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Posted by Jeff
Just a quick note that I'll be appearing on the next chunk of Bonus Round episodes starting this Sunday. GameTrailers produced this hot trailer to promote the show...


We cover businessy business, like what sort of impact the recession will have on gaming, David Jaffe gets riled up over used games, and I say at least one thing that might sound vaguely intelligent about HDTVs. Actually, it's all kind of a blur at this point, but it was a lot of fun to do the show. Be sure to check it out.
Posted by Rinkalicous

Hey, I'll take all the Jeff G action you can provide me.

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And David Jaffe had such nice things to say about you guys (Jeff, specifically) on "Listen UP!". Speaking of; I thought you guys were supposed to appear on their GDC podcasts at some point? Garnett mentioned it on the podcast before their GDC slew.

Posted by BoG

Whoa, who cares about Jeff, Pachter is back! He was always my favorite.

Posted by MattyFTM
BoG said:
"Whoa, who cares about Jeff, Pachter is back! He was always my favorite."
Hell yeah!!!!!
Posted by MetalGearSunny

lol I can't wait!

Posted by ValiantGoat

Curse this for being a teaser!

Posted by ZmillA

wow, best teaser ever.

Posted by FCKSNAP

Aw man... four days? That's too long for Jeff and Jaffe. Wonder if they'll bring up the "Calling all cars" debacle. It was an ok game, but not great :/

Posted by LordAndrew

I don't think I've watched the previous one yet. Anyone have a link?

Posted by nobeaner

I am looking forward to this.

Posted by GeekDown

Jeff and Pachter, doesn't get much better than that....can't wait to see this now...

Posted by Sanj

Jeff, Jaffe and Pach. THIS should be the permenant Bonus Round team! If they allowed more people, they should put the whole GB crew in there. It'd make the show a hell of alot more hilarious.

Posted by DualFayte

Ye-Yeahh! Can't wait

Posted by Linkyshinks

Will watch for sure.  I watched the last time you were on and found that to be a enjoyable show, this looks like it will be better with Jaffe making an appearance 

Posted by Redsand26
BoG said:
"Whoa, who cares about Jeff, Pachter is back! He was always my favorite."

The Pach is Back!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

David Jaffe can curse up a storm. This should be a good episode.

Posted by ZeroCast

LMAO, look at there faces when Jaffe starts swearing, it's fucking hilarious.

Posted by Arne

Ahhhh more G-man pliz, i kinda miss the old "on the spot"...

Posted by sloppyjoe

GB pwns bonus round

Posted by Th3dz

Why is there no Giant bomb round?... like bombcast but with motionpictures....

Posted by MrKlorox

pwnus round?

Posted by VWGTI


Posted by ElectricHaggis

David Jaffe seems to have the pefect angry-guy-who-likes-to-swear voice.  Watching him get annoyed is endlessly entertaining.

Posted by PLWolf

LOL@Jaffe He rules

Posted by sage3k

Looking forward to the show..

Posted by Magnus_Bulla

Holy **** Jaffe's my ****ing hero, ****ers. ****.

Posted by Claude

Pachter's not wearing a tie... WTF.

Posted by theMcNasty

     Please link on the site (we know you will).

    Also, what's with them censoring "fuck."  Don't we get enough unwarranted censorship on TV without that bullshit bleeding into the internet as well?

Posted by Yzzerdd


Posted by Yzzerdd

Pachter gets boring when you realize all he can do is deliver blog baiting sound bytes.

Posted by Death_Burnout
That trailer was epic!

I've said it before, but i find Pachter to be really soothing.
Posted by SentientMoustache


Posted by GreggD

Ought to be good.

Posted by Wright

oh hell yes the pacht is back! sounds like an awesome combo of people.

Posted by roofy

loved that trailer

Posted by MeatSim

David Jaffe was dropping the F-Bomb like crazy!

Posted by ZombiePie

Why doesn't Jeff get to talk during the promo? Where's the love Gametrailers?

Posted by AuthenticM


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Pachter needs to get his ass kicked.

Posted by daniel_beck_90

Jeff simply kicks ass .

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Why in the name of Dan Kayser's silken mane has no one yet designed a shirt that says Pach-Man?  I mean c'mon people... he'd totally wear it on GT.
Here I'll start you off.  It's a nice one.  Gotta love that smile! =D

Posted by Meltbrain

Cool, I shall be sure to check it out.

Posted by Jedted

YES!  J. Gertsmann and M. Pachter are BACK on the Bonus Round!!!!  Can't wait to see what they talk about in this episode.

Posted by get2sammyb

DAVID JAFFE! I love that guy.

Posted by killdave

So much cursing makes this lame ....

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds good, unless theres*** and *** sooo *** . Such a potty mouth!!!

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Ahh Jaffe, still cursing like a 12-year-old trying to sound cool.  Make a new game this decade and maybe I'll care what you have to say.  So far you're a one hit wonder with way more ego than your body of work warrants, and being known for cursing is about as easy as letting any random douche on the show.  At this point I'll bet quite a few people have no idea who you are, welcome to obscurity.