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@ashbash159 said:

" Oh I hope they do something like this for the DP ER. "

Behind the Scenes: DP Endurance Run's 29th Episode.
Posted by ashbash

Oh I hope they do something like this for the DP ER.

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@Venatio: Thanks for making me sad by reminding me that the Endurance Run is over :'(
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I finally watched this video and it is truly an awesome video, I couldnt watch this video when it was new because I had some issues with the sound and I couldnt hear what anybody was saying and it was pissing me off
But I have now watched it and I just wanna say this again, thanks for the Endurance Run Jeff and Vinny, it was awesome and it made me a huge Persona fan 

Posted by NoDeath

Woah! blast from the past.

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

Episode fiddy!!!

Posted by hazzard4123

Do I see a jumbo box of Quaker Oatmeal? Hell yes!
Posted by Shiftshaper

Did you also notice you were reviving a VERY old thread?

Posted by Snuggles

i just noticed that vinny kinda looks like a lion!

Posted by LordAndrew
@Duffyside: Sound works for me. Try again. Do other videos lack sound?
Posted by Duffyside

No sound. Wut?

Posted by Undeadpool

I always forget what Vinney looks like, I think he looks more like Ryan, but he's actually more like Brad.
This is one of my favorite things on the internet

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I love the Endurance Run and it is the reason I joined Giant Bomb so I may post my gratitude for your humorous showings of this game I enjoy. After you complete this endurance run of P4 may I suggest the next long runner be P3 FES. I can already foresee many funny comments and moments if you do at least try a test run.  But before we get to that just make sure you get the complete ending in P4 even if you have to cheat that small part.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

That was great.

Posted by Lazyaza

Seeing behind the scenes is awesome, want to buy moar!

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Posted by joslop500

nicely done guys

Posted by Davey

Is Jeff cuddling his leg in the beginning?

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Posted by hagridore

So glad Ep. 50 was saved.

Posted by AuthenticM

Awesome video. Jeff seems to drink a lot of pepsi. :)

Posted by TheDarkVoid

They should make more of these 'behind the scenes' videos...not just for persona 4...just in general...Giant Bomb: Behind the Scenes...I want 2 million as soon it hits theaters:))))))))))))))  

Posted by Olmossoft

This is so awesome! Close up on Ryan, Jeff outside, Vinny talking, Drew, what more do you want?

Olmos Software LLС
(281) 724-8673

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This one will never get out of the most popular news. Most viewed and most commented. A bliss.

Posted by Shadow

DAAAAAAAAMN movie files are big

Posted by Mushir
RHCPfan24 said:
"This is so awesome! Close up on Ryan, Jeff outside, Vinny talking, Drew, what more do you want?"
A close up of Brad's beard.
Posted by damnboyadvance

Can we get something like an Endurance Run: GTA IV?

Posted by XenturiK

NO sound...........still.........

Posted by Eriktion

I can't watch these as I intend to play the game at some point.

But when will the DVD box-set be released? You have extras already. I am imagining that the commentary for this is wicked!

Posted by Keeng

I love this video! I've seen it three times! I really appreciate the amount of effort you guys put into this whole thing; the site, the ER, all of it. 

Posted by the_purgatory_station

nice one

Posted by Spiritof

Fav.Vid. Evar!

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Posted by idiotic_genius1

Endurance Run is awesome!
I hope they make it all the way through the game.

Posted by lukegib

man ryan is awesome

Posted by PeasForFees
Posted by theMcNasty

     Very sad account of this particular Endurance Run's fate, but as you can see by the amount of comments (520 as I'm writing this), you've got quite a bit of fans.  I mean, seriously, how often do any articles on this site get 500+ comments?  Hopefully everything works out, but if they don't... what're you gonna do about it.

Blame Drew.  :P

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Um, well this was where the Drama of Persona 4 Endurance Run Episode 50 played out

Posted by JoelTGM

why are there so many posts?

Posted by Drebin_893

You're the 517th.

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No I'm not! My last post is clearly and exactly the 500th post! Count it down.
Posted by randiolo

at 3:31 i burst out laughing every dam time ..

Posted by Bergasa

Love videos like this. We need more that just show life at Giant Bomb.

Posted by ddensel

I love the deadly serious face Vinny has when he says "A rap, a rap, a rippy rap rap"

Posted by BunkerBuster

Golden Anniversary? Whoo keep it going, never stop, the internet will riot without it! Keep it rolling till the wheels fall off.

Posted by Afroman269

Love the close-ups on ryan's face.

Posted by babz

emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cup cakes......

Posted by xDot

LOL at Jeff's face at like the 0:02 mark. Looks like he's about to burst out laughing or something

Posted by Toby

I love these endurance runs! PLEASE DO NOT STOP!

Posted by Kohe321