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Posted by MKHavoc

I guess I should have read this earlier, the video's been taken down.

Edited by TheFrostedGamer

Perhaps I'm not understanding the situation fully but, I don't really think it's people being "soft" by calling out Killzone 2 on its control scheme. Obviously it was were only a small pocket of people with an issue, representatives of the game wouldn't go as far as to investigate, would they? And let's face it: with any game that has had the hype train of Killzone 2, and reviewers like Jeff giving it a 5/5 (meaning he would recommend it without reservation), I would think people purchasing this game are holding KZ2 to a high standard. Ironic that Call of Duty: World at War received 4/5 stars meaning that Jeff *had* reservations in recommending it (even though COD5 has ridiculous amounts of replay value between SP Campaign, Coop Campaign, Nazi Zombie, and Multiplayer).  But I'm going to stop beating that dead horse - you know I love you Jeff *wink*.

Quakecon and Final Fantasy...hmm..seeing as its not 1997 I have no comment on either.

Crazy video at the end of this article, nice work whoever that guy was that made it.

Posted by Crono

That video was fucking intense.

Posted by JediAutobot

Hey, where's the Legend of Zelda info! ;)

Posted by F1

I had to watch that video in 30 second intervals, taking a minute break between each.
And I don't know what the big deal is about K2's controls. It plays fine for me. It's not like they mapped "move" to the right stick...

Posted by MeatSim

That was insane man, insane!!!!

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Wow, that video was intense.
Activision buying the rights to MK does not seem that unlikely.

Posted by Andheez

Totally agree they should have allowed mapping controls in KZ2, I couldn't find one control setting that works for me.  Its as if they were afraid to be too much like cod4.  I can't stand using the stick to zoom, and it just seems odd to use the 1 buttons instead of 2's to fire and zoom, why add the trigger if thats going to throw grenades?  I basically am down to using 2 control styles, one in single player, 1 in multiplayer, because the crouch/cover is so important in the single player and an afterthought in the multiplayer, its obnoxious.

Posted by Andheez

BTW, well put calling it kinda the greatest thing ever.  Where do they get all that stuff?  Im pretty sure when the 2 dudes "fusion" around the 8min mark, at one point they become Krang (the brain guy with flagella) from TMNT, anyone?

Posted by TekZero

I have no idea what is going on in that video and I love it.

Posted by _Phara0h_

Don't watch the vid till the end if you are epileptic!!!

Edited by thiago

Yes, this Killzone control controversy is ridiculous. I usually play FPSes on the PC and you don`t see PC players whining because this game plays different than Quake. Why are console players so close-minded?

The layout is just a matter of getting used to, and so is the weight of the weapon. The movement is not linear, there's inertia and it accelerates depending on how you press the analog stick.

Patching it up to change the movement of the weapon would completely destroy the balance in the multiplayer, because some players would be using the default configuration and some would be playing a Quake-like control where they can turn 270 deegres, give a headshot and stab someone else in 2 seconds. If Guerrilla does change it I swear that I will never buy anything from them again. I don't want to have my multiplayer experience ruined because of a few CoD-tards who refuse to learn new controls.

Posted by ZeroCast

I think Video Games just came alive.

Posted by Phetz

Regarding the video posted by the right honorable user, Legend:


Posted by Scarabus

Long cat spotted.

Posted by Kyle

I think Kings of Power 4 billion% just killed at least half of my brain.......

Posted by MrRedwine

So that video is the new game the Behemoth are working on, right?

Posted by parrot_of_adun

I don't see what the problem is with console developers and controls. They should all bit more like Gearbox.

It's my opinion that any game that doesn't allow the user to completely remap controls to their liking is worse for it. And that unfortunately includes most console games...