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Posted by GobiasIndustries

I bought Mercenaries 2 on PC for 10 dollars at Gamestop. That's its actual price though apparently

Posted by raven_squad

I bought Ninja Gaiden on clearance at Blockbuster today for $9.99. In target its still going for $29.99. I consider that a pretty excellent deal. 

Posted by Aaron_G

So the other day I was out with my friends and we decided to go to GameStop just to look around. At that time GameStop was having some "New Game" sale with up to

The same oldness.
"50% off". I decided to look at what they had for the Xbox 360. One of the titles that caught my eye was Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I remember when the game came out that I possibly was going to get this, but after seeing it was just a dressed up copy of GH: III I never got it. Flash forward I am at GameStop with a new copy of this game going for $9.99. That is a great deal for a new game. So in my mind it was a "What the Heck" moment and I bought it. While checking out I also got a freebie, I got upgraded to the bundled version of the game and got a guitar with it for FREE. Yes, free. So I walked out of GameStop with a new sealed copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and a new Guitar Hero controller. For those of you who are keeping track my friends got a bargin game from the PS2, a used copy of Sly Cooper for $4.99.

So, have any of you ever got any real sweet game deals?