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Posted by Kryptinite

My two favorite entities in the gaming news joining forces? I'd lose my damn mind if it ever happened.

Posted by TheIneffableBob

Sell outs.

Posted by YoctoYotta

I almost respect your decision, but Anthony Birch acts so much like a pms'ing 14 year old girl that the whole bunch is unfortunately spoiled. And come on now, the Escapist is a much higher quality product with 98% less penis jokes.

Posted by zoozilla

Sorry, already voted for the Escapist.

Posted by BenPerLee

Thanks man! We really appreciate it!!!

Posted by escapenguin

Destructoid is pretty good and fair, maybe a little too harsh at times.  Site's also kind of a trainwreck as far as navigation, but nevertheless I can see why you wanted us to vote for them.  And as much as I love yahtzee's reviews on zero punctuation, escapist is a yawn.  So, until giantbomb is nominated, I'll vote for destructoid.

Posted by animateria


I like how Destructoid is set up. Community blogs and all. But I generally don't enjoy the community vibe there.

Very angry bunch, when it comes to "I Found that news first!". When in fact that shouldn't be relevant at all.

Also very biased, not fanboy-wise, but fast to shoot down different types of nerds (Wow players for example), when they are ones themselves.

Also co.... cum and jizz jokes are uncomfortable and boring. No thanks.

Anyways, I'd vote for Area5.tv and giantbomb.com if they were there.

Two of the sites that carry what used to be the core of what made Gamespot and 1UP matter. (Both big name sites became drab and boring afterward.)

Posted by Spiritof

Until today, and that link, I had never been to Destructoid.com.

I am nothing if not a sad creature of habit.

Posted by Pancreatic_Juice

aha I see what you did there Zombutler, Dtoid is als- WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN

Also, props to GB for endorsing Dtoid, that's the spirit of GB right there. Not nominated? ok, just support the guy who you think deserves it. GB and Dtoid are quite similar in a weird sense.

Posted by svcheats1

for you, jeff? anything.

Posted by Reuben

If Giant Bomb endorses it, I endorse it.

Posted by Calidreth

Destructoid is certainly one of the best gaming sites on the web.  They have my vote this time around.

Edited by ZipCrash

I was looking at the webby award site this morning and was going to vote for Giant Bomb but sadly it wasn't on the list. So instead I opted to not vote at all. I visit alot of other sites and enjoy the content but Giant Bomb is the only site that has me clicking my bookmark atleast 5 times a day just to see what kind of wacky stuff you guys got going on now. I say we do some write in votes for Giant Bomb. :D

Posted by soul101

I like Destructoid with the exception of Rev. and Sterling........wait I guess I don't like DESTRUCTOID anymore.  I miss Workman and Summa :(
I do however love Giantbomb without exception!

Posted by TabooTongue

Can't say I really like 'any' of the sites I saw nominated (in any category).
I did do my GiantBomtriotic duty in voting for Destructoid. As long as neither IGN* nor Gamespot get it I'll be happy.
*(who isn't on the list...)

Posted by Centimani

Ive never been to destructoid before, but if giant bomb wills it, THEN LET IT BE SO.

Edited by StaticFalconar

Vote or die mother fucker, mother fucker vote or die!
Rock the vote or else I'm gonna stick a knife through your eye,
Democrocy is founded on one simple rule,
get out there or I will mother fucking kill you,

I like it when you vote bitch,(bitch)
shake them tittes when you vote bitch,(bitch)
I slam my jimmy through your mouth roof,(mouth roof)
now get your big ass in the polling booth,

I said vote bitch your I'll fucking kill you,

Vote or die mother fucker, mother fucker vote or die!

You can't run for a 38, go ahead and try
let your opinon be heard, you got to make a choice
Cus after I slit your throat, you won't have a fucking voice,vote or die.

Vote or die!

Posted by JudgeDread

Destructiod is the much needed giant pink elephant that is in the room that is called the gaming "industry".
A much needed elephant that unlike many other sites is not afraid to speak out and offend the people of the industry.
Far to many sites are more or less bed buddies with the industry.
 The whole used game sales is hurting the industry meem among the writers/bloggers/journos is a disgraceful example of this.

Posted by HazBazz

I've already given my vote to The Escapist (aka That Website That Just So Happens To Have Zero Punctuation On It)

Posted by andrewf87462

Come on people, get voting for Destructoid! It only took me 1minute to sign up and vote.

Posted by MachoFantastico

I voted and now I feel a little dirty, must go shower.

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

They're way behind on votes. Escapist seems to have it in the bag. Voted for them either way.

Posted by MB

Looking at that list I figured a win for The Escapist was already in the bag, and now having voted I see that they're in the lead. I think Zero Punctuation has a lot to do with that.

Posted by eduardo

I wish I could vote on the Webby's. They never returned my email when I registered.

Posted by MattyFTM

Cool. Destructoid is a good site.

Posted by Slique

Destructoid and Giant Bomb are my two favourite (and most visited) vidya games sites, so I wholly support this movement.

Posted by gormers

I wasn't sure who I should vote for at first, but because of escapists aggressive and unnecessary ads that asks you to vote for them (3 ads at the front page, a video before every movie, an ad that shows in the movie youre watching after that, a pm you get that asks you to vote for them...), Ill stay clear of them now...

Edited by LordAndrew
SamitSarkar said:
"@LordAndrew: The prize isn't a bribe for votes. You don't even have to have voted for us to be eligible — the contest just asks people to write our five-word Webby Award speech for us (it's the speech we'll give at the awards ceremony if we win). The contest has nothing to do with that, since the Webby Award itself is separate from the People's Voice Award (the latter is voted on by internet users, whereas the Webby itself is chosen by ... the Webby committee, I guess)."
Oh, is it? I didn't realize they were separate. The site doesn't seem to want to share information about the awards unless I register, and I'm far too lazy to do that. And Destructoid didn't bother to point that out either.

MB said:
"Looking at that list I figured a win for The Escapist was already in the bag, and now having voted I see that they're in the lead. I think Zero Punctuation has a lot to do with that."
Yeah, I think Zero Punctuation's the main reason it's winning. I wasn't even aware of the site's existence until Yahtzee's videos were brought to my attention.

Posted by NickM

Must... OBEY!!!!... alright, done.

Posted by mracoon

I wasn't going to vote because I don't really go to any of the sites on that list (I go to the Escapist for Zero Punctuation but that's it) but if you guys are rooting for Destructoid then it must have some good stuff on it. So I think I will vote now.

Posted by ectoplasma

Lol. My favourite videogame site nominates my second favourite videogame site.

Posted by Dethfish

Yay, Giant Bomb! Wait...GB isn't nominated? Fuck that then.

I do like that GB is nice enough to endorse other sites though. I'm a little surprised they didn't endorse Gamespot.

Posted by grasslunatic

I have already voted for Destructoid.

Posted by Media_Master

never heard of destructoid...until NOW!!!

Posted by kagekage

anything against gamespot, im in!

Posted by Axersia
Dethfish77 said:
"Yay, Giant Bomb! Wait...GB isn't nominated? Fuck that then.I do like that GB is nice enough to endorse other sites though. I'm a little surprised they didn't endorse Gamespot. "
Posted by SmugDarkLoser

webby awards should go to new sites that are driving a new vision, not to a site that hasn't changed too much save for cancelling certain programs in years.

Posted by grifter00020

Voted for the escapist cos zero punctuation is the best there is

Posted by bybeach

Why? So happy to find this site.
 I think the lession is not vote for anybody, and see iff`n some others are doing okay, out there.

Posted by damnboyadvance

Man, screw voting for Gamespot. Gamespot, yo asses are gonna get kicked. I don't care who wins, they better lose. The only reason people are voting for them is cuz of the emblem bribe, which is real crappy and show how desperate they are.

GO DESTRUCTOID! Not sure if you're as good as Giant Bomb cuz if they was nominated, we'd vote for them and I'd be shouting GO GIANT BOMB, but GO DESTRUCTOID!

Posted by Dethfish
Axersia said:
"Dethfish77 said:
"Yay, Giant Bomb! Wait...GB isn't nominated? Fuck that then.I do like that GB is nice enough to endorse other sites though. I'm a little surprised they didn't endorse Gamespot. "

No, actually. I just figured they would since gamespot gave the guys at GB their "big break" and a big reason GB is so popular is because of their popularity from gamespot.

There must of been some shady shit that went down at Gamespot because it seems like it's a taboo topic for the GB crew.
Posted by TwoOneFive

Giantbomb is easily the best new game site there is, and i think totally deserving of a best game oriented site of the year but maybe next years?

Posted by TehBuLL

Too be honest I dream of a day when Giantbomb and Destructoid merge.  Destructoid's complete lack of good video content and Giantbomb's lack of community building tools are the only negatives of both the sites.  If any one site could combine the 2...the internet would be over.

Posted by Tjmiah

Looks like another fail from Jeff :(

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