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Posted by Tylea002

I just returned today. Quicker than I was expecting, I thought I was gonna be there for another day or so. And no, I did not see Sweep. I think.

Posted by Claude

If you see Sweep, you can beat him down with your drumsticks.

Posted by Sweep

I live in Bournemouth. If I see you I shall ATTACK!

Posted by Otacon

Seen this guy before, legendary. Have a nice break Tylea002!

Posted by RandomHero666

Im in the library now browsing GB and /b/ so i cant listen to the vids, but have a good time & a safe trip maaayun!!

Posted by Tylea002

I'm off on holiday in 10 minutes

A nice three day break to Bournemouth. However, I couldn't leave you all without awesome youtube videos. Exposition time: I'm a drummer, and thus whilst searching for other drumming videos to see on youtube I found this man. He makes awesome videos. I shall present you a couple now:


I respect this is also a video game website, and thus I shall present you with links to his Mario Bros covers.
  1. Mario Bros. 1
  2. Mario Bros. 2
  3. Mario Bros. 3
Also: The Simpsons.

Don't miss me too much whilst I'm gone. If you haven't seen these videos yet, consider this an education in awesome. If you have, then five gold stars to you.

Now go back to listening to 21st Century Breakdown, because you obviously have it on repeat. All of you.