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Posted by Gigaman

This may actually be interesting. I wanna get it for PC.

Posted by nail1080

What's with GB's obsession with Bad Copany single player? It sucked, it was really dull and just felt like an empty generic experience. The great MP mode is what Bad Company was all about, the single player was an after thought, jeez. Hopefully the next game will be even more focused on the multiplayer.

Edited by slayaz

Personally I thought the SP in BC was fairly average at best, and the thing that made it good was the MP.

The biggest problem by far was lack of maps and only ONE game type, which although fun did get very old.

It was a good effort, but never more than a 7.5 / 10 for me. Hopefully this will address some of those issues.

Posted by Media_Master

This reminds me to get the first one, its $20 now

Posted by natetodamax

Really disappointing to not see any of this at E3

Edited by Branthog