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Posted by Fr0Br0

Needs less Cowbell...

And MORE bull horns PUH-LEASE!

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That's a versatile group of facial hair. 

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Posted by Brydello

Very awesome.

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Posted by zityz

I'm glad it's still very active, I stoped playing it myself because I'm burnt out on the whole swords and magic deal but the BOC this is awesome.

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Posted by Crono11

Blue Oyster Cult is one of my favourite bands so this is good news I guess. My one friend plays alot of Warhammer so whenever he's playing I'm going to remind him now that BOC did that song....and I'll have to comment on how it needs more cowbell.

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Posted by TooWalrus

WoW is going to team up with Deep Purple. Giant Bomb exclusive.

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Posted by Coltonio7

Bahaha, this might just get me to play Warhammer again.

God damn geniuses.

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Posted by floodiastus

Funny metal always makes me think of Jack Black.. and thats a big thumbs down for me ;)

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Posted by TekZero

Glad to hear that WAR is still very active.  I still miss it after I quit a couple months back.  Unfortunately, this might be my last MMO.  I think I'm finally over the addiction. .

BTW, the song sounds pretty good.

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Posted by Rinkalicous

Gah, you guys beat me to it with the cowbell comments. Next time!

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Posted by RHCPfan24

Hopefully it has a lot of cowbell!

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Hm... It sounds good enough, but it could use some more cowbell.

Oh God I'm sorry I had to please don't hit me.

@ RHCPfan24: I was first! :l

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Posted by Bucketdeth

Kick ass, I want to hear this song!

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Posted by JJOR64

I will laugh if WoW does something like this after Mythic does it.

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Posted by Slunks

Oh Mythic, how crazy awesome you guys are. :D

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Posted by Jeff
A wide variety of facial hair styles is key to writing music.
A wide variety of facial hair styles is key to writing music.
I meant to write about this one when it happened back in March, but it slipped my mind. Apparently it slipped everyone else's mind, too, because EA just issued a press release today to remind people that the band Blue Oyster Cult has teamed up with some of the guys at Mythic Entertainment to record a Warhammer Online-themed tune called "Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer)."

It sounds like this collaboration came on because BOC's Eric Bloom is a pretty avid Warhammer Online player. So he came in to tour the Mythic digs with fellow bandmate Richie Castellano, and recorded with Mythic's Brad Derrick and Josh Drescher. The song's lyrics, which are designed to tell people about the life of a Dwarf Slayer, were penned by Mythic Senior Creative Director (and recent Giant Bomb podcast guest), Paul Barnett. Here's what Paul had to say about it:
“We thought long and hard about how to properly tell gamers what the Dwarf Slayer is all about,” said Paul Barnett, Senior Creative Director for WAR and the song’s lyricist. “After going around in circles, we came to the obvious solution – we needed to write and record a hard rockin’ song, and we needed to do it with members of Blue Öyster Cult. If this song doesn’t get you fired up to shave your hair into a mohawk, dye it red, and play a Slayer, then you’re probably dead!”
The track is available for download on the official Warhammer Online site.