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He is definitely not dead as Bioware has stated before this, is Shepard's trilogy.
I think he is just laying low from Cerberus because if you go to BioWare's site the it's as if you are in a Cerberus server. Also, in the teaser there is a focus to your known alien compadres.
So yeah, I think its just a ploy to get Cerberus off of Shepard and the sequel will focus on bringing down Cerberus.

Posted by ttocs

When I first heard about Mass Effect, it was a year before it's release.  I was cruising around on the video game blogs out there and stumbled across a new game being developed by the minds behind KOTOR.  KOTOR, up until the day Mass Effect came out, was my all time favorite video game.  When Mass Effect finally came out though, that all changed.  I found a game world that I truly got lost in.  It had everything I love in video games, a great story, third person shooting, morality, choices, unlockables, love relationships, etc.  This game was everything I had hoped for.  There's something about making a character and living in the world.  Mass Effect placed you directly into the world and threw species, technology, and diverse relationships amongst crew members right at you, one after another...and I loved ever minute of it.  As soon as I finished Mass Effect, I went back to the main screen and started up a new game without hesitation.  I can't say that about many games.

The novels were pretty good reads, but it's not the same as a Mass Effect 2.  I don't think anybody thought there wouldn't be a Mass Effect 2, it was just a matter of when.  Well, the wait is over and it looks like Mass Effect 2 will be coming out...eventually.  Little is known about the sequel to my game of my lifetime, but one thing is fairly certain...Shepard is dead?  That can't be.  How could I die?  I saved the entire Citadel, nay, the entire universe against the fate of the Reapers.  I don't die...I thrive under these conditions.  That's why I think this is just one of those game marketing ploys to get people hyped about a sequel.  Most likely, the story will pick up with Shepard in dire straits and in need of an evac.  Something went down, that was bloody to say the least, and Shepard is definitely down on his luck.  I can't see them killing of this character after the two of you have been through so much.  My guess?  You'll pick up with him as the main character.  I hope I am right.

Over the next few months, I'm going to be watching the video game blogs around the net very closely for more information on this game.  Hopfully my theory will be correct and the fate of the universe will once again rest on the shoulders of Scott Shepard...yeah, I'm that vain, I named him after me.