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Posted by MachoFantastico


Welcome to my blog folks,

Now while I wanted to hold out for as long as I possible could before discussing the latest installment in the Assassins Creed franchise, I honestly knew I wouldn't have the will power to do such a thing. I won't try and follow the gaming crowd by mouthing off about what I hated about Assassins Creed or talk about how it was apparently the most repetitive game in existence, partly because that wouldn't truly be me speaking. For I adored Assassins Creed, it was one of my favourite games of 2007 and I simply can't wait for it's sequel to hit stores winter this year. So before I truly begin this blog, please keep in mind that I was a huge fan of the original so I might start rambling on concerning my overall hopes of the sequel now that we know some solid information.

First of all, I was delighted to actually see Assassins Creed 2 officially announced after hearing some less then fantastic rumours concerning it being possible canned by Ubisoft over the months. Though if my memory serves me well, I recall Assassins Creed doing quite well for Ubisoft and there were many gamers out there who enjoyed what the developers were trying and did actually achieve. It was just that all to often the Assassins Creed hatred crowd were seemed to have a louder voice, I have nothing against such people though. It is perfectly in their right to not like a game just because I do, take Halo 3 for example. I found Halo 3 to be a rather poor Xbox 360 game while there are those who understandable adored everything about the exclusive Xbox 360 shooter, so tastes vary across the videogame board. But now Assassins Creed 2 is official, we fans have been getting a small stream of interesting information to chew over. What we do know is that it will see you take control of Ezio Auditore De Firenze, who is one fancy dresser I might had. I could learn a thing or two from him.

Jazz Hands!
We do know that it will take place in Renaissance, Italy and could actually take place during the Carnival of Venice in 1476 which is 285 years after the original game. It's worth noteing that not all of this information as been confirmed but we do already know a fair share of info on what's actually happening and who Ezio is. There as already been some discussion that Ezio is another ancestor of Desmond Miles, exactly like Altair in the first game. This theory could actually end up being quite true for obvious reasons, 1. It is noted in the original game that Desmond is a descendant of generations of assassins so seeing Ezio as just another generation of assassin is no great leap and 2. it would provide a basic push for the Assassins Creed story to continue after the original ended in somewhat of a cliff hanging.

There are also some minor but important details worthy of mention, Ezio will be able to swim which comes at an almost perfect time because the last time I checked, Venice had quite a lot of water about. We also know that like the original, a number of other locations will be available such as Florence, the Tuscan Countryside and possibly even Rome. Some key landmarks could also make an appearance such as St Mark's Basilica, the Grand Canal, the Little Canal and Rialto Bridge. One of the most exciting pieces of info is the possibility that Ezio will interact with famous figures of history such as Leonardo Di Vinci, MachiavelliCaterina Sforza and Lorenzo De Medici. As someone who loves European history, such news makes my mouth water and if Ubisoft Montreal can create as good a timed atmosphere as the one seen in the original game, we fans are in for one hell of a treat. 

One area that isn't so clear is the overall story, though historical aspects could and already are being guessed at. What of Desmond Miles and his tale? One of the great features of the original was that you couldn't help but think that there was a much bigger tale to be told in the modern day timeset of Desmond. A tale we still aren't totally sure will be told in this latest installment, though I suspect we will see a lot more action for Desmond this time around. Especially considering that he to shows signs of his ancestrial assassins blood towards the end of the original game. Going back to Ezio for a second though, we do know that he is apparently a nobleman and actually uses two retractable blades instead of just the one Altair uses and it should also be noted that Ezio seems to have all fingers in perfect condition (rather then Altair's missing middle finger) which makes me wonder if Ezio is indeed somewhat of a Nobleman by day and an assassin by night. Maybe Ezio must play is part and not let on that he is actually an assassins. Just a thought.

Ezio Auditore De Firenze, hooded and all.
One thing is for sure though, I can't wait to find out more information. It's perfectly fine for folks to hate on this game, but very few games have sucked me in as much as Assassins Creed did. It would be fair to say that it did suffer from a repetition of actual missions types but they never truly felt repetitive to me and it told a story as original as any I have come across in my many years of gaming. New mission types have already been hinted at for the sequel as have new weapons, not to forget the possibility of using Leonardo di Vinci's famous flying machine. Sadly not many images have been released though I did get to see a few, it was clear that Ubisoft Montreal are yet again creating a World which feels authentic to the time on which it is based and it honestly looked stunning from the screenshots I saw, hopefully it won't take long before Ubisoft offer us a screen or two. A teaser and story teaser have already been released but they don't offer any true images of the game, but there worth a look as they offer some key information on the actual game. 

Whatever people thought of the original Assassins Creed game, one can't deny that there are potential lessons to be learnt and there is much to be excited about for fans such as myself. While we may be waiting until E3 until we actually see a trailer of the game, I can't simply wait to find out more. While there are those that are a little unhappy that the actual setting for the sequel isn't exactly where folks were predicting, the Renaissance was quite a time and a hell of a lot happened worthy of a game. So Assassins Creed 2 and Ezio might just tell us a tale worthy of the Assassins Creed name. I know I can't wait!!

Thanks for reading my blog, truly appreciated!
Joseph Bayliss (TrueEnglishGent).

Posted by Claude

I always wanted to try Assassin's Creed. I've read the criticism, but the game just seems to be fun in other ways. I still might pick it up before Assassin's Creed II comes out, you know... that way I can form my opinion.

Posted by Elemmire

Seems like you've been getting some good details there. But there's more then just those two videoes. Bild has an interview with Jade Raymond, and ubisoft's pages feature an interview with Patrice Desilets. Also check this interview out:

It seems that Desmond will be resqued/escape, and that he is entering another animus to help his assassin friends.

Also if you go to gameinformers home page you'll find a reference to an interview with the person who is guiding ubisoft on the historical details. If you google her name you'll find the interview with her as well.

PS: Be sure to head over to my blog. There are some interesting remarks on the three concept art images (plus they are in high quality), and also a key for opening something extra on the ubisoft official assassins's creed II site.


(PS: send me a mail if you find something new.)