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Posted by Bruce

uh oh.

Posted by Toms115

I still don't understand this whole idea of releasing a whole game devoted to Metallica when it could just as easily (well, easier) be released as dlc. Oh wait, that's it, the money! How foolish of me!

Anyhow. I've never been the most enthusiastic when it comes to the Sims series of games, but it's good to see you're playing some oldies.

Posted by lightwarrior179

Sims 2 is a fantastic game and it's one of those games that has an unlimited replay value since there is always so much room for experimentation and creativity. You should also visit some of the sites on the Web for Sims 2 extras if you haven't already.

But still I feel Sims 2 could have been a much better game. It's integration with neighborhood was poorly executed,which is fortunately being seen to in Sims 3.
As for Quantum of Solace,it wasn't a bad Bond movie at all,but I had expected a lot more from the follow-up of Casino Royale.
Posted by ElectricHaggis

I haven't played the Sims since the original, so I doubt I'll get back into it at this point.  I actually had a wired 360 controller break on me recently.  It just kept disconnecting for some reason.

Posted by temperedvortex

honestly, I have never seen a James Bond movie before, though Casino Royale and Quantom of Solace do look very good. The Pitt looks awesome but since I have a ps3 and bethesda is being very stupid now, I can't download any DLC for fallout 3. Though i might sell the ps3 version and get the pc version.

Posted by SimpsonFan

Sims 3? lol. GH: Metallica is the best in the series with the best tracklist.

Posted by SimpsonFan

Sims 3? lol. GH: Metallica is the best in the series with the best tracklist.

Posted by Quadrifoglio

I thought Quantom of Solace was an all-out shitfest. And I loved Casino Royale.

Posted by JamesF

I don't know that The Pitt should be too high up on your list. It was pretty eh in my opinion (and as you are, I'm also a big Fallout 3 fan).

Posted by Rezzolution

Heh. I did the same thing a couple weeks ago. Played the hell out of that game for a good week.

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

GH: Metallica is great, you won't be dissapointed!

Posted by AndyWilliams24

Sims 3? Cool. Any good? :P

Posted by Darro

The Sims 3?  Did you get an advance copy? :P  Obvious typo on your part.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

It's as if the 360 told you to play your PC...

Posted by DBoy

Yesterday, I did my top 5 favorite PC games and listed The Sims 2 at #2.  Shortly thereafter, I had this tremendous urge to reinstall the game and 3 of its expansion packs (University, Nightlife & Open for Business) and play some of it.  However, I shrugged it off, thinking back to how long PC installations take and that I didn't want to sit through it.

So, I jumped onto the 360 to play some Legends of WrestleMania.  The game is quite good, even though the quick-time button press mini-games are getting a bit old, especially when it comes down to a Superstar's finishers.  I love the way they present each match with a little video taking you back to when it actually occurred.  These videos are tremendously well done and, for the most part, sparked up nostalgia and sent shivers down my spine.  It's not game of the year material, but it's still enjoyable.

Anyway, I was playing along when, all of a sudden, my controller shut off.  I turned it back on only to have it shut off on me once again.  Thinking that it was the batteries, I changed them and it worked for a little while.  Then, it shut off once again and wouldn't let me turn it back on.  I checked the battery holder and it seemed very loose, which surely caused the controller to shut off constantly.  I just turned the console off and watched the hockey game and Quantum of Solace instead (great movie, by the way).

This morning, I wanted to head out and get myself a new controller, along with Guitar Hero Metallica.  However, it was raining cats & dogs outside, which prompted me to rethink my strategy and stay home instead.  What did I do?  Yep, you guessed it.  I installed The Sims 3 and all of the expansions and played that all afternoon... and all night.  I'm addicted again.  Man is this game fun.  I just couldn't stop playing, only taking a short break to have dinner and get ready for work tomorrow.

I don't know if I'll keep on playing The Sims 2, since I'll be dropping by Future Shop on my way home from work tomorrow to grab a new controller and GHMetallica, and also due to the fact that I have a boatload of games to finish (RE 5, Killzone 2, Legends of WrestleMania) and to play (Uno Rush, Rock Band 2'sDLC for Ten by Pearl Jam, The Pitt DLC for Fallout 3), but I'll surely try to make some room for this wonderful game.

Hope you guys have a good week.  Thank you for reading.