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Posted by 4thPersonJohn

Pearl Jam’s debut, Ten, was about as big as it gets. And rightfully so, as it blended the early 90’s grunge sound with stadium rock about as well as it could be done, with solid drum beats, poignant basslines, Eddie Vedder’s wild screams, and a pretty frequent instances of guitar solos. One of my favorite rock albums ever, Ten delivers killer track after killer track from start to finish, keeping a cohesive personality all the way. Pearl Jam’s introduction deservedly garnered a ton of attention, and introduced Eddie Vedder as a rebellious, politically-minded social figure with a serious oedipus complex. And he really reminds me of that weird guy on the subway that you just kinda ignore. You know, the one who you know doesn’t have a gun because he hasn’t shot anyone yet.

And now it’s being remastered, and re-released in a number of formats with B-sides, different cool collectables, and other stuff. But my favorite format it was released on today is Rock Band DLC. The original track list, including hidden track Master/Slave, came out on the Xbox Live marketplace today for either $2/track or the whole thing for $18. A bunch of fun tracks for any instrument, they’re sure to become mainstays in mine and many other setlists.

Apparently, Pearl Jam is going to be re-releasing the rest of their albums, too. But Tenis by far my favorite of theirs.

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Posted by RHCPfan24

I saw that LE edition. It looks cool and I would suggest everyone to get it on Best Buy.com because it comes with 3 free bonus tracks for Rock Band. I am probably going to pick up the album today. I love it and they seem like excellent RB picks.

Posted by LuckyWanderDude

It looks really cool!

Posted by Fosssil

I'm picking up my copy tomorrow. Awesome album.

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

One of my all-time favorites. I'll be sure to pick this one up this weekend.