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Hey thank's for the post!

That book looks hella interesting, i just might buy that...

I think you're right also!

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I think a post-apocalyptic world doesn't HAVE to look brown and gray, necessarily.  It depends on your variety of apocalypse, but you could have a world that grows back over human civilization.  It could be all green and pasture-y, even Shire-like if you want to go that far.

There was a book you might like:


For some alternate ideas.  There could still be humans there but maybe so few as to not have a big impact.  That might make an interesting alternative to the Big Pile of Mud.

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Ahh Friends list

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Hmm, how do i put it other than that? well i don't, Fallout 3 literally makes me feel Depressed and/or Sick.

Ever since i started playing the game in late December, something has been bugging me about it, and it's the setting! As we all know, a wasteland isn't pretty or enjoyable, so it's fitting that Bethesda have managed to create a wasteland that is most definitely not nice. I don't know if it's motion sickness, since the game doesn't have much view bob, but damn, sometimes it makes me feel sick, the horrible sickly green complexion of some people, the mutilated bodies and gross mutations, all add up!

*sigh* :(
Sometimes i come away from it feeling just depressed! which is no surprise, everything is run down, broken and miserable, and as somewhat of a hippie, i love trees, fauna and countryside (of the British persuasion) Hellooooo The Shire! That is why i prefer the Elder Scrolls series. Helloooo Cyrodiil!

 I'm not really squeamish either, i love blood and gore in games but damn...As a result, i haven't completed Fallout 3 at all, well...that's probably because i had to start again due to unfortunate events. But whatever!

Anyway i've gone on too much about it, i've made my point! haha.

Stay tuned this week, i'll be dropping some more sketch bombs! providing i am alive.