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Posted by NicBarker

thanks bro, appreciate it. i kinda like writing so will keep it up.

Posted by Claude

North Carolina, I live in the city of Hickory. Just got a chance to check up on your blogs, reading them now.

Posted by NicBarker

thanks bro, checked it out, was awesome. where you from?

Posted by Claude

I would like to play House of the Dead, but there's one thing holding me back. I want the dual shooters. I only have one Wii remote and need to buy another. When I do, I'll get this game, it's so cool you can unlock a dual gun mode. I liked this review by Tom Chick.

Posted by NicBarker

Here is an article I just read from an Australian Newspaper called The Age.

House of the Dead: Overkill, released by Sega for use with the family-friendly Wii console, is full of gory scenes.

Players mow down waves of mutants, leaving a trail of lost limbs, gutted bowels and heads with shattered brains.

The MA15+ rated game is also peppered with vulgar language, including the f-word 189 times, a record that has made it into Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition.

"The gaming industry has been mischievously misrepresenting the classification system on this issue," said Angela Conway, director of the Pro Family Perspective.

"I feel very distressed that a large number of teenagers and adults would play this game and soak up this amount of sexually aggressive violence and aggressively violent language."

Ms Conway is calling for a study of the type of impact games such as House of the Dead: Overkill have on youngsters -- and adults.

"We need to draw a deep breath and look at the research, which will show a need to scale back this level of violence," she said.

A spokesman for Sega, Vispi Bhopti, defended the game.

"House of the Dead: Overkill has been rated as suitable for people over 15. It is not an R-rated game,"he said.

"The swearing in it is very much stylised so it matches the Grindhouse cinema style made famous by director Quentin Tarantino.

"In playing the game, players attack zombies or humanoid characters but never humans. This is an important distinction that the classification board makes when it gives a rating."

But Ms Conway believes the current MA15+ classification isn't appropriate for games such as House of the Dead: Overkill.

"Given the increasing amount of knowledge now available of the effects of exposure to intense levels of violence on the adolescent brain, we should be reviewing the level of violence the MA15+ classification now allows," she said.


If you've read my review online, you'll know I love this game. I love it a lot. I'm not sure what you all think, but I reckon people need to get a life. The Wii is for everybody, not just for small children. I own one, I'm not a small child!!! There have been many violent games over the years, and I don't believe that House of the Dead; OverKill is the worst of them. MadWorld was released, and in my opinion is a lesser but far more violent production. Why aren't they targeting that?

I laughed when I saw that House of the Dead; Overkill had got that Guiness World Record though. But no, then they hyad to go ahead and badmouth a wonderfully inventive filmmaker like Quentin Tarantino in with these games as well. These uber conservative family-obsessed weirdos have placed all their vitriolic hatred in the one cauldron and are trying to boil Overkill, Tarantino and Media Violence all together in the pot. Please, people! This isn't communist Russia, we're allowed to view this content!

I believe that the Australian Ratings Board is critical enough already. Leisure Suit Larry; Magna Cum Laude was banned in Australia. So was Narc. Postal. Manhunt. A list of censored games includes Fallout, GTA, Silent Hill and many others. Please just let us have our games and you can keep your outrage and angst. We know how much you love those things.

Finally, I would just like to say that I myself used to be fairly conservative in what I viewed, what I played, and how I ran my life. But you know what? This content is not for small children. But it is appropriate for those over 15 (in Australia at least). I love Australia, its a great country to live in and be a blood citizen of. Just please leave our violent games alone.

Rant Over.