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Posted by Brad
If you haven't heard, the new Blu-Ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is on the streets in Japan. Why should you care about the umpteenth version of a movie that originally came out almost four years ago? Because it comes with a playable PlayStation 3 demo version of Final Fantasy XIII, silly. Faster than we could even import a copy of the demo, some intrepid YouTube user has posted high-quality footage of the entire thing in five parts.

Here's a choice installment, where you can see cutscenes, combat, and running-around-in-the-overworld. You know, all the parts of your balanced JRPG breakfast!


This is the latest in a long line of Final Fantasy demos being packed in with other products Square wants to sell en masse. I remember running to the store as fast as possible and buying Tobal No. 1 just to get my hands on the FFVII demo disc contained therein (and then being pleasantly surprised that I'd gotten a pretty sweet fighting game in the process). Maybe I'm just old and jaded, but that rabid excitement for new Final Fantasy games burned itself out sometime after FFX. I still want to play XIII, but for the time being, I'm happy looking at this demo from afar.

If you want to see the whole 45-minute demo, just start at the beginning. Fair warning: The videos may get pulled at any moment, so you're better off watching them sooner than later.

Edited by Tirrandir

Yep, that's an RPG.  I don't really hold Final Fantasy above any other RPG coming out these days.  Which is good, because it's as generic as the rest of them.  I'll wait for the hook to make me choose this one over anything else, but right now just saying "It's Final Fantasy" isn't doing it. 

Especially considering the huge development time on this one.  After so much investment, seeing so little improvement in this vid just ... isn't doing anything for me.  I honestly get more out of tri-Ace's offerings than I do the big S-E machine these days. 

Also, can we get rid of Nomura and his lazy, recycled designs?  Especially the main character.  It's getting old really fast.  But that's just me, I think. 

Edited by Bill_Hickz

chur. looks fuckn amazin

Got 1-4 streaming but 5 already down.

Posted by TMThomsen

Nice find

Posted by FlappyHands

So they're dropping the FFXII style of gameplay? It looks pretty neat.

Posted by redskineer

This game looks freakin' sick!  More reminiscent of FFX-2's fighting mechanics...though I'm sure they are much more refined and interesting.

Edited by redeye1984

Saw this on a live streaming video earlier today. This game is amazing. Finally a RPG for PlayStation 3 owners... :P

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Hooooly shitballs!

Posted by theMcNasty

They should just remake FF7 already.  Can't wait for this game to hit stateside, but what's with the year delay between languages?

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

i still don't understand how to play these kinds of games. am i missing out???

Edited by AndrewB

I dunno about anyone else here, but from the little chunks of Final Fantasies that I've played in my day, I dislike the active time battle mechanics. Fumbling through menus quickly because stalling means more hp taken away from you isn't as fun nor strategic; though I suppose the old "get your ass kicked until you discover this one weakness" enemy strategy is also tired. So I dunno what to think of ole' 13 here. I've managed to go my entire gaming life without finishing a Final Fantasy game short of Tactics Advance, yet I find myself really wanting to play this one. I just want to wait and see if the story is up to snuff. It's the story that I'm always most interested in when I'm playing these RPGs, anyway.

Oh, and the most amazing aspect of this game I've seen so far? The orchestral aspect. I love the music in a FF game.

Edited by Subject2Change

Hmmm unsure if I am going to import in the blu-ray now or just wait for the US release...I want the Blu-Ray but 70 bucks is a bit steep...rather get demon's souls or something instead.

Posted by Meowayne

Woah, running around in a futuristic setting killing stuff while the story is told entirely non-interactively. Epic.

Well, it looks alright, besides the fact that this demo consists entirely of battles. I like that they're going back to turn-based. That's how it's supposed to be.

Posted by imayellowfellow


Posted by TooWalrus

I like my final fantasy's to be turn-based.

Posted by Det1

I can't help but feel that the game would be infinitely better if the fighting engine is akin to that of the kingdom hearts series/FF13 Versus.
Then again, maybe Final Fantasy isn't for me. At least not according to the way the combat has evolved.

Edited by ahoodedfigure

What's great to me is the username for the person who put this up.  "All the names are taken", except because all the names have been taken, they write "tooken" instead.  Either very stupid or very clever :)

Is this long road scene reminding anyone else of FFX? 

Posted by mracoon

It looks good but I can't tell what's happening in the battles at all. Still looks really slick though.

Posted by Hector

Can't wait for this to come out!

Posted by babblinmule

The combat looked better and more dynamic than any RPG ive ever seen, although the camera looked a bit bad at times in the open run-around gameplay. But heck, theyve got yonks till this is released so I'm sure theyll work that out.

Posted by FCKSNAP

As someone who likes JRPGs, but has never gotten into any of the Final Fantasy games, I'm not sold... atleast yet.

Posted by Jimbo

Who's the black private dick
With a chocobo livin' in his 'fro?
You're daaaamn right.

(That shit is fucking racist.)

Posted by Logan

The entire Final Fantasy franchise died after FFX.

And this time I'm not falling for it. It'll come out and it will get good reviews, but it will just have diverged too much from what made Final Fantasy games fun for me. I feel like I am just getting too old and the franchise is just being made for a younger generation.

Posted by AutomaticSnake

Whats with the gay ass voice acting, music and characters... lol at the black guy. thx for the vid no way im buying this crap

Posted by SmugDarkLoser

omg!  i LOVE you brad!!!

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Looks ok, nothing special.  Just another FF with better graphics and slightly different combat systems. 

I would buy that, cept.  I don't want to play a female main character.  If I can play the other guy or someone else, I might be more interested.  But as a guy, who loves immersive game qualities.  I'm not at all interested in playing a chick.   She can be in my group.  But not as me.

Thats a clear game breaker for me.  :( 

Edited by Subject2Change

theMcNasty they need to localize it...game can run 20+ hours and are often thousands of pages of dialogue that needs to be recreated and re-subtitled as well as adjusted to the Western half of the world as well as ported from a PS3 Blu-Ray Game to a 360 DVD Game which may take multiple disks and they are planning a same time release. It's square they want it to be accepted well and not screw it up with poor translations and references or cultural differences. I wasn't expecting an 09 release of the game anyway, hopefully Q3 10; i'll have plenty of games to play until then anyway.

Edited by Fracture

So, we're going backwards in time now? The fact that your dudes move around during the fight is kind of cool but the whole thing's back to being a menu bash. Not sure why Japan still grasps at conventions that weren't that new back in '96.

Posted by Willy105


The graphics are phenomenal, the chocobo especially, great action scenes, the music reminds me of Sonic 06 (in a good way), and fantastic animation.

I miss turn based battles, but this looks awesome.

Posted by RVonE

Wow, so the battle menu really does take up a large part of the screen. And what's with that line running across the entire screen? 0_o
Anyway, it does look good, and I am very glad they decided to not go in the FFXII direction when it comes to the battle system.

Posted by Willy105
LiveOrDie1212 said:
"i still don't understand how to play these kinds of games. am i missing out???"
If you are comparing RPG's to an action game, then it's going to be a much more laid-back experience. You tend to play RPG's for longer sessions of time than an action game. There's also a lot more stats to cover and more variable affecting how the game goes. Also, RPG's are focused on story, while action games are on sequences of action.

You won't know if you like an RPG until you play it, but I recommend them.
Posted by Hairydutchman

i like Pokemon.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Looks amazing! Almost CG like. Sexy textures!

Posted by ChrisTilton

I see they are still using the same two "walking on metal" sounds from 1997. At least the battles look more dynamic, though still not totally like a real battle. I see the music is still terrible.

Posted by InFamous91

my brother was actually watching this like 4 in the morning....game looks great

Posted by RHCPfan24

So combat is different than FFXII's. Ok, that's fine but I did like the changes they made in that one to make it feel more modern. Oh well, this one should be a winner.

Posted by Venatio

Does anyone here know Japanese? What are they saying?

Posted by SmugDarkLoser
SoothsayerGB said:
"Looks ok, nothing special.  Just another FF with better graphics and slightly different combat systems.  I would buy that, cept.  I don't want to play a female main character.  If I can play the other guy or someone else, I might be more interested.  But as a guy, who loves immersive game qualities.  I'm not at all interested in playing a chick.   She can be in my group.  But not as me.Thats a clear game breaker for me.  :(  "

Wait, you can't be serious....
Posted by Halberdierv2

I love the battle theme for this.

Posted by PLWolf

FYI, The Vidoes are also up on 1up.com.

Edited by PuppyKisses

typical FF nonsense, only this time on Blu-Ray ....yawn

Posted by Hamz

That battle music makes me want to dress up and cosplay Cloud Strife while I hold my big buster sword.

Posted by TheHBK

never was excited for a FF game, and even less so with how the last few turned out.  Why do the characters have to look so gay or be whiny little bitches?  Ahhh, one day maybe FF will be more acceptable to me.  And speaking of which, FF the movie looked to me to be a lost opportunity, the theme and tone of that game was less gay than anything since FF6.

Posted by REDRUN

Can't wait to get Final Fantasy Agito XIII for my Xbox360. Wait... there is more! I am willing to admit, it's a definate for me going out to buy me a PS3 for the Final Fantasy Vesus XIII title in time of its release. Excited for the release of FFAXIII and fanantic about the FFVXIII trailer. Soon they will be mine.... muhahahhahaa*cough

Posted by TwoOneFive

this was on justin tv yesterday all day. game looks extremely linear. 

Posted by Otzlowe


I've gotta say, the art direction in this installment is really turning me off to the game. I'm not FF-crazy in the first place, but I haven't disliked a single FF, so I'm not sure entirely how I feel about this game so far. The combat looks... weird. I guess I'll see how it goes. :x
Posted by Nick

I've never owned a Sony console and the last Final Fantasy I played was FF6 on SNES, so I'm kind of looking forward to this.

Posted by Beechbone

Pretty sweet, waiting for 360 release next year :)

Posted by insane_shadowblade85


It may just be me but, I thought only FF13 is coming to both PS3 and 360 while versus 13 is coming out for PS3 and Agito 13 is coming out for PSP.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I watched the whole thing.  I don't quite know what was happening in places, beyond my lack of understanding of Japanese.  It seemed that some of the characters moved around during the battle, but I don't know if that had anything to do with player controls.  Also, do you think you might be able to avoid encounters, or at least have attacker advantage if you position yourself right?

I hope there is more than one battle music, because despite liking it I've already reached my fill of it.  I'm also not a big fan of the campy way the characters seem to pose for the camera.  This would be really hard to pull off in a serious live action movie, but it seems people like to show off a bit more when it's digital animation.

At times I felt that me-as-a-teen feeling that I haven't felt in quite a while, seeing the crazy future design aesthetic of the game that inspired me to do some imaginative stuff myself, but after watching the battles grind through I realized it would be much more fun to play the game than to watch it.  I'm curious about the story at least, but...

Yeah, Youtube is awesome.  And cheap!

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