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Posted by snide

Needing to make use of my recently purchased handheld camera, I thought it would be fun to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage of Jeff and Vinny's 50th Endurance Run episode. For those just catching up, our two helpless Americans have been battling the awkwardness of Persona 4, a somewhat unique Japanese RPG released for the PS2, each and every day.  The 50th episode went smoothly enough except for one thing... the nearly 30 gig movie file got corrupted somehow in a transfer between Drew and Vinny's machines. What is shown in the video below is an absolutely real account of what happened that day. Ask what you will of us... for some reason, these things just happen. We're hoping things will work out in the end, but who knows.


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the men behind the madness, excellent . Hope you get it all sorted loved watching the ER

Posted by Pie


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YES.   good work ghents!  :D

Edit:     Vinny, your level of caring for this endurance run is really heartening  <3   Here's to hoping you don't have to spend too much cash to have elite dudes uncorrupt the feed  :-s

And hey..  Say episode 50 is just snake bitten and becomes lost completely...   You guys could totally just write a little story-catch-up article and skip us all to episode 51.  Anything to keep this from dying!

Re-Edit:   Thanks be to Mr. Snide for keeping us in the loop on inter-office-business/technical-woes.   More close-ups of Ryan whispering with his headphones half-on.  Great video man.

Posted by Nzwei

Ohhh, snap !

Posted by MeatSim

Madness! this is....... Giant Bomb!! everything is madness here.

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yessss awesome!

edit- I mean nooo :(. Hopefully they fix it!

Posted by KaboomtownUSA

Real american heroes.

Posted by Weltal

Wooo! Behind the magic. Where the magic happen. Things like bufu and agi are constantly flying around.

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I never would've thought that they sat so close to each other.
This behind the scenes thing is really awesome, I love being able to see what goes on in that office.
We all know magic happens but it's nice to see HOW that magic happens.
It's crazy to think that for the past like 49 days before going to school I've started my day with the endurance run and you know what? Those 49 days were great so I really hope that this doesn't end, but if it does I'm really glad that you guys showed us this great game and that it even lasted as long as it did.

Posted by khopps17

aw man, he cares... alot.

Posted by Enns

Is this the end? ;[
The endurence run couldn't endure Jeff and Vinny!

Posted by Chaser324

Oh no! Could this be it? The end of an era?

Posted by TheKidNixon

Nooooo....yessss....wait...I don't know how to feeeeeeelll!

In all seriousness, you guys have been so awesome so far to keep this up. Who knew something this ridiculous would mean so much to such a random assortment of people.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Wow, number 50 gets corrupt :(

6 hours lost

Posted by RHCPfan24

This is so awesome! Close up on Ryan, Jeff outside, Vinny talking, Drew, what more do you want?

Posted by NoXious

I do NOT like what Drew said :O Is it the truth? Will P4: ED stop because of technical failure? 

Posted by Weltal

Don't quit! If ya saved just go and forget about the camping trip!

I know you get to see Chie in a swim suit but still, the ER can continue!

Posted by diz

Good luck Vinny!

Here's hoping endurance run continues...

Why not just skip the corrupted episode?

Posted by Winternet

AARGHGHGHGHGH!!! I can't take this. Its too much for my poor heart. AHGHGHAHGAH!!!! The wait is incomprehensible painful.

By the way, Ryan rocked in this BTS. Awesome guys...

But plz....50 50 50

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Bum-bum-buuuuuuummm *dramatic reverb*

to people who are saying about  "why not just continue"  i think because after finally losing an ep, they  dont feel like they want to continue in a climate where  anytime they record they could lose it.  So vinny wants to try and get the problem fixed first, rather then continuing to risk it.  I assume that once the problem gets fixed, they will just ignore that episode and go forward.
Posted by turbomonkey138

denined the cupcakes

Posted by raggedglory


Posted by DoktorFaustus

Damn, makes me all sad just thinking that we won't see anymore of that DELICIOUSPERSONA4ACTION. :(

Posted by tyty

Vinny, you keep the good times train a rollin'. I'm glad to hear you are so committed to Persona.

Posted by TheKidNixon

Actually, question: what exactly does "pay to have it fixed" mean? Is there some fee that can be paid to recover corrupted film data? I'm at a total loss.

Posted by Pie
RHCPfan24 said:
"This is so awesome! Close up on Ryan, Jeff outside, Vinny talking, Drew, what more do you want?"

You are so right about everything
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Say it isn't so! I couldn't do without my endurance run episodes!

Did you try restoring your computer to before the video file corrupted?

Posted by PLWolf

OH NOES!! FIX 50!!

Get 50 to fix 50. "Fixt it, 50!!"

Posted by Zripwud

Oh no!!!

Posted by TooWalrus

Just get some interns to re-play the first 25 hours or whatever, ha!

Posted by RLWIII

NOOOO!!!!!!!    I Need This!  My day is incomplete without P4 Endurance Run... The Investigation Team needs you guys!

Posted by SunKing


Posted by Happy

Oh man, I think Vinny needed a hug in that last scene.

>Hug Vinny.

You do not have enough courage to do that!

Posted by RedRoach


Posted by Phished0ne

to TheKidNixon

They are talking about a computer/software problem that is causing them to possibly corrupt anything they record over a certain time, not about that episode itself(i believe).
Posted by TMThomsen

I blame the Macintoshes.

Posted by Forcen

I really hope you recover ep50 somehow.

Posted by El_Braka

Well, there you have it, Persona sticklers.  Your unholy pact with fel entities to end this blight of thine eyes hath borne fruit.  This may be the end of the Persona Endurance Run.  

Hopefully, Vinny can cast some Dia on this sucker and keep the Investigation Team going.  If not, you guys should move on to an even longer, more atrociously meticulous, and hilariously convoluted game.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

I hope he fixes it!

Posted by Gearhead

How ironic is it that number fifty get's corrupted? I mean come on, is anyone else just smirking?

Posted by Death_Burnout

Haha oh man, the Persona Endurance Run has become such a well established thing, that only now we need spin off seasons and box set DVD's and Blu-Ray...with behind the scenes video playing over the video! with a mini robo Paul Walker!

Posted by Alphazero

True stories of real endurance run bravery will return... after this message.

Posted by Intrepid

This is what actually drew me to Giant Bomb.  As much as I enjoy Persona 4 and all, some moments of the game are ridiculous and ripe for hilarious commentary.  If it HAS to end, I hope you guys do an Endurance Run of another game.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

We believe in you Vinny!  You can fix it!

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Aww, I hope it's not the end. Don't you keep backup copies of the file so you can transfer a copy and if that corrupts you still have the original on Vinny's machine? Either way, I hope endurance run continues. I didn't even remotely care about P4 until you guys started playing it, and it has made me laugh on so many occasions. If this does end, at least move on to another endurance run, it's pretty clear the GB community adores this stuff... you know... except maybe that Aion guy.

Posted by Vorbis

Noes, work harder vinny!

Posted by IzzyGraze

That really sucks but they can always do episode 50 on Monday. They can just do a 5 minute recap at the beginning of the episode then we're all caught up. No biggy.

Posted by imayellowfellow

omg this was so awesome

i hope it all works out

Posted by Curufinwe

They should just embed a youtube clip of the camp-out, comment over the top of it, and then move to to episode 51.