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Posted by brukaoru

I haven't played any of the Earthworm Jim games either and I really want to. Duck Hunt should be a must on the Virtual Console!

Posted by Player1

6 classics you have right there

I would love to play each one of those.

Nice list. Can't wait for the next few.

Posted by Dalai

And now we return to Dalai's blog.

Note: when playing Tecmo Bowl or Tecmo Super Bowl, use this guy a lot.
24. Tecmo Super Bowl

When Tecmo Bowl came to the Virtual Console, there had to be some concessions since EA now controls all things NFL.  Tecmo Super Bowl has even more NFL pimpage so it would have to remove names as well as logos.  Even without the NFL license, Tecmo Super Bowl would be the best sports offering on the VC to date if it sees a release.  I personally loved Tecmo Super Bowl back in the day and this might explain my weird love for stats and numbers today.

23. Duck Hunt

Here's a case where a complete control overhaul will be required.  The Wii Remote and the classic NES Zapper have little in common with each other.  The only way Duck Hunt would work is if they implemented the pointer controls seen in the shooting range game in Wii Play.  Also, the option to shoot the dog would be nice.

22. Star Fox

Star Fox brought 3D graphics to the SNES... even if the visuals looked a bit crude.  The Star Fox franchise is one of Nintendo's more popular franchises and a game like this should be a hit on the VC.  There is that pesky "Super FX xhip is hard to emulate" problem, but if anybody can do it, it's Nintendo.

Cowabunga, turtle power, and all that jazz.
21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

This is regarded by many as the definitive SNES beat 'em up and perfectly captures what was so awesome about TMNT before they got all edgy and serious.  Actually, I hope to see this released on pretty much any console, but the SNES version has some minor differences from the Arcade versio which make a VC release a bit sweeter.

20. Conker's Bad Fur Day

Another impossibility, but it's here in the event Microsoft sells either Rare or the rights of Conker to Nintendo (yeah, right.)  Also, Nintendo probably wants nothing to do with Conker and his alcohol problem.  Conker was the anti-Banjo in that the game was crude, filthy, and full of innuendo and shit.  That and the lack of collectibles.  Since the VC is virtually impossible, I hope that we see this (or at least the remake) on XBLA at some point.

19. Earthworm Jim 2

I have never played any of the Earthworm Jim games, which is a shame since this game fits my goofy sense of humor and style.  The original is already on the old Wii Shop so the sequel should be inevitable.

Part three comes tomorrow.