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Posted by SmokePants

I remember the death in Modern Warfare, but not the name Paul Jackson. The only CoD protagonist whose name has stuck with me was Soap, because it's SOAP.

Posted by lemon360

Tassadar FTW!!!

Posted by giyanks22

I think Tassadar and Paul Jackson are up there. If Commander Shephard dies in Mass Effect 2 then that one is on the list without a doubt.

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lmao I knew this was a shoemaker story before I got around to reading the author name.

Posted by Number1

I still reckon Aeries from FF VII for

A) didnt see it coming

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I'd mention the Companion Cube, but it's frigging 2009 and I don't want to be killed and thrown into a mass grave with all the "The Cake is a lie."-spouting assholes that were put out of their misery in the past year.

Posted by JackiJinx
Dude, Jenny went down just like in the comics. Freaking darklings needing blood to free Jackie. Quite a shame.
Posted by clintlandon

Risking sounding like a wuss, Mona Sax saddened me immensely. But after my third playthrough, to see the "true" ending with her surviving... I admit that I cried.

Posted by DECA555
@clintlandon: When the boss is killed at the end of MGS3 and we learn that she was a true hero and nobody would see her as such, i also cried. That was just so fucked. 
Posted by kagekage
@TOYBOXX:  Captain Price didnt die, but Sgt. Griggs and Gaz did and a couple of other peeps
Posted by Rasgueado
@Pikemoney:  I ate it.
Posted by JeanLuc


When MC from Persona 3 dies at the end. That left me totally shocked!!

Posted by Mattalorian

Eli Vance from Half-Life 2, followed closely by the Kaiden/Ashley decision in Mass Effect.
It was also incredibly saddening when Emma Emmerich was killed by Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2.

Posted by Bourgeoisie

The Boss from MGS 3. A true patriot.

Posted by Karmann

COME ON, why hating on Aerith ?!?! and Boss from MGS3 deffinately!

Posted by Mjolnir

Chopper's death in Ace Combat 5 really got to me. It's definitely not as visible or focused as other death scenes, but I love the characters in that game and having one get killed off like that sucked.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Man, I remember Jenny.  That was horrible namely cause I didn't see it coming.
I was wrestling with my controller the whole time hoping I'd get control back a second before she was killed to try and do something.
Needless to say, that didn't happen.

Posted by jakob187
ImperiousRix said:
Man, I remember Jenny.  That was horrible namely cause I didn't see it coming.I was wrestling with my controller the ... [more]
Yeah, needless to say, I cannot describe how pissed off I was at the game when that happened.  I hadn't read any of the comics before playing the game, so I wasn't aware of what was going to happen.  Everything in that scene played perfectly:
  • Mike Patton's incredible voice acting for The Darkness
  • The way they just violated Jenny
  • Your ultimately useless struggle
  • Paulie's vile nature
  • The build-up of your love for Jenny

Just EVERYTHING played into it SOOOOO well.  Granted, I finally went and read the comics, and it would seem that Jackie and Jenny weren't necessarily the way they are towards each other in the game...but nonetheless, Starbreeze did an INCREDIBLE job of nailing that part.

I was SOOOO pissed off that I had to put my controller down and smoked at least half a pack of cigarettes trying to calm down.  The worst feeling in the world is losing the person you love the most, seeing it happen, and knowing you can't do anything to save it.

Suffice it to say, this hits on a personal level more than anything for me.  I cried like a son of a bitch at the end of the game.

You know...I guess we could also say that Jackie's death right after Jenny's death is memorable, too.  I mean, it takes us to Hell, and it makes us realize the level of torment that Jackie has to deal with forever.  Man, I've never really thought of how crazy that game TRULY is.  The main villain, the evil that you are trying to destroy...is with you the ENTIRE TIME!!!  Now I realize why I felt such a weight on my shoulders when I was playing that game.
Posted by brian3d

Auron from Final Fantasy X.


Posted by ImperiousRix
jakob187 said:
ImperiousRix said: Man, I remember Jenny.  That was horrible namely cause I didn't see it coming.I was wrestling with my ... [more]

Very well put.  The Darkness is actually one of the few games that, at its close, I didn't have a good feeling.  In fact, I had a very very bad feeling.
So many games end with your vengeance being fulfilled, some up-note leading into the inevitable sequel, or a happily ever after, but not The Darkness.
You killed your bastard uncle Paulie?  Great, but you're still forever damned to be tormented by the darkness, and you won't ever see your girlfriend again.  "It's time to wake up"
Posted by Zeouterlimits

Of course agreed re Snake.
  Very disappionted at how they handled it.

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Albert Wesker's death is pretty memorable, mostly because he was a bad ass character given a lackluster death in perhaps the worst (from a narrtive point-of-view) game in the Resident Evil series.

What's the blonde's name from Dead Rising?  I was pretty irritated when she died too.

Posted by HatKing

I'll be mad if they kill Shepard off between Mass Effect 1 and 2, I'm okay with him dying in a heroic fashion...but just having him dead so you can create a new character would rub me the wrong way.

Posted by kboy

Technically, Mona Sax died twice.
Although, she actually stayed dead the second time.

Posted by Shinryu

Aeris from Final Fantasy VII

Posted by DJ_Lae

Totally agreed on Jenny. The way the game held perspective but cut off your control of the situation made it even worse.

Posted by Jimbo_N

YES. Finally someone is with me when it comes to Jenny and the emotional parts of The Darkness. I love that game for its emotional story.

Posted by LeBart

Shadow of the Colossus (SPOILER OF COURSE LOOK AWAY AND GO PLAY THE GAME)  : Agro. It turns out he's not even dead at the end, but the moment he falls is tragic.

Also Emma from MGS2. She just wanted him to say her name !!! And he didn't say it !!!
And The Boss, obviously.
Posted by stan12

well, Tommy Angelo from Mafia, when he got offed it was pretty memorable
Martin Septim's death in Oblivion was cool cause he sacrificed himself,
t probably could think of more, but those were just some off the top of my head

Posted by CrescendOtaku
CarolinaFan3515 said:
VINNY AND JEFF: DO NOT READ!!!!!     PERSONA 4 SPOILERI think one of the most powerful deaths I've experienced lately in ... [more]
I would assume at that point the entire ending would have been a downer since its the worst ending possible (and its way too easy to get that ending)
Posted by milkman4591

The choice between Olivia and Ethan in Advent Rising by far.

Posted by CrescendOtaku

Once Again, SPOILER!!!

Since I played it recently, Isara's death in Valkyria Chronicles was quite surprising and sad. And I appreciated that the game handled it in a mature way (no whiny teen screaming to the camera).

Posted by Homer39

 The Bosses death in MGS3. YOU had to pull the trigger, then with big boss saluting the grave at the end...makes me sad just thinking about it.

Posted by Redbullet685
@Rhaknar: Ya Taj's death was very unexpected, my jaw unhinged when I saw that
Posted by Kenzo287

I find the lack of Final Fantasy VII in the list...comforting...my most memorable deaths in a video game is Paul Jackson in COD4, Ben Carmine in Gears 2 (suck it Anthony,) and Saren's in Mass Effect.

Posted by Bucketdeth
Voxel said:
@Bucketdeth: You can't really get upset over that seeing as the game came out two years ago. [more]
Yeah I know, it was my fault, I'll still enjoy the game.
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they said aerith would not be on the list well thats messed up why the hell was that death not on the list

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Soap, jenny, mona x2, Kaiden/ashley, Wrex, and the Boss all very good calls, But for me the most memorable death has to be Seth from C&C.  He gets you all excited about launching an attack against washington then *bang* Kane takes him down.    I think that it gets added memorability points being the first time Kane talks to you directly in C&C still holding the smoking gun.

Posted by Shinryu
ryoma122 said:
they said aerith would not be on the list well thats messed up why the hell was that death not ... [more]
Well said, its fair enough if you dont personally like the moment or indeed the game but you cant deny its value in terms of shock death's of ingame characters at the time.
Posted by Claude

I miss my family from Fable 2. It was my choice, but it was for the better good.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I was so indifferent towards the characters in CoD4, I really didn't give a damn...

Posted by TheKidNixon

Man, this thread is spoilertastic.

Posted by Hailinel
Number1 said:
The_A_Drain said: Here's mine.DogmeatDogmeatDogmeatDogmeatAeris/AirithIt's my own fault for getting into so many fights in Fallout I guess. [more] Ha I ... [more]
Funnily enough, I decided to give Fallout 3 another shot this weekend and came across Dogmeat for the first time.  After about another hour, Dogmeat was killed by a mole rat, and the only thing to alert me to this fact was a dialogue box popping up with the text "Dogmeat has died."

That had to be the weakest attempt at breeding emotional attachment that I'd ever seen in a game.  My dog companion died, and all I got was a dialogue box.  The people at Bethesda should be ashamed of themselves for how poorly they worked Dogmeat into the game.
Posted by artofwar420

Yes Giantbomb I remember that guy.

Posted by ethosiii

curly! i typically don't look at walkthroughs, so i didn't know you could save her..

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Captain Bannon's sacrifice in World in Conflict is memorable.

The main character's fiancee in the first 30 minutes of Xenogears.

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

En Taro Adun, Tassadar!

Posted by Brendan
Bud, his name was dogmeat haha, don't worry about it.
Posted by Hailinel
Brendan said:
@Hailinel: Bud, his name was dogmeat haha, don't worry about it.
It doesn't matter what the dog's name is.  Bethesda did a shitty job at making any attempt to get the player to care about Dogmeat, and only made it worse by marking the dog's death with a beyond lame dialogue box.  I'm not saying that the Vault Dweller needed to hug Dogmeat's corpse and cry, but there were so many better ways to handle the situation.
Posted by Brackynews

By simultaneously acknowledging and disassociating from Aerith, you cement her place in infamy.  Just a given that it's the most widely recognized.
More significant perhaps is Square with Palom and Porom.  I believe the first heroic playable character deaths in any Japanese game...?

Me, I'll go Nei.  'Cause I'm like that.  In fact, I never ever used the clone labs in Phantasy Star 2.  Cloning wasn't the same as resurrecting in my mind.  Didn't feel right... no sir.

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