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Whew... I read it. I couldn't even take a breath. I've seen the light.

Posted by Dalai

And love the Giant Bomb.  Hey Snide, think we can increase the number of characters for blog titles?

New concept page needs some spit shine.

I found my new home here at Giant Bomb.  Let's make this page a good one... for the llamas.

Leave the potty mouth at the door this week?

Here's something from the "not related to Giant Bomb, but I'll try to connect it anyway" department.  Los Angeles County (the county where Los Angeles is located) is proclaiming this week as No Cussing Week in the county.  And this is the work of a 15 year old kid who is hoping to turn this into a worldwide phenomenon.  And this is meant to be aware of the harms cursing can do.  It sure is an interesting cause and I actually hope this catches on.  It's not like we want our four-letter words to be banned.  This kid wants us to be careful and think before we speak.  As we know, Giant Bomb allows profanity and nearly all forms, but I've noticed we've matured greatly over the past several months.  Anyone remember the first week of the forums?  Once we learned we can curse, we all jumped on the bandwagon early on... then it got old and like in real life, the words were diluded and lost their punch.  For those who still type like sailors, think before you post and remember that the English language is vast and full of beautiful and unused words that can portray an emotion or feeling better than any curse word.

Whew, found a connection.

And here's the official site... which looks like a 15 year old kid designed it... in 1996.  Eh, whatever.

Oh, and if anybody catches me swearing this week here, let me know so I can kick your fucking ass.