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Posted by Porridgelad

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Posted by DiegoBitterman

If you dont get this vid on the website tonight at 10:00pm London GMT I am going to start pushing kids into tvs. Not with my hands but with the help of a 12 gauge boomstick  with 18 mm slugs. Teddie better get fucking mop because the the midnight channel is about to get a change in colour .

Posted by Trnck

yayi yay!

Posted by PeasForFees

Where is the Bum asking for money Dave, The Bum asking for money

Posted by Six

I have gotten ahead of you in this game, and was definitely looking forward to hearing your reactions to some of the stuff I saw.

Posted by Cynical_M

I love the drama......

Edited by Aion

I hate to break it to you but Atlus might have a thing or two to say about Giant Bomb making money by selling videos of them playing their game. People can't just do what thry want with things that are copyrighted.

Anyway. Add me to the list of people who don't play many games and hadn't even heard of Giant Bomb until this run started. I now come on here daiy for the P4 run, and I also have a look at your 'Quick Look' videos because of the commentary. Without this run, your site would be nothing special, but with it it's unique; a gaming site that attracts even non-gamers into watching you guys play an 80 hour JRPG.

Posted by Steve_C

Great video. It's like the drama behind the drama.

It had to be the 50th video that fucks up, and there was such a build up. I almost feel like this is all staged.

Posted by AleeN634

Well thanks for the look, here's hoping the episode is recovered on Monday :)

Posted by Jost1

Basically the Endurance Run was an ingenious idea and it's helped put Giant Bomb.com on the top as my favourite website, not just gaming site.

Don't know if you read all these comments but whatevs, keep doing these forever.

Posted by TheHendenpeter

I just wanted to watch you beat the king. Remember how he dishonored you and your families? Remember that pain? I feel it too. I need closure. WE need closure. This is all so upsetting.

Posted by PeasForFees

Look at Vinny's face at the start itsa like he knows

Edited by Aska

Feels good knowing Vinny cares so much.  :D

Also, just a suggestion, this video is a bit of a pain to watch because the sound is only coming out of the left side (maybe it's just me?).  Hopefully next time you can just balance out the sound.

Posted by Dethfish

Vinny is the best. Everyone needs to hug him.

Posted by duffman2k9

I too just signed up for an account so I could extend my own feelings of love and devotion (in a totally non-stalkerish/Fatal Attraction sort of way) for the Endurance Run. This video has accounted for my change over the past month from a casual visitor of Giant Bomb to someone who comes fairly often to devour all of the website's offerings. Sadly enough, I'm one of those people who over the past week or two spent approximately 24 hours watching all of your videoes (I'm in between college and grad school and I have a lot of time on my hands damnit!). Save the 50th episode! Don't make me start an online petition!

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Don't worry guys, they're enjoying PLAYING the game, not just doing the videos. I hardly think they'll stop because of a lost episode.

Posted by PeasForFees

Dude @Aska

yeah totally rear left speaker for me too

Posted by DoctorTran

I have a feel... this could be a hoax. Just saying. I mean seriously... this is Giant Bomb, they are known to be jokey... The dawn of the 50th episode seems like something they would kinda go "Hey! We're gonna fuck with their minds now!" for a little bit.

However... if this is true. Damn.

Posted by aurorafiore

If Ep. 50 never airs, I'd suggest people who've never played the game to Youtube the camping scene and try to avoid comments made by users and related videos and such to avoid any spoilers. It's easier that way, and would make the transition to 51 slightly smoother provided they continue this.

I think we're all surprised how far this run has gone on, especially considering that in-game you haven't even begun to reach out to that truth just yet.

Posted by Magnus_Bulla

I hate to be a cynic, really I do, but doesn't it seem coincidental for this to happen on the 50th episode?

Posted by Winternet

I just watched it again and i got to this conclusion: from today, Ryan must whispered on all videos on Giantbomb. it was hilarious...

The Endurance Run life is in the hands of Jeff and Vinny. If they don't want to continue with P4 ED then they shouldn't continue because that would destroy it. If they want to continue then F**K YEAH!

We are counting on you guys for fixing 50! Just please don't put us on the dark the entire weekend (unless necessary)

Posted by snide


Not a hoax.
Posted by Aion

If they have honestly lost episode 50 and this isn't an attempt at stopping the run without pissing off all the people who joined the site because of it, and they don't want to continue P4 after losing time, it'd be cool if they started P3: FES and then, at some point in the future, jumped back into P4.

I think I'd die laughing watching them fight this boss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2krgkZlGgrY

Posted by Bawabus

Keep it going. I will continue to watch and listen as long as you do.

Posted by captainawesomo

Theres no sound. Does anyone else have that problem?

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*nevermind, i am an idiot

Posted by TheKidNixon

Between the Bombcast (which I discovered via the guys appearance on 1Up Yours) and ER (which I discovered via a side mention on the Bombcast), I have become a devoted follower of the Bomb. Just wanted to make sure you guys all know just how appreciative we really are of all that hard work you do, for our entertainment (and quite frankly, yours.)

Its really awesome, duders. Keep it up.

Posted by Weltal
zeox said:
"anyone else not getting sound on this?"
I got sound but only out of the left speaker, oddly.
Posted by SinGulaR

INVESTIGATION TEAM G... oh. What? Faulty equipment? Not enough space on the servers? How can that be? Doesn't matter. The Endurance Run is a great concept and should be continued if possible. 

Posted by Azteck

Oh man, I so hope they continue this. It's like.. the best part of my day.. or something close to it. D:

Posted by toadstule

Thank you guys very much for making the ER videos. It's one of the things I look forward to everyday and helps me get through my boring college classes... Hopefully you guys keep it up til the credits roll.

Posted by MasterSplinter


Posted by Jost1


Posted by Matte_G


This must continue! I've watched every episode and I was looking forward to 100 more!

Posted by Dolphin_Butter
Weltal said:
"zeox said:
"anyone else not getting sound on this?"
I got sound but only out of the left speaker, oddly."
Same here.
Posted by Hamz

I loved Ryan Davis and his creepy up close interview. Great video Dave, hopefully something can be salvaged so Persona 4 may endure!

Posted by Dethfish

You guys should make the video full screen when Ryan gets close to the camera. It's kinda creepy.

Edited by Hector

NOOOOO! It can't end like this!

Posted by Akel

Wow, how messed up is that. Corrupted at episode 5-0. This is like an anniversary. You guys can do it! You guys can save it!

Posted by Peanut

Vinny cares...A LOT! Seriously, though, the Endurance Run is the shit and I really hope it continues. I'm glad that everyone at GB knows how much it means to so many people.

Posted by Trnck

If there's an episode that is lost, keep it that way 'cause it's how people gathers ki.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Hopefully they didn't miss the camping scene (takes a while) and went for the king in episode 50. Would be a shame, the school events are among the funniest things in the game, especially the one in Fall.

Edited by statlus

Come on guys, you can do this! I love these vids. Maybe you should start using those extra save slots incase of something like this happening again? There are too many things I want to see your reactions on in this game! Don't give up!

Posted by logson

Ohohohhh mannnn...good thing i just bought the game to play for myself.
Also, I'm not going to complain about a missing hour in the potential 100+ hours of you guys enduring. Keep the eye of the tiger.

Posted by dprabon

Hope you get this fixed. ( ;

love this show man
Posted by tuna

i've signed up and everything just to write this comment

all my friends watch this everyday, persona 4 rocks!

good luck getting it fixed, you can do it guys!

we'll donate if we have to! don't give up on endurance run!!!!

ps one of my friends is in love with vinny's voice, she thinks his enthousiasm is cute lol!

Posted by Dethfish

How long was ep. 50? Was it like that standard 30 to 40 minutes or was it like some mega-sode that went over an hour?

Posted by Newjack

Hmm, is this just a ploy to stop doing the Endurance Run? I hope not, it's been really funny

Posted by Hoshnasi

So i guess you guys won then right?  You beat the endurance run.  By spontaneously corrupting the file.

Posted by Metal_Mills

"Long videos...a little pricey".  Do they need to pay to play this and video it?