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Posted by Tearhead

Damn... Guys, I love the Persona Endurance Runs. I knew it must have been hell to do each day and stuff, but I also knew Vinnie loved doing stuff for the readers (us). Even on Gamespot, he wanted to interact more with their readers than they did. I know you're working hard guys, and we appreciate it. With guys as determined as you, how can GB not be the best videogame website?! The irony is pretty funny though... *Tearhed smiles wryly*

Posted by Dethfish

Man, the still image for the video is very....somber, I guess would be a good word.

Posted by tuna

40+ mins :)

Posted by nekoNari

I would've thought they'd had RAID setup or some sort of fail-safe set up, as they do deal with gigs of data all the time, and they're pretty important on what they do to make money.

Or maybe you did have something but didn't help?

Anyways, hope you guys figure out something. Or just... continue with 51.... sadness....

Posted by PsychoPoo

Good lucky guys.
Hope you can get the video up.
Also this is my first ever comment, yey go me =p This is how I much I am loving the ER.

Posted by Magnus_Bulla

I can't help but get the feeling this is a hoax. However, I don't agree with those who say they'll use this as an excuse to get out of doing any more episodes. I think it's more along the lines of them fucking with us cause it's hilarious. The timing of it is suspect, not to mention that the BtS video just seemed...off somehow.

Posted by raikoh05

do what you have to do to get it working guys, goddam

Posted by eduardo

Ah, dang. I feel really bad for you guys, I hope you can get it sorted out. If not, don't quit Persona 4, just record an episode with you acting out what happened in 50. ;)

Posted by DualFayte


Posted by TheKidNixon

Just got myself a fancy headsplodin' Jeff shirt.

Posted by ValkyrieGoddess

Go with my philosophy "Don't like it, Don't play it."
Has served me well thus far.

Posted by Cloneslayer

I hope you guys get it fixed and continue the endurance run. I really love it and hopefully your guys wont lose hope. Go Jeff and Vinny, GO!

Posted by Dethfish

Where do you buy GB merch?

Posted by TheKidNixon


Posted by ZeroCast
ValkyrieGoddess said:
"Go with my philosophy "Don't like it, Don't play it." Has served me well thus far."
But the thing is, they liked it, in fact, they loved P4.
Posted by Nakirendral

Vinny!!! I feel yer passion bro!  ER is my reason to come home and play P4 while listening to ya'll!

I hope you can get this rolling and if nothing can be salvaged, hey screw it, just have a lil montage at the beginning of Episode 51 saying "Last time, on the Persona 4 Endurance Run..." and just speak the previous episode's events to lil stick figures. I don't care about footage, just long for yous guys' commentary!

Much Luck.

Posted by Gwendle

I care because you care.

Posted by tak

I'm on the edge of my seat!

This behind the scenes video was pretty awesome.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

Assholish thing to say but didnt we tell you to keep multiple saves for things like this and when you fail?

Anyway nice.Didnt know you put some effort in and didnt just screw around alone with 2 mics and 45 minutes away from work.

Posted by legendary1

There would be many lulz if this all turned out to be Vinny and Jeff Trolling us.

Posted by rargy

I wouldn't mind more behind the scenes videos.

Posted by paisan13

Thanks for caring Vinnie ^_^

Posted by Xymox

Spend time watching episode 50?


Posted by ZeroCast

This is the worst news i heard today, honestly, it sadness me to hear all that effort gone like that, the 50th must have been one of the best if not the best episode.

Posted by Emperium

My first comment on Giantbomb, just gotta say keep it up. The suspense to the epic 50th episode is killing everyone but we know you guys will pull through.

Congratulations on making it all the way this far.

Posted by IJuan

What ever happens with 50 keep the EP going!!

Posted by Terranova

noooooooooooooo. I sure hope you can save the episode Vinny. (Yip) see even mysterious fox has faith..

Posted by MagikGimp

Don't believe them guys, they're just trying to scare us. Oh and 45 minutes isn't long enough!!

Posted by pawsoffury

As has been suggested I'm going to buy one of the site merchandise shirts to show my support for their efforts as we can't donate to them directly. Considering I'm sure alot of us paid for total access membership at Gamespot back when the guys were over there I don't think it's really a big ask to do so.

Posted by Jost1

229 comments should prove how much this has meant to people

Posted by dagas

This is worse than that Commander Shephard is dead thing that Bioware is claiming...

Posted by Sir_Lizardman

Oh, I loved the endurance run.  I would not mine if you continue without eps. 50.  Just give us a quick summary of what happen. 

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

this is truely a phenomenon. I stoped watching endurance run after episode 4 or 5 and i can't believe so many people are still so pasionate about this.

Edited by Winternet

Must.... keep.... fighting.... Must..... fix.....50.

Edit: This comment count keeps going and going

Posted by Keeng

Man. This is rough. I feel kinda bad for these guys.

Posted by Seedofpower

well that fucking sucks, 6 hours lost. WE ALL HOPE YOU WILL FIX IT! plz.

Posted by Cirdain

Vinny is da Bomb

Posted by samcotts
josty81 said:
"229 comments should prove how much this has meant to people"
Yeah, in 3 hours. That's over a comment a minute.
Posted by Sheldon

This is going down as the biggest disaster in Giant Bomb history.

Posted by evilpaul


It can't be over! :(

Posted by samcotts
LiveOrDie1212 said:
"this is truely a phenomenon. I stoped watching endurance run after episode 4 or 5 and i can't believe so many people are still so pasionate about this. "
You sir made a huge mistake. Get to that Endurance Run video tab ASAP!
Posted by SketchyBrown

I'm prayin' for ya, guys

Edited by Zeeb

Blah, I do not need to celebrate their golden 50th by learning their Endurance has Run out...

GB has been trying to create popular video content, experimented, and unexpectedly struck gold with this series. It would be rather inane to end it right in the middle of this game, now that everyone is so heavily invested in what's going to happen next.

Take it to the end, GB, or we will revolt.

Posted by Antsmifff

Vinny needs a hug. 

Posted by Alias01

I signed up just to say that...

...no matter what happens, WE'LL STILL LOVE YOU GUYS.


Posted by Cirdain
Antsmifff said:
"Vinny needs a hug. "
He got over 100 people hugging right no. There's always room for one more.
Posted by Liquid306

No mire computing error can stop the endurance run!

Posted by AltDimension

Maybe this is all just hype for the massive ep 50 that is soon to follow. 

Posted by ChickenPants

This all feels like a bad break-up with a girlfriend :(

Posted by TobyD81

OMG No! Well, I know you guys can fix it and get it right, and I'm looking forward to the DVD box set. Seriously, Atlus legal hasn't given you any crap for this yet?