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Posted by Tuggah

I still think you should be able to crawl to safety if you are Jackson.

Posted by PATJASA

I will go for B. Carmine... poor guy man.... digested by the worm.... also i was thinking of A. Carmine, gun jammed then POP... right in the face....

Posted by atejas

No love for Agro?
Technically he doesn't 'die', but still!

Posted by darkspirit138

Raiden in MGS4. Wait a second, he didnt die? WTF.
 It should be Raiden in MGS4 although he didnt die.

Posted by Media_Master

Good thing Snake didn't pull the trigger, it's not in his character.

Posted by AlphaLackey

"A lot of ladies get offed in video games?"  Not to be nit-picky or anything, but i's probably 100-1 the other way.  Not too many female soldiers in the Call of Duty series, not too many female grunts in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, etc.

Posted by JackSukeru

I guess Wander from Shadow of the Colossus would be my choice for a memorable death. Though he was...reborn? Does that count then? :/

Posted by eduardo

Hell I didn't play MGS4 yet... *sigh*  I have to play it soon, cause the spoilers are all over the place now.

Posted by Dnky666

*SPOILER* Sort of.

The most devasting "death" has to be Alex at the beginning of Half Episode 2.whatever. Swift, brutal and after spending so long with her and actually not despising her, rare in an AI controlled character, quite affecting.....

Posted by caseylakes



Posted by BatOtaku13
@LordAndrew: aerith, so tragic (readies a tissue)
Edited by TOYBOXX

To continue the COD4 conversation: There really isn't a debate to the question of if Captain Price died or not in COD4. What we see in the final scene of the game is the death of Griggs, who was shot in the head, and to the left is a mortally wounded Captain Price. After he throws his weapon towards you to kill off the terrorists, he then lays lifeless on the ground. Even when reinforcements came and performed CPR on him you can clearly see that Price was already dead. Now if it is true that Captain Price is not dead, and there is hard evidence of this, I'd be surprised.

Posted by peyjwun

Grey Fox or Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid. Two of the most memorable, atleast for me, scenes in a video game.

Posted by RandomHero666

Aerith is the most memorable, but im glad she died.. bitch!!
Also Dogmeat.
Dogmeat was dead before i even got out of that damn scrap yard but he was a good companion for the few minutes he served me.

Posted by bshirk

I had forgotten about some of those.

I probably would have listed these three however:




Posted by LiquidPrince
Brad said:
LiquidPrince said: Brad said: Gone but not forgotten.It's Memorial Day here in the States, a day when we all take ... [more]
Maybe. But it could be a completley Snake deprived Metal Gear. In fact it could be set in the future with Snake already gone. Maybe they steal Snake's remains and you play as old Raiden trying to find out why and get them back. Would that appease your needs?
Posted by Brad
LiquidPrince said:
Brad said: Gone but not forgotten.It's Memorial Day here in the States, a day when we all take a pause ... [more]

Let's say nearly a year of deep introspection--and the prospect of yet another MGS game--have hardened my heart a little.
Posted by Shinogomaru

Most memorable death for me was Kendra Daniels from Dead Space. Poetic justice

Posted by LiquidPrince
Brad said:
Gone but not forgotten.It's Memorial Day here in the States, a day when we all take a pause to remember ... [more]
Brad you confuse me. You clearly said that Snake shouldn't have needed to whack himself off in the Snakecast =/
Posted by Shinogomaru
tuesdaythe5th said:
The horse from Shadow of the Colossus. So sad.
The horse did not die my friend
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

How about Jen from Prey? Killing your own girlfriend's torso that's been mounted on top of an alien beast while she pleads with you was brilliant.

Posted by Predasus

Hands down ... Eli Vance was the most amazing and memorable video game death ...

It was so powerful I remember just sitting there, mouth wide open, for about 10 minutes as I replayed it over and over to make sure he was actually dead.

The way Alex reacts sells the whole thing and just thinking about it makes me want to play Episode 3!
Posted by Bass

Eli Vance was probably my most gut wrenching death in a video game.

Posted by brighteye

I played FFVII in 1997 and it still hurts!

Posted by DrRandle

I would have to say the Fable 2 had a list of characters for me....

1: My sister. I have this weird big-brother complex, so watching my sister character sister gunned down in front of me was pretty wrenching.

2: My Dog. Perhaps it was a mistake to name the Fable dog after the dog I've had for over 10 years? It was sad though, dog dude took a bullet for me... (Which is kind of weird because I've taken plenty of bullets in that game and been just fine?)

3: Barrum. I really liked the non-thesaurus reading bastard, and Reaper had to just get up and kill him. I kinda was worried it would happened but it was welle executed by Lionhead: the death was quick and still very sudden.

4: Lucien. I admit it, I wanted him to finish his speech. I've got a soft-spot for villains who were good men who just went off the deep end because they lost everything. Again, Reaver just offs him out of nowhere. I mean guy killed my sister: I kind of wanted that.

5: And a bonus hilarity death goes to Jenkins of Mass Effect. He's the guy that gets gunned down on your first mission to Eden Prime. It's only hilarious on a new game plus when he's level 50ish, and you max out his shields and HP, and one stupid hover-bot still annihilates him. Good times.

Posted by Disgaeamad
BoG said:
Where the heck is Disgaeamad? GAAAALLUUUUUUUFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!Anyways, the most memorable "death" for me was Cid in FFIV. When he jumped... I ... [more]
Galuf's last stand was incredible. It wasn't some shitty cutscene where he gets stabbed once and dies. No, he kept fighting until he had fucking negative ten thousand billion HP after taking hits from the most powerful spells in the game all at once.

Palom and Porom's petrification/deaths are also memorable for me since they were my favourite characters, and I was happy that I'd gotten Cagnazzo out of the way, and then suddenly, HOLY CHRIST THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN. Seeing them nod and then petrify themselves, and then the rest of the party's failed attempts at bringing them back was pretty heart-wrenching.

Sniper Wolf's death is another memorable one, and it's the only time that I've teared up while playing a game. Hearing her backstory while the sad music in the background gets increasingly emotional, and then her request for Snake to finish her off really got to me.

Of course, if we're talking about MGS1 deaths, there's no way that I could leave out Gray Fox. I doubt there's much I need to say here.
Posted by TekZero

I think Lost Odyssey needs a mention.

The whole game was a death scene.  Makes me wish I never traded it in.  I knew I'd regret it eventually.

Posted by Feanor

The Andrew Ryan scene is one of the greatest in video game history.  Its pretty brutal for a mainstream game.

Edited by BoG

Where the heck is Disgaeamad? GAAAALLUUUUUUUFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, the most memorable "death" for me was Cid in FFIV. When he jumped... I dropped my controller and shouted. I almost cried, he was my favorite dude, and it was my birthday.
Of course, it was all ruined when it turned out that he wasn't dead. I was happy, but it's so much more epic when they actually die.

Edit: I feel obligated to mention Metal Gear. Snake should have pulled the trigger, so that Kojima wouldn't have had a chance to further rape his baby. The most memorable death in the series was Emma. EEEEEE EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by LordAndrew
BatOtaku13 said:
good list, but one issue, where was aerith?also, I'm going to go on record as the one MGS fan who ... [more]
She's in the second paragraph. Now stop whining about Aerith already!
Posted by Nettacki

Nariko from Heavenly Sword is the first that came to mind in this generation. At least she went off with a bang.

Also, I second Aerith from FFVII, mainly because I actually played the game, supporting the character and all that. One of the few times I cried over a video game.

Posted by inkablot


Posted by SuperJoe

Gray Fox from MGS1.  Also, pour out a little liquor for the Whacka:


Posted by atrox

I love that you guys left out Aerith (don't even know who that is) because we get to see all the FF fanboys cry their eyes out.

Posted by TekZero

The only death I remember (because I actually played the game) was Andrew Ryan.  Rememorable indeed.

Posted by DeanJParker

The Boss - MGS3

Posted by Jimbo

Another vote for Tommy Angelo in Mafia, one of the greatest game endings ever.

I didn't really care about the Jackson guy in CoD4 because you don't know the first thing about him, he was just a floating gun to me, Gaz and Griggs are far more memorable imo.

I can't think of many that haven't been mentioned already.  How about Malcom Corley of Corley Motors (Full Throttle)?

Posted by tuesdaythe5th

The horse from Shadow of the Colossus. So sad.

Edited by legendary1

Tassadar died in an awesome way, but the one that I remember most from starcraft was Fenix. He was pretty much your battle brother during the entire protoss campaign who was with you throughout all of the infighting within the protoss, he died once and was raised again in a dragoon to fight again. After Tassadar dies, he's the one who remains on Auir to fight off the zerg with Raynor (also an awesome character). Then he is tricked by Kerrigan into dismantling the Overmind and the UED alongside her, and YOU lead Kerrigan's surpise attack force to kill Fenix. And you kill him. That was the point at which you really realize just how evil Kerrigan had become.

Another memorable death is *SPOILER CHARACTER #1* in Persona 4. Mostly because it was YOUR fault *SPOILER CHARACTER #1* died, but also because at the end the last thing *SPOILER CHARACTER #2* says is to approve of what you did, thinking it was the right choice but not knowing what was really going on.

Third favourite was Jan from Dark Forces. In Star Wars: Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight (lol long title), if you go the dark path you end up killing Jan to gain the power of the valley of the jedi. It was horrible seeing how badly the dark side would take you if you fell down that path. So rare to see actual significant story and game consequences to what you were doing in the FPS genre. After that, you were wholly aligned. You chose your path, no more wishy washy middle of the ground, and the game reminded you of it. Katarn is also one of my favourite characters, it was nice to see how he changed throughout the series.

Posted by Suicrat

Andrew Ryan certainly died by his ideals, but he stopped living by them sometime between the building of Rapture, and the banning of books from the outside world.

Also, how could Eli Vance's death not qualify? That was a horrendous death, which his daughter was forced to watch, which very well might give the Combine the upperhand in that conflict.... you know, aside from the fact that the humans have Gordon God-damn Freeman on their side.

Posted by Sestren

Um...why no Aerith, again? That's likely the single most memorable game death for the largest number of gamers. Not sure I understand that omission, Brad.

Posted by Cuddy
@Riboflavin: Yeah that Game was a Heartbreaker :)
Posted by Nizzleworth

I can think of one, but I don't want to spoil the Endurance Run. :(

Plus it doesn't REALLY count anyway.

Edited by Noxpectius

SPOILERS.:MGS III and IV, Gears Of War II.
No Aerith........Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
What about Naomi, the most annoying videogame death, curtesy of Otacon.Well, atleast he got his.
Also, keeping this vague for the Spoilers here, that women in Gears II. Such a tragedy indeed.
Still, the Best Death came at the end of Metal Gear Solid III, when I had to pull that trigger, well, I thought for 5 minutes if there was no other way, but inevitably you just had to kill The Boss..

Posted by coaxmetal
Cuddy said:
When almost the whole cast of Dreamfall the longest journey was killed off i actually went NO!!! this wasnt what ... [more]
Yay! Somebody else who thought of Dreamfall. I think the hardest for me was, as I mentioned before, April's death (though Zoe's sort of death... and the ending... ).

Posted by BatOtaku13

good list, but one issue, where was aerith?

also, I'm going to go on record as the one MGS fan who doesn't think snake should have died at the end of MGS4.
Posted by Toms115

Auron (Final Fantasy X)
Naomi Hunter (MGS4)
Old Snake - technically (MGS4)
Lirum (Lost Odyssey)
And, obviously, Aerith (FFVII)

Edited by Cuddy

When almost the whole cast of Dreamfall the longest journey was killed off i actually went NO!!! this wasnt what was supposed to happen!!! :S

Damned Stupid people with imaginary friends!! Grrrrrr
Posted by Azteck

Sergeant Paul Jackssons death was painful, more painful for me than it must've been for him. :(

Also, spoilers much with the MGS4 note? :I

Posted by atrox

Jenny from The Darkness was the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline.  So awesome that you included that.  One of my favourite games this generation, I recommend it to anyone.

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