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Posted by myketuna

If you guys wanted to stop, there's no need to go all out and say that the movie file got "corrupted". Give it to me straight, doc. ER is OVER. lol. I started playing the game for myself, so I'm actually good either way. Sucks that I can't hear you guys talk about it anymore though.

Posted by TooWalrus

Doesn't 30gb convert equally to a metric shit-ton?

Posted by Venatio

Wait what, even if episode 50 is lost they should still continue, quitting because of a lost episode is really stupid, I love watching the Endurance Run

There is still so much left too see

Posted by Meltbrain

@myketuna: You're implying they faked the corruption as a means to an end? Grow up, man.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

There's something very surreal about this video.  A rare view into the inner workings of Giant Bomb.  It's this kind of thing that gives you an edge over all the other video game websites.  Nice work gentlemen.

Posted by Dolphin_Butter

This video needs a donate button at the end. Hell, I'LL pay to have episode 50 fixed!

Posted by AltDimension

So much hangs in the balance? Nah not really. Endurance runs are cool but I doubt I'd miss 'em.

Posted by Fallen189

You should all stop being so selfish. "OH CARRY ON". Maybe they don't want to after losing data.

Edited by Aaox

Persona 4 Endurance run? Persona 4 endurance run?! PERSONA 4 ENDURANCE RUN!!!! That's some MGS talk right there.
Man, this sucks. Easter holiday is over, I need braces, and now the funniest thing I know of that helps me not to die with boredom/sadness could potentially be cancled! It can't hapen, Jeff. I know you guys care about me! HALP!

Posted by AaronP

Woah awesome video, but wouldn't it just be easier to film Vinny, Jeff and the screen? then you wouldn't have to use all the video capture stuff.

Posted by GotuXTP

NOOOO!!! i actually just made a giant bomb account to express how much these endurance runs CANT end! there tooo good keep it up VINNY!

Posted by Dolphin_Butter

Also, that couch seems way too small.

Posted by FLStyle

Even if P4 ended it Ep. 49 I still have to say well done for getting so far. Now get No.50 fixed!

Posted by Aeterna

Ryan and me share the same headphones. Awesome. 

Posted by chronix

That sucks, I hope you can get it fixed, I really enjoy watching you guys play (you are much further than me in the game, though I beat Kanji a game-week or two before you...probably because I spend a lot of boring time grinding until I have almost no SP)

I don't think you enjoy grinding very much, if you want to (because XP helps) but don't want to make everyone watch every little battle, do it fast forwarded :) And do commentary with that.

Just think if you used multiple saves you could have done it all again :)

Good luck guys and thanks!

Posted by HT101

If this goes by the wayside, I don't know what I will do.  I always use this as my daily source of humor, for the most part, and not having it would severely make my life that much less awesome.  I hope you can get it back so we can continue enjoying you guys playing a game that you seem to truly enjoy playing.

Posted by InFamous91

you can fix it.....ryan had me laughing throughout the whole video
i want to laugh some more.....i'm bout to watch the vid again

Posted by mracoon

I need to see episode 50, don't deny it to me!! I really hope they can fix it because the endurance runs have been a lot of fun to watch and it would be sad to see one of the potentially best episodes go to waste.

Posted by chronix

How about a giantbomb zippered hoodie with Chie in a Luchador mask instead of the deer

Posted by Aion

Meh, that was a bit anti-climatic for a 50th episode. 6 minutes long and no updates on the situation. With the weekend around the corner, it's going to be 3 days without any Persona action, maybe more if episode 50 can't be recovered by Monday and the guys don't want to move onto episode 51.

If it can't be recovered, just move on to the 51st episode. There were some good comedy moments during the camping trip but nothing important was skipped. Put a recap at the start of episode, covering everything that happened, and then continue. No huge issue.

It was funny when you guys talked about the possibility of a file being corrupted right before recording episode 50 and then faced the problem you had talked about. Hard to believe it wasn't fake but funny nonetheless. I'm going to assume it was real because, if the GB guys were looking for an excuse to quit P4, they wouldn't have made it so obvious.

Posted by Renegade

Really enjoyed the behind the scenes look =) Good work.

Posted by PeasForFees

Okay everyone quote this.

Posted by LordAndrew

Whoa. The comments on the video and the article are identical. What is this crazy voodoo?

Posted by AllanIceman

Yes BTS!!   ....wait ..NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ...................*rocks back and forward in a corner*  .........

Posted by Caddy

Great behind the scenes video! I want, no, need more Persona 4 runs!

Posted by Winternet

I just remember that we are getting more info on this only on next Monday..A full week-end! Man, I need some fast-time potions or somethin..good luck to everyone trying to fix Fitty!

Posted by JackiJinx

Vinny cares!

Posted by SirThirdFilms

Will it be continued later today or tomorrow or MONDAY?!?!?!

Posted by LordAndrew

Hopefully you guys can get it worked out.

Posted by snide


We implemented synced news/video comments a couple weeks ago. Just another batch of subtle coolness from the whiskey kids.
Posted by Renegade


Yup, or a Paypal donation button in general. I want to see this site stay ad free.

Posted by PeasForFees

PayPal !!!!!!!!

Posted by t2t2

Please, please, please, mount a camera behind TV and also record Jeff and Vinny playing the game and then have footage of them in lower-right corner of the video

Posted by Red

Awesome. I've played Persona 4, so I'm fine with them losing an episode every once in a while, but that episode sounded awesome, and like, 3 hours long.

Episode 50 will always be gone, and never be seen. We can only dream of what happened.
Posted by Winternet
Posted by Zalasta

Well, whatever happens, just wanted to express my appreciation for the effort from Vinny, Jeff, Drew and whoever else that had pitched in for the project =)

Posted by Teh_Eel

I hope they can get the ep 50 working because ER is one of the things that make giant bomb the best game site on the net as you actually get a sense of the people working on the on the site.
Also Vinny looked devastated at the end of the video even more reason to hope it can be fixed.

Posted by RagingLion

"to be continued" ...      du-du-DUUUUH!!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

This is where you ask for donations.

Posted by Varjaur

Impressed that you're considering paying to get the file fixed, I think a lot of people would appreciate such measures. I've really enjoyed the Endurance Run. As someone who doesn't play a whole lot of games these days, I still frequent the site because of the superb commentary and comic content you guys produce. I'll be gutted if ep 50 doesn't reappear, but even more gutted if the run ends. As a method for increasing daily traffic, I think the Endurance Run has been spot on. I showed my friend a couple of episodes and she's now hooked, checking the site every day. Significantly, she's a very casual gamer at best, illustrating my point that this feature opens up the site's audience beyond straight-up gamers. Good luck and fingers crossed.

Posted by Fallen189

I would presume the majority of the userbase is between 14 and 19 though, so I can't see a lot of people donating. And shouldn't.

Posted by n8

mic check right please.

Posted by Sheldon

This is turning into a soap opera

Edited by TRega123

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy giantbombdotcom.

On a more serious note, Vinny, have you tried fixing the video with Virtualdub?

Posted by JohnDudebro

Man, I really wanted to see more of Persona 4. And since my PS3 isn't backwards-compatible and my PS2's back home, I couldn't exactly play it for myself. I was kind of living it through you guys. I hope the whole thing isn't over, but I totally identify with losing a ton of progress killing any desire to keep going.

Well, maybe I'll buy it and play it over the summer. I'll miss the adventures of Charlie Tunoku, but it'd still be plenty of fun to play it myself.
Posted by Crono

Ryan whispering sounds kinda like one of the Oblivion voice actors lol

Posted by ms3boy

Please keep up the series. It's okay if there's a "lost" episode here or there.

Perhaps you could put out a DVD of the entire run when you're done and the money raised from that can go to restoring the "lost" episodes.

I haven't really dug in to watch them all yet, I kind of want to sit down with the game and the videos and have kind of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 thing going on.

Love you guys (as a fan),

Posted by Jost1

NOOO DON'T STOP!! (this video was awesome though)

Posted by TheTemplar


Posted by alsnuts2

P4 is my favorite feature on this site.