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Edited by strangeling

Hmm... the choppy video is a little distracting.  Do you have any idea what caused it?

Concerning Muramasa... that's Vanillaware for you.  Did you play GrimGrimoire or Odin Sphere on PS2?

I'm looking forward to when I can afford Rhythm Heaven.  I love rhythm games, especially when they're kinda quirky.  I tried the demo, but I hate that they only put one dinky little bit out.  They could at least let us play three or four different bits.  (The same with MySims Party. (Which I only tried because I was already there for RH.)  They give you ONE and only ONE mini-game to try.  How is that supposed to sell you on the games?)

Ano ther nice vid eo blog despite the probl .
Posted by unclejohn0525

Thanks, Ossi! I'm glad you liked my vid!

Wow, Scot. You have the most jaded view on games EVER. I guess your username should be Jadedwiz! ZING!

@Linkyshinks: Yeah, I'm just trying to show my anticipation for it... Jeez. Plus, I did talk about it a bit more, but like I said, the vid cut off a bunch at the end for some reason, hence the abrupt ending.

Posted by Linkyshinks

You posted this vblog in the Muramasa: Demon Blade Forum, for simply briefly mentioning the game at the very end of your blog : /

Posted by jadewiz

I dont find anything that makes me say "Wow! thats very Stylized" about Muramasa.
its not that special.
and i hope your PSP gets more scratches and smudges, so you may feel my pain!!

Posted by Ossi

Great video unclejohn I totally agree with you on the PSP, there are good games if you can find them but the design and setup of the actual system is pretty bad. And now that I take another look at my PSP I do notice some strange scratches on mine as well. Which is weird because I keep my PSP in a soft case.

I also am totally excited for Muramasa, I love 2D Sprites, and the way the movement of the characters and how they attack look. I myself am doing some video game related work and I plan on making a type of 2D fighter or RPG using that similar style - because really we need more games like that. I'll look forward to your future videos!

Posted by phlegms

Tengoku Gold is far better than Rhythm heaven, something just doesnt feel right about  Rhythm heaven.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Perhaps they designed the PSP well if you're reluctant to put it down.  Think about it that way...

Posted by SimpsonFan

Not Available!!!

Posted by Gista

ya the same with the psp dude its annoyin and also the "analong" nut on it just pissed me off, and after a while my thumb started to hurt a lot

Posted by DeVeAn

I hear ya on the scuffs with the psp its drives me nutz too.

Posted by unclejohn0525
I had a bunch of problems with this one. Ended up having to try Windows Movie Maker for the first time for technical reasons, and you know? I quite like it, and I'll have music in the background from now on. Even still, there are some errors with this one. For some reason it keeps jumping a few seconds ahead, so you do miss a few things. Nothing too major, but it is a little annoying. It also gave it an abrupt ending, but I basically said all I had to say.
Anyways, please comment, and thanks for watching!

P.S. Ahahaha!! Look at that still frame it took of me! I look like an idiot.