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Posted by Jeff
After reviewing the facts and the pros and cons of each nominee, we here at Giant Bomb have decided to officially endorse Destructoid.com in the category of "Best Games-Related Website" at this year's Webby Awards.

We have come to this conclusion after witnessing Destructoid's dedication to keeping it real and devotion to living the dream... plus, those guys are all pretty rad and I suspect we share a similar vision for how the future of writing about games needs to go.

And now it is time for you to do your part to help ensure victory. It is our stern recommendation that you find your way over to the official voting site for the Webby Awards, sign up for a voting account, head to the Games-Related category, and vote for the site with the big, flashing robot head.

And then tell a friend to do the same.
Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

As long as that site with the really late reviews and shitty staff doesn't win I'll be fine ;).

Posted by DeavonW

I vote for Giant bomb, not Destructoid

Posted by yoshimitz707

Why can't we vote for Giant Bomb?

Edited by Coltonio7

Escapist has my heart. I'm sorry.

Posted by TheClap

Aye aye

Posted by unclejohn0525

Nice. I visit them for news everyday.

Posted by Andre

Cashwhore have anything to do with that endorsement? :p

Posted by IceColdGamer

LMAO @ The Kane & Lynch Reference. Love it.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

No Giant Bomb, no vote.

Posted by bobpie24

Already voted for destructoid.

Posted by nickchester

Goodness, I think I speak for the rest of the staff when I say we're flattered. And if you're trying to get in our pants, this is definitely the way to do it, Jeff. Also, with pictures of bats. Lots and lots of pictures of bats.

Seriously, thank you. :)

Posted by Systech

Why would I vote for Destructoid when I could have voted for Giant Bomb? Well, if you endorse it, I endorse it.

Posted by AndrewB

The only people that would care to vote for a particular gaming website in some sort of awards show way are the same people who probably visit all these gaming sites in the same day anyway. I know I visit Joystiq, Kotaku, Destructoid, and even GoNintendo separately every day. Therefore, I don't get the point of these "webbys." Are you really going to get that many more readers for this recognition, when the people who pay attention to this stuff are already going there?

Then again, I don't visit Gamespot anymore, and they're also nominated.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

I'd vote for GB but

As you say Jeff, I voted
Posted by AlexQRyan

Is this is because I bought you that free beer that one time?

Thanks guys!!!!!

Posted by CL60

awww I have to register to vote, laziness ftl.

Posted by Reverseface

Giant Bomb isn't a Vote, well the webbys can get the fuck out then! .......BLAT BLAAAAAAAAT!!!

Posted by Teptom

I have voted. I should now actually go to Destructoid to see what I just did.

Posted by Zombutler

destructoid is a pretty cool guy

Posted by KimFidler

YES!  Destructoid and GiantBomb are by far the best gaming sites out there. 

Posted by EvilTwin

I guess I can get behind destructoid.

Posted by Llyr

I'm Canadian so registering to vote is an unknown concept to me.

Posted by BoG

Done. Also, it looks like the Escapist is in the lead. Unexpected!

Posted by HT101

I would vote for GB but since GS is on there, I will vote for Destructoid so that GS can lose.  Also, YO FIFTY, VOTE FOR DESTRUCTOID MAN!!!!

Posted by LeoMinor

I can't help but wonder if there is any incentive for a website to get a Webby award.  Seems like other sites damn near beg for votes, as if it shows advertisers how awesome they are. 

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Destructioid was possibly my favorite gaming site till I discovered the awesomeness that is Giant Bomb.

Edited by theMcNasty

I will respect the wishes of the best gaming website out there (GiantBomb.com, duh!) by voting another site into superiority.

I'm not sure why that makes sense, but it just does.

Posted by Absurd

Going to be voting, just for you Giantbomb.com S2

Posted by Googly

Destructoid is a crazy time.  Ron Workman is still a true American hero, even if he isn't at the site anymore.

Posted by LordAndrew
dcpc10 said:
"I already voted for Destructoid, when I found Gamespot was being assholes and giving away emblems to users voting for them. And besides, the Webby Awards stink for even nominating GS over Giantbomb."
That's no different from most emblems GameSpot gives away. But this one takes a lot more effort, since I have to register an account, and comment in a thread. That alone means I won't do it. Do emblems really mean that much to people? It's all about the meaning behind your emblems, not how many you have. If you don't want to vote for GameSpot then you probably don't want an emblem indicating you did so, hm?
Oh, and Destructoid's actually offering a $1000 prize for writing their speech for them. So if you want to accuse GameSpot of resorting to dirty tactics, at least they're not bribing people with real money.

Not that I really care enough for any of the nominees. I can't be arsed to register an account that I'll only be using once just to help a site that's already getting massive recognition get even more recognition. It's all a popularity contest anyway.
Posted by Axersia

Well, if I can't vote for my #1 favorite gaming website I guess I'll just have to settle for my other #1 favorite gaming website (listening to the Podcastle as I type this, btw).

Anyway, done.

Posted by Tarakun

Alright, registering now. And while I love the Escapist, their community sucks a nut. THEY'RE GOING DOWN. G-BOMB 4 LYFE

Posted by Derios

Hm, Destructoid a cool dude and all but Giantbomb gave me a free shawarma once so...

Posted by SamitSarkar

Thanks, guys — we're unbelievably flattered and humbled that you would do this. Keep up the great work yourselves!

@LordAndrew: The prize isn't a bribe for votes. You don't even have to have voted for us to be eligible — the contest just asks people to write our five-word Webby Award speech for us (it's the speech we'll give at the awards ceremony if we win). The contest has nothing to do with that, since the Webby Award itself is separate from the People's Voice Award (the latter is voted on by internet users, whereas the Webby itself is chosen by ... the Webby committee, I guess).

Posted by lordofultima

No Giantbomb, no thanks.

Posted by ValkyrieGoddess

I don't vote EVER.

Posted by SM2099

Give me Giant Bomb Webby's or give me death.

Posted by Keeng

I would go through all that for Giant Bomb. I SO wouldn't for Destructoid.

Posted by MattBodega

Obviously, the REAL best Game related website is Giant Bomb. But the universe works in mysterious, stupid ways.
Maybe next year.
I ended up voting for The Escapist. Destructoid just seems.....rude. Bad Rude

Posted by Shuborno

The best games-related website is Giant Bomb... but that isn't nominated.

Somehow voting for Destructoid instead doesn't seem right to me when I don't read it.  Perhaps I should put Destructoid and the Escapist on my browsing circuit to see which one I like more.

Posted by Cloneslayer

If you dont vote your a communist!

Posted by ValkyrieGoddess
ValkyrieGoddess said:
"I don't vote EVER."
Cloneslayer said:
"If you dont vote your a communist!"
I'm not a Communist! I just don't feel like wasting my time.
Edited by Gump

I just ended up voting for the Major League of Gaming.

Posted by Homeslice

Well, the non-voters better not complain about the results.

(This will never happen)

Posted by Castro

Thanks a lot. I went ahead and registered and voted for Destructoid and now I'm going to be here all night voting on the other stuff.

Also, it seemed like a kinda random list of nominees for best game-related website.

Posted by MattBodega

When I posted my comment saying how I wasn't feeling Destructoid, I totally wasn't aware that they FEATURED MY ARTICLE ON THE FRONT PAGE.
As such, I officially change my opinion, because the fine men and women of Destructoid are obviously titans in the game media, and they deserve this victory.

Posted by Hector

I'm not voting for no one!

Posted by bshirk

What's good about Destructoid?  This isn't an insult, as I've rarely been there.  I'm not sure who the nominees are, but I'd choose probably choose 1UP or IGN since Giantbomb isn't up there.  I don't like 1UP as much as EGM back in its glory days, but they've got some great new blogs on RPGs and Retro games.  Surprisingly, they're interesting reads even though I often disagree with the writers' opinions.  IGN is a little more corrupt (but not as bad as Gamespot), but they cover the most games, and have some interesting 'history of games' articles sometimes, so I have to give them some credit.  As far as reviews go though, Giantbomb demolishes the competition.  I just wish they'd cover more RPGs.

Posted by TooWalrus

Done, and done. One vote casted for Destructoid. Here's hoping Giantbomb can get nominated for the next election.

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