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Posted by AttackedCamo

The GameStop near me hasn't given me any trouble latley. Is this a sign?

Posted by Claude

I like my GameStop "EB Games", everyone is pretty cool and they will let me know if there's a good deal going on and such.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Congrats man! I'm used to that kind of GameStop service because the one near me I honestly think is the best one in the country. They never bug you about pre-ordering. Except asking you if Do you want to pre-order something today? that's it it's never a specific game or anything. Actually, it's rare to even get that. I love the GameStop near me.

Posted by Dj

I waned to get me a copy of Guitar Hero Aerosmith and saw that GameStop were selling them for $10. After playing I'm gonna say I got my moneys worth. There was a decent selection but there was no "Don't wanna miss a thing." Which is an obvious downfall. I feel sorry for anyone who payed full price for this. All I can say to those people are, patience wins.

While I was there I also bought Burnout Paradise. I did have this game before and traded it away. Of course I traded it away before all of the DLC came out. After getting into it again I realize again why I traded it in. The new content was cool to mess around with but its that compelling. I do like the bikes though.

Two good purchases from GameStop, and no pre-order badgering or accessory shenanigans this time.