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OmegaPirate said:
im in the uk and im rocking kung fu free now :) everyone should hadve a free american account set ... [more]
Dude - best pinball game ever?

EDIT: I hate Ragdoll Kung Fu mind. I got it when it came out and I think it's kinda terrible.
Posted by OmegaPirate

im in the uk and im rocking kung fu free now :) everyone should hadve a free american account set up anyway regardless of where you live, when deals like this come up -you are winner!

Also zen pinball rocks
Posted by Meptron
Bucketdeth said:
Nice, thanks for posting man, I`m off to download!Nvm I`m Canadian, no free stuff for me.
jaks said:
No free RDKF in Canada? Gee thanks Sony!

Coltonio7 said:
Man there's no free Kung Fu in Canada, but re-armed is still half off up here.*sigh* I don't get Sony. [more]

I'm Canadian too, but I got the free download. Just make a U.S. account by putting in a U.S. address, and it will let you download it for free.
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Downloaded and played RDKF.

It's fine, just not something I'd ever pay for.


Posted by Media_Master

Great deal!

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CANADIANS (and I suppose other non-Americans):

Take a couple of minutes and set up an American account if you want to download Fists of Plastic.
Posted by Pkshields

Yay free! Just downloaded it, Gonna try it now.

Posted by Kiemoe

Anyone else think of the queen song when they heard this title?

Posted by Coltonio7

Man there's no free Kung Fu in Canada, but re-armed is still half off up here.

*sigh* I don't get Sony.

Posted by baron_calamity

The only part of rag doll that was cool was being able to pull in your character into photoshop and make it whatever you want.

Well now that Rag Doll kungfu made it to the ps3, maybe we can start hearing about Little big Planet for the PC.

Posted by Blazer74

Um, if you haven't picked up Bionic Commando already something is probably wrong with with you.

Posted by Shadow

Already downloaded Rag Doll Kung Fu, but I may just have to pick up Rearmed as well.

Posted by StaticFalconar

free trophies for everybody............

Posted by tekmojo
jaks said:
"No free RDKF in Canada? Gee thanks Sony!"
PS3 is region free, make a US account and you'll be playing within 5 mins (not including download time).
Posted by Kilzombie

Cool, I downloaded it last night, I haven't had the chance to play it yet, I'm still not sure about Bionic Commando, I felt like the demo was just OK. Maybe I'll pick it up later in the day.

Posted by plagueseason

Played a little bit of Rag Doll. It's kind of like Super Smash Bros. meets Little Big Planet engine - another words, it's pretty fun!

Posted by jaks

No free RDKF in Canada? Gee thanks Sony!

Posted by DefAde

Is Ragdoll just gonna be a US deal? Why does Europe always get the brown messy end of the stick !!!!

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Kinda wish RDKF got a 360 release too. I bought it when it was brand new on steam for $15. A waste of cash imho. The PS3 remake seems like it controls better. Would like to try the original on NDS or a tablet PC.

Posted by ep_driver

If you don't already own BC:R, BUY IT NOW!

Posted by Achan

Hehe, just read about it in a different topic but thanks anyway, never would've known. Just goes to show that US account comes in handy.

Posted by Amos
Posted by spiceninja

$5 for BCR? Your a tool if you pass that up. At the time it was released it was worth $15 but they put it out at $10 and it was a great deal. Now at $5 it's almost like your stealing it.

Posted by Vance_Helsing

Yes, yes, yes, excellent deals!

I'll download Rag Doll later tonight if I have time, but people if you don't have Bionic Commando Rearmed yet, get it now. Now. It's amazing, possibly my favorite downloadable game on the PSN. At $10 it was a steal. At $5, even more so.

Plus it has one of the best soundtracks in any game of recent memory, I feel.

Posted by MisoRonery

If Bionic Commando were $4.99 on XBL I would buy the hell out of that.  I'll still buy it at $9.99 when I'm a little less busy, but that's a damn good deal.

Posted by tekmojo

I love free stuff. I've heard of Ragdoll Fu before but never tried it until now. It's definitely a great little time waster. THERE ARE TROPHIES! So yea if you're into that type of thing, it's basically like getting free trophies.

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Nice, thanks for posting man, I`m off to download!

Nvm I`m Canadian, no free stuff for me.

Posted by CoolDrMoney

If you haven't picked up BCR yet, then stop reading this and get to downloading!

Posted by Jeff
Ask for it by name!
Heads up! Sony is doing a temporary promotion in the US version of the PlayStation Store, and Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is currently available for free. The language used is that the game will be free "this week," but it isn't exactly clear if that means for the rest of this week or for the next seven days. Either way, go get it!

Additionally, Bionic Commando: Rearmed is currently available for $4.99, down from its usual price of $9.99. My guess is this is an attempt to promote next week's release of Bionic Commando. Regardless of the reason, Rearmed is an amazing buy at full price, so if you don't have it already, getting it at half price is something I can completely and totally recommend.

ZEN Pinball and Texas Cheat'em are also out this week on PSN. I'm interested in ZEN Pinball because I'm a huge sucker for digital pinball. I played some Texas Cheat'em on the 360 last night and didn't much care for it. It adds a bunch of weird, minigame-driven cheats on top of the standard Texas Hold'em ruleset, so players are constantly trying to win the hand by any means necessary. Neat idea, I guess, but it certainly didn't make a great first impression.
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