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Posted by Ryan
There we go. That oughta clear everything up!
Noby Noby Boy continued to confound the hell out of me when, earlier today, BOY stretched out enough to allow GIRL to make her trek from the Earth to the Moon, just four days after the game's US release. Do not take that last sentence to mean that I am in the middle of having a stroke. This is just how Noby Noby Boy rolls. If you've neither experienced Noby Noby Boy for yourself, nor watched our anti-informative quick look video, allow me to clarify. While Noby Noby Boy claims to have no overt objectives, there is a collective meta-game that underlies all of the action. As players around the globe stretch out their BOYs, they all contribute to the length of GIRL. As GIRL stretches out across the galaxy and reaches new heavenly bodies, new levels in the game are unlocked.

Hmm. Reading back over that clarification, it's probably not much clearer. Think of it like a shared, virtual Stretch Armstrong where, the more everyone pulls on his limbs, the...OK, that analogy's not really working out either. I guess, just...there's a new level for Noby Noby Boy available. It's The Moon. There are people and dogs wearing spacesuits, there are penguins, there are fish, there are ambulatory crescent moons. Perhaps most exasperatingly, there are MOTHER-EFFING MOONS ROLLING AROUND ON THE MOON.

Next stop is Mars. I don't know that I'll still be able to write cogent sentences by then.
Posted by Coltonio7


Posted by LordAndrew

That was quick.

Posted by Snail



Posted by MattBodega


Posted by LiquidPrince
Ryan said:
Awesome XD

Posted by PLWolf

Come On, MARS!!

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I love the creator of katamari damacy and NOBY NOBY BOY. May he keep making games forever. The man has originality in spades, and mushrooms

Posted by Coltonio7


Posted by tekmojo

4 days is pretty beast.

Posted by RafamanGrundy

god dammit

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Just press the pacman pacman button, then it will all make sense. Good luck finding the button.

Posted by jakob187

Ryan, I regret to inform you that GIRL has not made it to the Moon.  It's actually a conspiracy by NASA and the government in order to beat the Russians in the Cold War.

You can go back to writing cogent sentences again.  Thank you.

Posted by punkxblaze

I want this game more than you know.

Posted by Steven

This game looks amazing.

Posted by LiquidPrince
Newten said:
"Just press the pacman pacman button, then it will all make sense. Good luck finding the button.
That video was fucking jokes. I laughed so hard man.

Posted by Aeterna

Haha, win. :)

Kinda expected something else sneaking in/unlocking too though, mayhaps later.

Posted by TeflonBilly
MattBodega said:

I just bought this game after having a Killzone 2 session and playing SFIV and Lost & Damned all night yesterday and I think this thing just broke my brain.
Posted by Coltonio7

Hey guys....


Posted by ThePelinal

THE MOON.  I feel that I would be remiss in not posting this link:


Posted by gakon

From a 1UP preview:

"They're planning a simultaneous worldwide release for early 2009, with the estimate that it will take the group of PSN players 1-2 weeks to stretch GIRL enough to reach The Moon."

Good thing they have more planets lined up.

Posted by tromboneshinobi

Just got to the moon today also! Race your asses to mars!

Posted by Milkman

That's actually a pretty cool feature. But my question is, once Girl makes to the Sun will we have to turn all the way around and head back to the other planets?

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

AAHHHHHH!!!!! the more you guys talk about this game the more i want to buy it and try it out for myself!!! and im trying to save up money too!!! NO NO NO, im not gonna do it, im not giving in...........

*turned on ps3, dowloading Noby Noby Boy*

Posted by Deathawk

Noby Noby Boy is the biggest mindf*^k I've ever experienced in gaming, and I don't even own a PS3.

Posted by Ffenix

So Ryan... what you're saying is that, Noby Noby Boy is an early GOTY contender? LOLOLOLZ!

Posted by albedos_shadow

I love the whole meta-game aspect of this, even if I was utterly baffled when the game proclaimed "GIRL HAS REACHED THE MOON!"

Posted by Brackynews

Sounds like Ryan took a hot one right to the Nobys.

Posted by LordAndrew

If they expected it to take 1-2 weeks, they'd better have a lot more planets lined up. This may go faster than they had anticipated. :)

Posted by Claude

I wish I had a PS3, so I wouldn't know what this game was about.

Posted by jakob187


Posted by Dalai

Does Soulja Boy have a PS3?  He may be the only one that can decipher the meaning of this game.

Posted by jakob187
Dalai said:
"Does Soulja Boy have a PS3?  He may be the only one that can decipher the meaning of this game."
I agree.  I mean, we've already seen a game for those who like to drink and get drunk or smoke weed and get high...but what does Noby Noby Boy bring to the table that is new to that formula?
Posted by HT101

I think the guy who created this game was on mushrooms or something.  I haven't watched the quick look yet but it sounds like I need to so I can lose my mind with everyone else.

Posted by AllanIceman

I have no idea what you just said Ryan.

Posted by ImperiousRix

One small step for GIRL.
One giant leap for BOY kind...

Posted by MichaelBach

Is GIRL the ass of the creature thing?

Posted by racastro

If games end up being like that, Im scared already

Posted by FlipperDesert

Oh man, I want this game so bad, and for that I need a PS3. I could care less about MGS4 and Killzone 2 right now, I want a PS3 for Noby Noby Boy.

I also showed that quick look to a friend that doesn't really follow games news, and now she also thinks Jeff's awesome. PACMAN-PACMAN!

Posted by ParaParaKing

YES! Finally GIRL reached the moon. We have to try hard for Mars now!

Posted by Death_Burnout
Alright! i checked this morning and the moon wasn't reached yet, but now it has! awesome.
Posted by LiquidPrince

What happens when we run out of planets?

Posted by Junpei

so does a late downloader start with access to everything the community has opened already? Hmm, odd indeed.

Posted by LordAndrew
Junpei said:
"so does a late downloader start with access to everything the community has opened already? Hmm, odd indeed."
Yep, seems that way. Levels are unlocked as a community, so the more people play the faster new worlds become available. Late downloaders will get access to all the worlds that have been unlocked, but if you buy it sooner you can help unlock them sooner. :)
Posted by Rodiard

Good news everyone!

Posted by radion_null

Wonder how long it will take to reach Mraz

Posted by Weltal

God damn it. I want you Noby Noby Boy.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

I'm glad I was a part of it. I'm still dumbfounded how I pull off 2 hour playtimes with this game.

Posted by AndrewB

If I'm understanding this correctly, then NobyNobyBoy could be the most innovative game to be released in a while.Well, that is, if the gameplay itself looked appealing in the slightest. But the premise, that's just genius.

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