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Posted by Brad

Friendly Giant Bomb user Lucas May sent over a strange, depressing note about possibly the weirdest video game tie-in promotion I've ever heard of. Apparently residents of Canada can purchase the Cheese Heads brand of mozzarella cheese (which appears from the pictures to come in the highly desirable string configuration) and receive a free PC copy of Michel Ancel's excellent but largely unappreciated Beyond Good & Evil.

No mail-in order or anything required, it's right up in the package! Here's the photographic evidence.

We all knew BG&E didn't sell anywhere near the number of copies its quality warranted, but man, did they really overproduce it that badly? Oh well, this seems like a win-win for Ubisoft. Clear your warehouse of excess inventory? Check. Build awareness for the upcoming sequel? Check. Plus, when you end up with a package of string cheese, everybody wins.

Posted by rexualhealing

<troll>Hey, finally something good from Canada besides Rush.</troll>

Posted by MattBodega

I just want to cry. They can't even GIVE copies of BG&E away: they have to trick you into buying the game with copious amounts of stringy cheese goodness.

Posted by Milkman

This is the most depressing news I heard all day. And as someone who has never played Beyond Good & Evil, it makes me feel like even more of a douchebag.

Posted by LordAndrew

Wait. Some cheese brand is gving away European copies of Beyond Good and Evil to Canadian cheese-eaters?

Posted by Fnord

Kinda makes me feel like a knob for buying it again for PC...

But, damnit, the game deserved it!

Posted by HatKing

Oh man...I wish BG&E came with cheese when I bought it.  I think that is probably the right way to market this.  Not to have the cheese come with the game....but hate the game come with cheese...who could resist? 

"You mean I get this game and FREE CHEESE!?!?!?!" 

Edited by LiquidPrince

Oh my god... Be right back, gonna go buy some cheese.


WAIT WAIT WAIT... If it's Canada, then why is it PEGI?

Posted by TurboMan

wheres that promotion in the US :(

Posted by spiceninja

Well at least this will get some people to actually play the game and it could possibly help sales of the second game.

Posted by ZeroCast
LiquidPrince said:
"Oh my god... Be right back, gonna go buy some cheese.


WAIT WAIT WAIT... If it's Canada, then why is it PEGI?

Packaging Error!
Posted by Daemon

That is rather...odd isn't it? But I suppose you're right and at least they get copies of the game out there in circulation and hopefully pick up a handful of new converts in the process. Personally although I did enjoy the game and though it was quite good, I think it's one of those highly  overrated affairs in which people are dressing up the game as more than it truly is due to the unjustifiably poor reception it received. The combat was very basic and you generally used the same move to defeat almost everything in the game and I thought the ending was a huge cop-out emotionally speaking.

Still...it was fun and I liked the characters so I am looking forward to a sequel.

Posted by manicproblematic

I have not much to say on this matter other than Beyond Good and Evil was an excellent game and I cant wait to see what the sequel will be like... oh and mozzarella cheese is beyond good, its uh great!?...  what.. yea i did get over it..

Posted by Bucketdeth

Thats really sad, but I`m in Canads so I`m going to take this opportunity to find me some of that cheese.

Posted by TheClap

String Heads are good.  But the Canadian packaging is different than i'm used to.... oh and there's a game in it..

Posted by CallMeRotten

A classic game AND free cheese? Canada always has to one-up us Yanks!

Posted by LordAndrew
LiquidPrince said:
"Oh my god... Be right back, gonna go buy some cheese.


WAIT WAIT WAIT... If it's Canada, then why is it PEGI?"
I think Brad may be onto something with the excess inventory thing.
Cheese exec: "Hey, Ubisoft! We want to package some game with our cheese."
Ubisoft exec: "Sure, we've got some extra copies of Beyond Good & Evil lying around in a warehouse in Europe."
Cheese exec: "Beyond what? Whatever. Just ship 'em over."
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I liked Beyond Good and Evil, and thought its characters were incredibly fun, but I'm not huge on it.  It was a hard game to market initially.  Let's hope this sees some people pick up the sequel.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Shit, that is depressing.  That WAS a good game for a lot of different reasons.  I guess that game getting exposure is better than not, no matter how it's promoted.

Not sure the E.T. comparison is in any way justified, though.

Posted by punkxblaze

This makes me desire cheese...

Marketing is working, stop me before it's too late!

Posted by Ravey

This is almost better than Spy Fox in my cereals!

Posted by DukeTogo

If it means more people get to play it then great.  It was great - if somewhat flawed - game but it certainly should have done better than it did.  I bought the game new for full price whe nit came out and had a blast with it.

Edited by thrashr20

But doesn't everybody know, "great cheese come from happy cows, Happy cows come from CALIFORNIA" 


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LordAndrew said:
Wait. Some cheese brand is gving away European copies of Beyond Good and Evil to Canadian cheese-eaters?

You do know that Ubisoft has a pretty big studio in Montreal right? lol
Posted by Geno

I just bought this on Steam for 10 bucks ><

Posted by BiggerBomb

It should go without saying that it's unfortunate when good games are payed no heed. That said...this is awesome.

Posted by ToxicFruit

That is just lame. Beyond Good and Evil deserves BETTER

Posted by crusader8463

me i see it as free cheese when i buy that game :) and yay Canada. wish we got cool things no one else does more often...i mean.. ever....

Posted by Darkstorn

Canadians. Rush sucks, BTW.

Posted by MrMiyagi

This is both totally awesome and totally weird...

Posted by darkjester74

This is simultaneously awesome, depressing, and creepy...

Posted by Mawryk

Suddenly I crave stringcheese. 

God bless the Canadian Dairy lobby!

Posted by Gagewhylds

I'm from Ontario and recently received 2 copies of this with ma cheez :)

Posted by rexualhealing

I don't see how people can see this as depressing. All they're probably giving away is digital downloads of the game and you're getting a free pack of string cheese with it, which is fucking kickass. Don't think of it as degrading a game that was amazing back in 2003 (5 YEARS AGO, although it still kicks ass today), think of it as getting the game to a wider audience.

Some kid's mom's going to buy him this string cheese and he's going to download the game using his free code, thinking "oh, I could do worse than play this FREE PC game I've never heard of" and his mind's going to be blown.

Posted by Coleslaw893

That's depressing...

But hey, at least more people will be able to experience the awesomeness that is Beyond Good & Evil.

*Prays for BG&E 2 gameplay trailer to be shown soon*

Posted by JackiJinx


Posted by demonbear

Holy crap, thats what they sell over here in Quebec!

Im buying it!!! I love cheese, i love games, this is perfect!!

I love my country!

Posted by Player1

Good stuff. Reminds me when I got backyard baseball in my post cereal box!

Posted by AspiringAndy

Haha, this is sad.

Posted by Relys

Well, I didn't see that one coming...

Posted by RawShark

Now the game even smells French.

Posted by AllanIceman

Where can I get this cheese??? Loblaws??

Posted by MattyFTM

I've got mixed emotions over this. It's depressing that such a brilliant game is being given away with cheese, but at the same time, it can't really be a bad thing that more people are going to have an opportunity to play this kick ass game.

Posted by Captain_Fookup

Totally going to go out and buy some string cheese the next time I go to WalMart.

Posted by delicious_lie

oh man
that is depressing!
poor beyond good and evil :(

Posted by RHCPfan24

That is sad. Beyond Good and Evil ls better than...chesse. Still, maybe people will look forward to the new one...? Well, at the very least, string cheese is the result. Nothing wrong with that ;)

Posted by Pazy

I so want to import this :| Even though for the same price i could probably get the PC version off steam or something.

Posted by Kenzo287

damn! and here i went and bought the regular version without the cheese! I hate when this stuff happens!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

aw..i don't live in canada :(

Posted by Kohe321

This is completely weird.