is Street Fighter IV. Yeah, I threw down my cash yesterday and bought myself a 360 PRO bundle, which came with Lego Indy and Kung Fu Panda. I guess getting the bundle for less than retail price of the PRO on its own means that they paid me to get those games, so I guess I can't complain. I played Lego Indy for a little bit, and its cutscenes are genuinely charming. I haven't touched Kung Fu Panda yet... I'm not sure I will for a while. I also picked up Eternal Sonata, since it was marked for $29 (Australian), so I snapped that up.

That game is almost too pretty. It has one of the most lush, clean, vibrant sewers I've ever seen in a video game or otherwise. A little disturbing, when you think about it. People in Eternal Sonata shit rainbows, apparently. The game itself is pretty fun. I'm digging the whole dark/light mechanic for skills, where you have different skills available depending on whether you're in the light or in the shade. Being able to use dark skills in a huge boss's shadow, and light skills in the light of lantern-carrying enemies is pretty clever, too. The only knock that I can give the game at this point (other than some hammy voice acting, which is par for the course) is that bosses take forever to beat down. They'll probably get a little more interesting later when more tactics and characters are involved, but it feels like I'm wailing on the early bosses for way too long. More than once I've been repeating the same tactics over and over and muttering 'just freakin die already'. I'm still really early on in the game though, so things will more than likely get more hectic as things get harder.

In other news, I left my inactive guild in Warhammer Online and joined up with a more active one. I knew some of the dudes in there from ORVR'ing early on in the game, so I slotted in fairly well. Feels alot better actually doing endgame pve content regularly and doing ORVR and scenarios in a proper team way. The comparison between an organized party and a zerg rabble are pretty phenomenal, really. Currently working on finishing up my Sentinal set so I can go to Lost Vale. Luck permitting, I should be able to start going there pretty soon. I'm sorta excited about the two new classes coming out, so I'll be running on the test server for a little while to check them out when that comes out. Patch 1.2 looks really awesome, and I can't wait.