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Posted by snide
Sara over at Comic Vine tipped me off to this new trailer for the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine game over at Marvel.com. Although I'm normally skeptical of anything movie related in gaming this one is looking pretty sweet. I also like when one of the developers blatantly calls out "Finally a movie game that does not suck".  WIth the game coming from Raven Software -- makers of the excellent Marvel Utimate Alliance -- my bet is there's a better chance than not this one will meet that promise. Does anyone else see heavy God of War inspiration in this one?


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Yeah i intend on seeing this, But i think they are gonna fuck it up just like they fucked Xmen 1-3 up.

Edit: i thought you were talking bout the movie. >_< sorry your talking about the game.

Posted by SilverShadow

Dude awesome! The lunge move looks like its straight out of Wheelman. Sweet!

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

this game will be mediocre at best

Posted by Six

looks pretty cool

Posted by ImperiousRix

Looks like God of War, but with some slick differentiating mechanics.  I'm always a fan of licensed stuff, and this one looks decent.

Posted by Bunnyman

Again with the developers telling me how good their game is. Dumb. Looks alright though.

Posted by Metiphis

They completely ruined and wasted Deadpool in the movie... ummm... the movie that I did not download illegally and watch at all.

Posted by WilliamRLBaker
Metiphis said:
"They completely ruined and wasted Deadpool in the movie... ummm... the movie that I did not download illegally and watch at all."
lol yeah my friend watched the leaked NONE FX version.
Posted by TheClap

The Voice acting at the end sounded questionable, but I love the work they do at Raven, so I'm looking forward to it

Posted by andrewf87462

This game looks bloody awesome! Can't wait for this, and the movie!

Posted by TheHBK

This looks retarded, didnt even get Jackman for the voice?  All those spinning attacks?  No, this game looks like it will be another crappy video game tie in.  Sorry guys but you are thinking about looks cool instead of what plays cool.  The standard for movie games has been set too high by GoldenEye007.

Posted by natural_deadhead

Looks like shit.

Posted by TooWalrus

I'm not an X-men fan by any means, but the trailer sent shivers down my spine. I'm probably not going to see the movie, but I'll definitely game-fly in the video game.

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"finally a a movie game that doesn't suck"
come on there have been several gems. they're are just playing to the crowed. they think if they say things like that that gamers like us will believe they are on our side and buy into that bullshit, when all we have to do is see what the game is like and no it sucks. 

ps, the movie kinda sucks. i saw it, and yeah its cheesy. 

xmen 1 and especially 2 were really good, but dude 3 was aweful and this new one is only marginally better than 3
Posted by RandomInternetUser

Gameplay looks awesome, but the voice of Wolverine... kinda... distractingly bad.

Posted by BiggerBomb

The trailer for the movie was on this morning, and it looked pretty badass.

Posted by BiggerBomb

....and that looked even more badass.

Posted by Double0hFor

when have movie games been good since like Goldeneye on the N64?

Posted by Nasar7

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Escape From Butcher Bay are two movie games that kicked plenty of ass

Posted by Jerr

This game is a shit house

Posted by Cloneslayer

How can they mess up Wolverine's most famous quote?

Its not ".. and what I do isn't very nice." its "what I do aint pretty."

Also, he needs to say bub more

Posted by Jedted

I was kinda turned off by the fact that Hugh Jackman's voice isn't in the trailer but seeing as it's being developed by Raven(the makers of MUA) that gives me hope.

Posted by pause422
Metiphis said:
"They completely ruined and wasted Deadpool in the movie... ummm... the movie that I did not download illegally and watch at all."
That's all its worth doing for, not worth throwing away money to see that sack of garbage. I think this game looks okay, but having the devs plain out say "finally a movie game that doesn't suck" about their own game....yeah, what a mistake.
Posted by Colonel_Fury

Cautiously optimistic for the game.  Although, I don't know if I want to play a game that is based on a movie that'll blow chunks.

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The guys at Raven know what they're doing, this will be the first movie game I'll buy. I just hope one day they can develop another Soldier of Fortune sequel.

Posted by ChrisTilton

No matter what the game, these EPKs are just so PAINFUL to watch.

Posted by Kratos81

Looked good but will wait for reviews before I get excited.

Posted by Josh

Raven is a top-notch company with a ton of awesome titles under their belt, so I'm going to reserve judgement until I've played it. These guys do great work. 

Posted by InFamous91

just hope that they don't mess this game up

Posted by MeatSim

Gameplay looked good, voice of Wolverine sounded bad.

Posted by LiquidPrince

This is looking pretty great. It's sad Hugh Jackman isn't voicing Wolverine though.

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Cloneslayer said:
"How can they mess up Wolverine's most famous quote?Its not ".. and what I do isn't very nice." its "what I do aint pretty."Also, he needs to say bub more"

You sir are wrong. and here is the proof:

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Posted by raidingkvatch

Doesn't suck is the best they can say about it? I am underwhelmed by their confidence in their game