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Posted by Brendan
Haha ok, by saying his name was Dogmeat I was making a joke, and you are clearly taking it way too seriously.
Posted by Death_Unicorn

Kaiden!!! :(
That dude's death made me cry when I chose to kill him off.

Posted by PureRok

I only know two characters on there. This list bites.

Posted by papercut

Why did you have to remind me of Jenny...

Posted by Undeadpool


Posted by RYNO9881


screw FFX-2

Posted by ch3burashka

I know I'm not the first to say this, but how about Wander? of Shadow of the Colossus? That was truly epic and more deserving of an entry in the post than stupid Johnny Cage.

Also, thanks for the Max Payne pimp. Remedy needs all the support it can get right about now, what with absolutely no info on Alan Wake (cross your fingers for E3!).

Also, did you guys forget about King Moron??? That was a death we all mourned...
Posted by ch3burashka
@LeBart: I was in such as shock when Emma died. I totally thought she was going to pull through.
Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

*Spoilers*  How about seargent Forge's death in Halo Wars?

Posted by Destroyeron
The most memorable gaming death scene that popped into my head is the death of Captain Price in COD4. And ... [more]
I believe Captain Price's death is still disputed.
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*spoilers, btw*

April Ryan in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Still don't see how she can be dead...
That was probably the most emotional and startling death for me (though I don't think it would mean as much to somebody who had not played The Longest Journey before Dreamfall).

As far as having the most memorable deaths (most modifying the deaths, not the memorable) that would definitely fall to The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment.

Surprised nobody else has mentioned April though. Guess the game is kinda obscure.

Edit: Guess that whether or not april actually died (or died permanently) is not certain, since she is probably Lady Alvane (from TLJ). That isn't for sure though. And, she definately seemed to die in Dreamfall.

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The big one for me was in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 when you get trapped by the advisors and Eli dies. Man, hearing Alyx scream....broke my fucking heart. I have never felt closer to any characters in a video game than I do to the characters in HL2. 

P.S. I totally agree with Jenny, that whole scene was done superbly.
Posted by lamegame621

HL2 Ep 2 was definitely tough.

Posted by MrPilkington

My most memorable of the past few years is most definitely the death of BIG BOSS at the end of MGS4. Man, my heart and soul was hearting during that long speech. While ( I fully admitt ) I was crying like a baby.

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I'd say Saren in Mass Effect was pretty memorable.  He's pure evil right up untill the final scene where you have the opertunity to save him but he redeems himself by blowing his brains out!

Posted by sociald1077

When Athas killed Uther in WC3. I was one of those nerds in to Warcraft lore long before WoW came out, and when that happened I was actually sad to see it.

Posted by Hailinel
Brendan said:
@Hailinel: Haha ok, by saying his name was Dogmeat I was making a joke, and you are clearly taking it ... [more]
Well, it wasn't a very good joke is all I can say to that.  And I take writing and characterization seriously enough to the point that if a game is doing a shoddy job of handling it, I'll call them out on it.
Posted by LethalKi11ler

End of Half Life 2 Episode 2 shocked me forever :( Eli was a great character and his death was such a surprise! I loved it
Final Fantasy VII when Aerith dies was sad too :s

But still Eli in HL 2 episode 2 is the only death in a video game i actually cared about and after hearing Alyx scream...damn Valve, good job

Posted by JamesNI

That first chick you hook up with in Grand Theft Auto 4. Yeah, she doesn't actually die, but when it turned out she was a mole... she became dead to me.

Posted by Crono

I agree, Snake should have killed himself.  He is the only thing that should have been capable of it.  Also, good pick with Tassadar.

Posted by Pomeroy

I totally have to agree with Tassadar...

though there's two that struck me hard.
There's Tai in Gears 2: My friend and I were playing the co-op(first time playing through for both of us) and that scene happens...THEN I HAVE TO LEAVE!!! We were going through withdrawals wondering what the hell happened until we could finish it the next weekend.
and Luis in RE4...I just didn't see it coming...that's all.
Posted by Haethos

Tassadar and Paul Jackson were nuts. Tassadar made me shed a tear, and Jackson was just like..wtf...

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oh wow .... turning a day of respect to those who have fallen in past wars as well as my close friends who have died in this one and potentially me in future (like next year sometime when I go to Iraq) battles into a "remember this dead video game character"  thread in the name of memorial day doesn't offend me at all...

Posted by lord_canti

aerith? no ok then

Posted by grifter00020

The rookie Carmine. I kinda liked his dumbass arse.

Posted by Shadow

Johnny Cage?  Really?  Even among fighting games, that isn't memorable.

Posted by Aaox

Minato Arisato (Persona 3 protagonist). He turned himelf into a rock thing to save the world. What a guy. Didn't help you controlled him for roughly +100 odd hours, either. Cut me deep, Atlus. Cut me real deep.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

I have to say the most sickening death to me was the one in GTA 4 where you chose to take the deal.

Roman, the annoying cousin, gets gunned down in an assassination attempt aimed at Niko. That was bad enough to me. He was annoying but you did grow a bond to him and the relationship he had with Mallorie was an interesting relationship to follow. It felt very pleasing to nail Dimitri, the guy ordering the hit, to the ground. But that feeling was soon shattered when Mallorie called after the credits ended saying she's pregnant with Roman's child. God damn it.

(The other ending didn't affect me that much since I didn't get enough time to form that bond with her)

Posted by joshy9411

what about the chick in halo 3...forget her name...um keye's daughter.....she died, as far as i know.

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TheClap said:
Girl's dad from HL2 Ep2
YESSSSSSS!!! Eli's death in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was soooooooo touching.........


3)In GTA IV when you choose whether to kill PlayboyX or Dwayne..... i actually chose Dwayne ;( Felt so bad while gunning him down to his kitchen floor with my shotgun..
4)In Far Cry 2 when your first set of Buddies get all killed when you're stuck with them in a small house, getting shot at from all around.. i kept trying to save em =[ 
Posted by Nogert

I just new Jenny would be on this list, what an amazing scene, I was so angry but at the same time just amazed at how engrosed I become in their relationship lol.

Posted by Rhyno

What about Aries from FFVII?  Don't tell me that death didn't make you cry. 

Posted by JasonDaPsycho

Naomi Hunter of MGS4
upon hearing that she dies of cancer or something like that, my heart was broken

Posted by darkspirit138

How about the really big eyed dudette from heavenly sword? Epic rape of flying hawk dude with her arrow thingy.

Cant remember anything about that game except for Nariko...Ah...Nariko.

Posted by Winternet

Congrats to Brad. This post made me think. And after much time thinking I arrived to this conclusion: I only play games where characters don't die. Or my memory sucks.

But I remember something. So here's my top 3 list (if you think this games are too recent, then my memory does suck):

3. Saren on Mass Effect - well, it was kinda cliché (all the redemption only in the end) but it was dramatic.

2. Mona Sax on Max Payne 2 - Poor Max. He must be so lonely now. He only has drug criminals to kill now.

1. Eli Vance on Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - F**CK! Just when I was about to understand something about Half-Life he gets killed. Apart from the dramatic of his death, the thing that upset me the most was the timing. He knew about G-Man. He KNEW!. And he was telling us. F*********CK! kbzum! kbzum! (sound of me breaking my room to pieces)

Posted by Duck44

Mine would definitely be the death of Tommy Angelo, the main protagonist in Mafia...that scene is still the most emotional moment I have had with video games.

Posted by zudthespud

anthony carmine's death made me lol.

Posted by XxMEATSACKxX

i got one which doesnt really count but here it goes, ummmm **Shadow of the Collossus spoiler btw** Agro from Shadow of the Collossus, that one was pretty heart breaking. Then you find out he survived and limped back to the temple....what's up with that?

Oh and lest we forget the death of good dialogue from Gears of War, those guys really showed no mercy on that one.

Posted by BatmanLives

Who can forget the 'sor of' death of Tidus at the end of FFX, how amazing was that! He knew he was going to vanish when he beat yu yevon but yet he proceeded to do so!

Posted by BR4DL3I9H

Why no Aerith? A sword through the back is a pretty hardcore way to be killed, even if you forget the fact that she' s a woman.

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*Spoiler alert*

How come so many people seem to think Snake chickened out of killing himself? He WAS about to pull the trigger before Big Boss interrupted him.

Right now the most shocking deaths I can think of are Naomi in MGS4 and Emma in MGS2. Both completely shocked me and broke my heart.

Oh, and Miranda Keyes in Halo 3. Never saw that one coming.

Posted by JerichoBlyth

Wow, I never knew death in videogames was such a popular topic until now...

Posted by Pojomofo

hmmm, Aerith i thought was a shoe-in for this list, but if you listed every person who died in a JRPG this list would be about 50  pages long

Posted by Uberjannie

What about the girl in the new Prince of Persia game?
You spent the entire game carrying her around, doing her bidding.
*SPOILER* then she just offs herself at the end and you reset all the hard work you did just to ******* revive her. Thats so wrong!

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

doms wife

Posted by Hexogen

Definitely agree with Andrew Ryan and Paul Jackson. Eli Vance's death from Half-Life 2: Episode 2 is another one that comes to mind.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Video_Game_King: Nei.  Exactly!
Posted by atrox

Jenny from The Darkness was the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline.  So awesome that you included that.  One of my favourite games this generation, I recommend it to anyone.

Posted by Azteck

Sergeant Paul Jackssons death was painful, more painful for me than it must've been for him. :(

Also, spoilers much with the MGS4 note? :I

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When almost the whole cast of Dreamfall the longest journey was killed off i actually went NO!!! this wasnt what was supposed to happen!!! :S

Damned Stupid people with imaginary friends!! Grrrrrr