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Posted by NovidAnon

LocoRoco 2: This game is awesome. Please buy it. They only added 2 or three more Roco's there but the tomboy roco (female) is awesome with her punk-style. The Mui do a heck of a lot more this game. The music is still catchy. The Moja believe it or not are much tougher than in the first game. The Bui Bui are some bad asses and i like the boss battles. Not Patapon 2, but this series is just as inventive as the first.

Star Ocean 2:  Im doing some sort of write up for the series and I loved 1 as it finally got to the states. The second game kinda continues on the first. Its getting to be epic very fast. But Im taking a short break from it.

Street Fighter 4 PS3: I played this game off and on, I hate the shoto (Mostly Ken) online players with a passion. Cheap, Cheap Cheap. Only Use Ryu, Rose, French Dude, El Furte (If you seen Rey Misterio's Elimination Chamber match, and know Furte's moves, let him get hit with the supers (NOT THE ULTRAS Counter the Ultras TRUST ME) and you will fuck every shoto that comes your way - he is based on the reversal and the counter) They moved the storyline (if there is one) toward the third game well. 

Killzone 2: I love the game BUT its is very strict. The cover system is good but like I said, too strict. I want a sequel already they have something here. 

Working on seeing if i can get the Japanese version of Patapon 2 But im not sure if it has a english option.