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Posted by Brad
Have you ever wished you could play Soul Calibur on your PSP? Namco Bandai will hook you right up in the third quarter of this year with Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny on the Sony handheld. The game will offer the same style of weapons-based fighting you've come to know and perhaps even love in the core console franchise. Expect a bunch of returning faces in the game, as well as "brand new characters" joining the roster (though there's no mention of any Star Wars dudes in this one).

In addition to the requisite Soul Calibur modes--arcade, versus, and training--Namco says some kind of exclusive new single-player mode will be present in this version. You can play local wireless versus, but don't even think about playing it over the Internet (because you can't). An 80-mission survival mode and character customization round out the list of features Namco is talking about so far.

The PSP's got a decent D-pad and plenty of face and shoulder buttons on it, so I'd like to think this game will play reasonably well--though the company isn't letting us try it out firsthand just yet. At least it looks like the PSP can handle some decent-looking Soul Calibur-style visuals, if these here screens are any indication. Namco Bandai says a trailer will be forthcoming soon, so you can see this business in action.

Posted by Goldanas

Doesn't look to bad. As long as it's fun like the first and Blade, I'll grab it. Online was really just a damper anyway, so we can go ahead and leave that the fuck out.

Posted by SlantedRoom

sold... when it drops in price. SC4 kinda sucked in my opinion, but this seems promising. i think i enjoy fighters more on the psp then on consoles.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Boob physics?

Posted by slinky6

How could online be a damper?   It's the only reason to buy a fighting game in this day and age.   Otherwise you may as well just rent it.

Posted by TooWalrus

I'll pick it up if I decide to buy a PSP again. I loved Soul Calibur IV.

Posted by Milkman
"Have you ever wished you could play Soul Calibur on your PSP?"

No. Next question.
Posted by agentboolen

Yea this looks like it will be fun, I happened to thought the 4th game was pretty good.

Posted by AgentJ
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I might just pick this one up at some point, I haven't bought a psp game in ages because I can barely afford all the PC and WIi games I want, but portable Dreamcast memories will be too great to pass up (the first and last SC I played was on DC). Hopefully, the mission mode is very thorough and has awesome unlockables, taking clues from both Calibur and Blade. Artwork and alternate costumes are cool and all, but I also want me some new weapons dood.

Posted by kitsune_conundrum

So..does Ivy's boobs cover half the screen yet?

Posted by TheJollyRajah

I don't know about this... Soul Calibur is at it's best when you get a bunch of friends together and the loser swaps the controller to the next player in line while the winner keeps playing... with a PSP, it's just not as cool, and the screen is too small for everyone to watch the action.

I think I'll pass.
Posted by Daniel_Newton

I love Tekken and Soul Calibur, I'm sold. And those graphics look pretty sweet, as do the graphics for Tekken 6 PSP. Can't wait ^_^

Posted by VWGTI

Soul Calibur 4 bummed me out and has taken away my excitement for the series. I'll keep my eye on this one, but as of now it's just whatever.

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Posted by suneku

I might get this when I get a new PSP for Dissidia. I really liked Tekken on the PSP, it worked pretty good. So this is probably going to work just as well.