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Posted by Brandy

@ Al3xand3r - Exactly. You can't look at Onechanbara expecting GotY material, or you will be really disappointed. Keep an open mind, however, and you can appreciate the game for the awesomely absurd qualities it possesses.

@ Kyle - Yes sir!

Posted by Alex_V

Nice review for Flower. I highly recommend both Bioshock and Mirror's Edge.

Posted by vgmkyle

OMG Brandy!

Add vgmkyle!

Posted by DBoy

Good to see you're enjoying the ol' PS3.  I'm hopping back on that sucka this weekend to play some Killzone 2, so I'll see you there!

Posted by SmugDarkLoser

R U a gurl?

Posted by c1337us

Bioshock is awesome, and if you enjoyed the game play in the demo you should definately get the full game because then you get the added experience of the atmosphere and story. Definately a must play in my own opinion :-)

As for your reviews, very nice, as usual. I will play Flower at some point I am just not sure when. Theres just so much on my to do list its not even funny and my vacationb with console is putting me further and further back each day :-P I reckon Onechanbara would be a great game to play if only for the quirkiness of it all. I dont recall seeing it around but the Bikini Samurai Sqaud one i have seen for the PS3 back home. Just not at a price I am sure I want to spend for a few hours of silly fun. Because I cant see them having lasting appeal.

I would also like to read a full review of Altered Species from your perspective. I know its meant to be pretty awful.

Posted by Claude

BioShock is a great demo and a great game. I played the PC version, but I've been tooling around with the game on my Xbox 360 "my nephew loaned me his copy" and the controls are really good. Nice review of NASCAR Kart Racing, you have some NASCAR knowledge. I need a PS3 there are so many games I'm missing.

Edited by Al3xand3r

Good to see more people able to appreciate Onechanbara. Only one dude on destructoid gave it a semi-decent review, all other places seem to have dismissed it after 10 minutes gameplay, saying ridiculous things like the controls are broken, mocking the storyline (who mocks a game called Bikini Zombie Slayers, the developers are mocking it already) trying to act witty and ending up sounding like they merely say "no u" level insults. Also commenting on the repetition (again, read the name of the game reviewers) as if other brawlers/hack & slash games have more things to do than pwn enemies. Oh my, it lacks QTE boss events like popular_brawler_X, Blasphemy! Etc, etc. The developers clearly knew what they wanted to build and succeeded 100% imo. Not to mention their zombies look quite awesome and keep going after being mutilated in various ways, even cut in half, and there can be sooo many of them CAPCOM should run to hide. Onechanbara Wii Ftw! Rant over.

Posted by ishotmrburns
Brandy said:
"I'm not the type of girl who gets offended at scantily clad females; I just like slicing the heads off of zombies"
Somewhere, there's a horny geek drooling on his keyboard.

I suggest you buy LittleBigPlanet.
Posted by LordAndrew