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Posted by Linkyshinks
"Might as well toss in some motion control, just to keep up with what Apple's been doing. And hey, maybe do a touch screen, to appeal to developers and gamers in the same way the DS has"


Posted by Jayge_

Man all this crap is still getting discussed? The rumors are floating around, but they're pointless. Anyone can tell that they will not be releasing a PSP2 anytime this year, let alone anytime in the first half of next year. Possibly not even at the end of next year (although that's most likely). Stop feeding the sensationalists. A DLC-only device? Complete bullshit. The software push Sony has revealed, combined with the year's already strong lineup, and the games they claim have yet to be revealed into 2010, plus the current economic conditions and the fact that Sony just had to merge their VAIO and Walkman department with their gaming department, all point to no PSP2 anytime soon. No point in getting yourselves foaming at the mouth for no reason.

Edited by Al3xand3r
"Might as well toss in some motion control, just to keep up with what Apple's been doing. And hey, maybe do a touch screen, just for kicks! Of course, that stuff gets expensive fast, so maybe asking for all that is a bit much. But hey, let's get pie in the sky on this, right?"
God forbid we mention Nintendo platforms or the company itself as something that's done good or something to imitate, right? Let's give it the Apple twist instead, yeah, that will work, because, ya know, a touch screen doesn't offer motion related controls, and Nintendo hadn't done portable tilt based games like Yoshi since the GBA days. Even if we just go by the actual market, like sales and shares, Apple is such a vastly more important competitor in the realm of portable game systems, right? Meh.

Aaanyway, how about exploiting the install base of the current PSP before trying to build a new handheld platform? Maybe it's way behind the DS but it still has its strong points and CAPCOM proved (at least in Japan) that you can have insane success with proper support for the system. With the current market situations it's unlikely to get a larger install base than the current PSP before several years pass anyway.

Other than a slightly enhanced control scheme, what new things would a new Sony handheld bring? A focus on digital distribution? That's what the memory sticks are for, the current store interface built into the latest firmware works like a charm, just add more than a meager 10 PlayStation Originals titles to it and expand the PSP specific library to include all the latest releases, not just a handful of them, if that. Also, more demos please.

Also, stop trying to make games that control like their dual analogue stick cousins on the home platforms. The PSP lacks a damn stick so revert to PlayStation style controls. Any genre worked fine on that machine, they can work just as well on the PSP with some proper thinking. For example, MGS: Portable Ops was the last game I played, when it was first out, and while it was pretty damn great the controls were horrid. They attempted to have the MGS3 camera (?!). What was so bad about reverting to the MGS style system, with a top down camera that automaticaly looks around corners when you're sneaking? MGS still plays great, as opposed to Portable Ops where the controls are an obstacle you overcome to enjoy the good game beneath it.

I haven't used my PSP in ages but after getting it online recently and updating the firmware I was surprised with how slick and functional the store interface is, testing it with the purchase of Guilty Gear, some PS1 titles, and a few demo downloads. It's definitely changed my opinion about the system's potential. If only Sony believed in it a little more. It seems I'm unlucky and my first (well, okay, I had a PlayStation also but only for a while, after the Saturn and before the Dreamcast) Sony system is the one with the least support.

Oh well, I might as well get a Monster Hunter title to make good use of it for at least a few hundred hours, while waiting for 3 to hit the Wii.
Posted by strangeling

So no backwards compatibility?  And I'm only interested if they let us use SD cards to store our downloadable content, not just their memory sticks.  Unless... will games be distributed on memory stick, not just digital downloads?

Edited by MrKlorox

Would be a massive mistake to not include tilty-motion control. I remember buying the first PSP and Mercury when it came out thinking I would be able to just tilt it. Lame.

Also that lame PSP2 concept picture looks absolutely ridiculous uncomfortable and hideous.

Posted by BiG_Weasel
retroNutZ said:
"This seems like such a bad idea. Its not only going to be up against the DS(s) it will also be competing with Apple. Does Sony really have the right content driven structure that both Nintendo and Apple have? And will people that already own these competing portable devices really want to spend money on a product that failed once already?
How do you figure they're going up against Apple? Iphone games have the depth of a kiddie pool.  DS isn't even targeting the older gaming crowd- that much you're correct on.  The PSP hasn't failed, it just had an identity crisis at first, and it never really got over that hump. Now that its a solid gaming platform that can do some amazing things (How they did God of War like they did blew me away!), the PSP2 could really capitalize on that upswing.
Posted by retroNutZ

This seems like such a bad idea. Its not only going to be up against the DS(s) it will also be competing with Apple. Does Sony really have the right content driven structure that both Nintendo and Apple have? And will people that already own these competing portable devices really want to spend money on a product that failed once already?

Posted by Gregomasta

I want Whatever that pic is showing.

Posted by Coldfront

with the giant bombs (pardon the pun) sony just dropped at destination Playstation in regards to games for the psp i don't see how they could be within a year of announcing PSP 2

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Hmmmz. Might be interested in this. I liked the PSP, but it never really seemed worth the time and money. Maybe this will change my mind.

Posted by Francois

I'm not buying one if it looks as ugly as that picture.  The first psp looked good, the second one should look at least as good as the first.

Posted by TobyD81

Take out the UMD, stick in a hard drive or high-capacity memory stick, put the entire back catalogue on PS Store for download, and I'm in.

Posted by Aaron_G

Are games planed for it?

Posted by Oriental_Jams

Well, my PSP is unfortunately collecting dust, none of the games really appeal to me, so this'll have to impress me to even get me thinking about getting one or I might just invest in a DS Lite or a DSi.

Posted by BiG_Weasel

What the game plan should be is:

  • Keep as close to the slim form factor as possible, while adding in more powerful CPU/GPU, more memory and a 2nd thumbstick
  • Include a UMD slot and make it backwards compatible. New games should use the same format (or possibly Blu-Ray high-capacity UMD??? ;)
  • Possibly add a QWERTY keyboard for easier web browsing. The text entry on the PSP sucks!
  • Make the system with a clamshell/lid so it's self-contained as a portable device. Also, matte finish so it won't be a fingerprint magnet.
  • Charge over USB capability.
  • Keep the price point under $250, with good pack-ins (4gb memory card min, all the cables you'll ever need, etc)

I just bought m PSP back on Black Friday, but I'd buy a new PSP if they at least make it backwards compatible, with a fair price point (and 2nd analog stick)
Posted by Ubergeist

I had a PSP at launch but got bored with it too fast. If this one is way better I'll be getting it. Mostly for LBP.

Posted by Otacon

I'm not sure they are going to go for an internal overhaul here, maybe a redesign.

Posted by supremebeing87

I would not buy a PSP 2 if the games were digital downloads unless it came with a huge ammount of internal storage-memory or a huge memory unit for no extra cost, because I'm not going to buy a bunch of PRO DUOs. Anyway, I also don't think the design of the "PSP2" (if that's what they'll even call it) will vary much from the original PSP. I think they'd make it a little more comfortable on the hands and add another stick, maybe, and probably go for two more shoulder buttons, other than that, there really isn't anything they should do to the main design. Dualshock 2 and 3 changed very, very, very little from Dualshock 1 aside from 'better' rumble, motion sensing and R2/L2 being more 'trigger-like'. The controller for the PSP is comfortable enough for most people, so I don't think they'll change it too much. Other than that, I'm excited to have a hand-held that could possibly put out better games that aren't just PS2 games with slightly worse graphics.

Posted by ShiroMe

Sony better protect their nuts because nobody is taking my disks.

Posted by TooWalrus

No, no more touch screens, between the DS, the iPhone and the stupid touch-screen PC's, I've had enough of that. I like buttons! Seriously, what's wrong with buttons?

Posted by GamerGeek360

Something is indeed up, but what is that something? Nobody knows...

Edited by DukeTogo

Do drive makes sense, designing it around the PSN with a very probable paid service (sorry folks the free ride is over) that allows you to buy, rent, and possibly stream games and video is the way to go for a modern portable.  If Nintendo and Sony sit on their collective fat Japanese asses, they will get left behind by the iPhone.  Remember when no less than a year ago the announcement by Apple that the iPhone was a gaming platform was considered a joke?  Who's laughing now?  They way it's going devices like the iPhone will outpace "real" handhelds very quickly.

It also seems like the posibility of a PSPhone is very likely in the future.

The only downside is losing the backwards compatibility of the old UMDs out there, but that just means Sony can sell you them again on the store, just like the recently added Ghosts n Goblins.  Nintendo waited a very long time before losing the old GB/A cart slot.  But lo and behold they are going to start selling old games via download so it's already pointing to the inevitable future of DLC being the only way of getting games.  It also fixes that whole used game market "problem".

Posted by Avalon

i just can't imagine them relying solely on digital distribution for their games. It seems like they would deny themselves millions of customers which have either no internet or slow internet. If they do remove the UMD drive (which seems likely at this point) i hope that Sony will still produce physical copies of their games i.e. using memory sticks or another means altogether. If they want the psp2 to catch on they should make it customizable from the get go with custom firmwares etc because lets face it a vast amount of people with psp's "hack" them so that they can function the way they want them to.

^^Lastly that mock up looks terrible ughh so uncomfortable

Edited by sloppyjoe

How did you upgrade to internet 3.0?? I'm still running on version 2.0.

Anyways, I've been wanting to have a reason to get a PSP.  Almost got a 3000, but the screen sucks.  And there needs to be more than one or two games that I want to play on it.  Games, Sony... games!!  At least get square-enix on board with more than one game.

Posted by InFamous91

This is some good stuff from Sony......No UMD drive????, thats kind of weird

Posted by Alphazero

No Pokemans, no deal.

Oh, them Poke-mans. They're super effective.

Posted by Media_Master

sony has to learn from its mistakes, and I think it will with the PSP2

Edited by MikeyZeroG
A lot of us have lost our faith in Sony's support for their hardware.  This morning I saw incredibly cheaps PS3s advertised on techbargain.com (40GB refurbished units for like$ 260) for sale at TigerDirect, and I was like "pass."  The only reason to buy a PS3 is for MGS4, and god-willing that will arrive on the 360 one day. 

I'm gonna get a DSi, sure, but another PSP?  Sony needs to give back to gamers  a bit more before gaining our trust, in my opinion.  As much as it's not cool to love Microsoft, look at everything they've done in terms of Xbox Live.  My advice for Sony: A, B, C

A: Acknowlege the misstakes you've made in failing to properly support the PS3
B: Be aggressive in acquiring new exclusives for your existing hardware
C: Challenge the 360's dominance in terms of online play, ease of use, and other features

A, B, C -- Always Be Closing.  Oops, I mean...well, see above.
Posted by ZeroCast

That is the most pathetic design i ever saw in my life.

If there's ever going to be a PSP2, i doubt it would be released this year or even the year after, probably because the PSP Era is not over yet, it's still too early.

Edited by FlipperDesert

I personally think they'd be completely insane to try and release a new console given the economy right now, but I have been meaning to buy a PSP since I haven't got one yet...

Also, mockup above me is too thin and uncomfortable-looking to hold, the one in the story looks damn huge and kinda ugly.

Posted by Mushir
redeye1984 said:

Its kinda cool if the new PlayStation Portable looks like this...

That looks pretty sweet, but Im afraid it wouldn't be very comfortable. The buttons are so closed together.
Posted by TurboMan

I'd buy a PSP2 if sony got there shit together and realised that portable games should be portable, and not just "Home console on the go!"

Edited by Weltal

Man, that PSP2 mock up looks fucking terrible. Seriously, who would go through the trouble of designing such an awful concept for the next PSP? You'd have to manipulate the analog sticks with your ring fingers. What the hell?

Posted by redeye1984

Its kinda cool if the new PlayStation Portable looks like this...

Posted by TheWonderingSamurai

Would love to play another Ratchet & Clank game for the PSP(2).

Posted by albedos_shadow

Thank god, I really need a reason to play some PSP games again.

Posted by Karmann

psp is almost perfect as-is, add a second analog, vibration "on-off for battery life", and a higher res screen, "same size though", maybe make it LED for better battery life and a slimmer profile.

Posted by reversethedevil

so, the big thing with the psp2 will definitely have to be the addition of an additional analog stick, otherwise who cares?

Posted by coffeesash

For gawds sake give it a clamshell or something, I'm constantly afraid I'll scratch the screen. Also, make the paintwork matte so that I'm not constantly rubbing dust and fingerprints off it.

Posted by SunKing

To my understanding, the PSP has sold over fifty million units so far. That means that there is a huge market audience out there with the console, and hopefully, willing to pay for games on it. There isn't much the PSP could benefit from apart from a better control layout and a new storage format. I still believe that the PSP has the technological capabilities to be a great portable console. The problem isn't so much with the console, it's the way games are designed around it. Oh, and the piracy issue.

Posted by F1

I hope they don't put a touchscreen. They need to learn from PS3. The next one should be more affordable, or at least cost aware.
There are still plenty of games that makes me want to rebuy the first PSP for, so I would hope the PSP2 is backward compatible...

Posted by Snail

Stupid rumors keep was waiting in ignorance.

Posted by Karmum

Eek, if you are going to make a concept image, try and make it good!

Posted by Hampe

The PSP has had great titles, and this year doesn't seem to disappoint with titles like Little Big Planet and Resistance.

Been playing the PSP pretty much every day for a year, so I would buy a PSP2 without question!

Posted by Kohe321

Cool, I'd buy a psp2 I think...

Posted by Scratch

Now is not the right time to introduce a new hardware upgrade.

Posted by phlegms

Do they really need another hardware update at this stage?
I would of thought they would be better off trying to secure more exclusive titles for it rather than trying to stir up interest with new hardware. Seems like sony really have lost their touch....

Posted by edenspresence

I really hope it doesn't have a touch screen. The thing that is annoying me about Nintendo's consoles recently is that developers feel they have to "Uses the motion control in a clever way" to every game they make. I want Sony to stick to just really good games with normal controls. (I suppose motion sensing is ok)

Posted by Floppypants

As others have said, the PSP2 needs dual analog sticks.  The PSP1 would have been great for FPS games if they had just put a second analog nub on.  A healthy FPS game library would make the PSP2 stand out against the DS.

Posted by welshy023

Damn I just got one.
Oh well I'll buy it.

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