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Posted by Brad
I had really planned not to give any more airtime to Kojima Productions' infuriating countdown-to-a-countdown nonsense that's happening over on their official site, but then they went and added an element to the teaser site that's actually worth talking about. Curse you, Kojima!

Perhaps you will recognize this distinguished gentleman.

If there were any doubt at all that the forthcoming announcement is Metal Gear-related, you can put it to rest. Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft also went and dug up a forthcoming Famitsu interview with Kojima that has not only this picture of Big Boss but also a similar one of Raiden. Or could it be Gray Fox, as Ashcraft speculates? That would keep the timeline consistent, and it wouldn't be the first time Kojima pulled the whole "this old character looks identical to this younger character" switcheroo.

My cynical expectation out of all this mess is a God of War-style flashy action game starring MGS4-era Raiden. He's got the moves for it, and hey, those kinds of games sell! I hope it's something more original than that--and whatever it is, we'll know in less than a week. Commence your own speculation!

Posted by Drebin_893

Curses, Kojima! Curses!

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Bring on gray fox - boss story - im down with that

Posted by ahriman22

YAY! Another Metal Gear! 

It's been too long...

Posted by Benjamimmy

god, i can't wait to find out even just a little bit more info

Posted by TheKidNixon

It strikes me as being so soon to be another number Metal Gear, but I'm curious to see what this is.

Also, what happened to "This is my last MGS game" talk from Kojima? I guess that same thing that happened every other time. So much for closure.

Posted by Womble

Well, that can't be Gray Fox, as the armour looks exactly like Raiden's, especially with the jaw-thingy.

Posted by Nasar7

Sadly, I'm a sucker for any and all things Metal Gear. Why am I so excited for this?

Posted by PJ

Whit MGS3 being my favorite im hoping for more of that. Though a Raiden of War game would be sweet. Maby its MGS3-2(or simply MGS5) for the PS3 and MGS4+oxid(like the rumor) staring Raiden in a GOW(GOD not GEARS) style game set in the MGS4 time for the 360. My mind would be blown the fuck up if that would happen. Two new MGSs for 360 and PS3(one each, both exclusives) wold be sweet. Good thing i have both consols :P

Posted by Nyro


Posted by Pazy

Im not interested, I only have room in my heart for one fox and thats mysterious fox!

Oh and plus I dont really like Metal Gear since ive never really been into the stealth type games, if this is a Raiden/God of War type game ill probably give it a look.

Posted by lordofultima
@Womble: I wouldn't say "can't."
Posted by OmegaPirate

Posted by atejas

It does not look like Big Boss- facial structure is a bit different.

Posted by MikeSTER

God I want a mullet

Posted by LethalKi11ler

Well I just wished it could be for 360 but I'm sure it won't be

Posted by TheKidNixon

Also, if 360 does indeed announce that they're going to be releasing MGS4 later this year, I can't wait to see the snide remarks for Sony PR afterwards. "Oh that's cute, MGS4. I remember that game. Now excuse me while I go play this new hotness."

Posted by PJ

@atejas - IF it lookls like Solid Snake then it looks like Big Boss, since Solid is a clone of BB. Also the eye patch kinda give it away. Its big boss. It cant be anyone else. Also the PS3 big boss would obviously look different form the MGS3 PS2 big boss. If it wouldn't then that would be pretty damn weird and every graphics designer and programer should be fired from the project.

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Apparently Kojima said it's 'not exactly' Big Boss and there's a 'difference'.

Posted by Jotun

I have a feeling that Kojima is hyping this up a bit disproportionately. I wouldn't be surprised that it ended up being a PSP game and was made to look like it was a huge MGS console announcement.

Remember, one of Kojima's main themes for the MGS series is information control. He exemplified that beautifully in the time leading up to and the release of MGS2 when no one knew about Raiden untill they saw it for themselvs.

Who knows? It is Kojima we're talking about here. Anything is possible, really.

Posted by Crono

I feel asleep.

I must be dreaming.

Posted by fillmoejoe

Touche' Kojima, touche'. Godfather Part II style game confirmed.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Up Top!

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First of all the way that Kojima is handling this is stupid and ridiculous. Releasing a timed teaser site is stupid enough, why drag it out this long? It only good for frustrating fans. Second, Metal Gear? Again? Really? Come On! Kojima is a brilliant man with a creative mind far beyond many designer out there. Please put it to use on something that is not MG related. His other projects have been wonderful ( ZOE anyone? ).

Posted by ElectricHaggis

If it says Metal Gear on it I'll buy it, regardless of its quality.  That's the magnitude of fool that I am.

Posted by Godlovesugly

Supposed Big Boss looks so bad ass

Posted by CitizenKane

Kojima sure does love their teasers.

Posted by Nyro

Raiden and Big Boss, one game for the PS3 another for the PSP?

Posted by donaldkhogan

Why isn't anyone talking about the MULTIPLE characters that flash up on the screen during the llightning flashes.  It's not just a 5.  The order is random meaning to me that it's a scrambled word or code.  

The characters:  mirrored '9',  '5' or 'S',  3, R, E, P

Anyone figure this out yet?
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What the hel are you people talking about. 

This is clearly a sports game, staring contests.

You have contests against your fav MGS characters is only the first part.  This will be bigger than Super Smash Brothers game.  More franchises, and the characters talk to you and try to put you off.  and the secret character you get to unlock is Hideo himself!  In a level where he laughs manically at the screen for 2 hours as the credits roll.

It uses feedback from the camera he will put out with it, Hideo Vision.

Theres also secrets for putting 2 TV's beside eachother... where in different conbimations, the characters will communicate through the camera's that have a mic in them.  They will recreast many great MGS codec conversations if you play the sound near it.  Thus you need 3 consoles.  Sony's unit shifting worries over.

Come on people.  It's obvious.

Posted by OmegaPirate
Contra said:
What the hel are you people talking about.  This is clearly a sports game, staring contests.You have contests against your ... [more]
Then you end up fighting john romero's head
Posted by pbhawks45

Anyone able to translate? NEED ANSWERS.

Posted by donaldkhogan

Also, I thought Kojima said no more games about Solid Snake...not no more MGS games.

Posted by TheKidNixon
donaldkhogan said:
Also, I thought Kojima said no more games about Solid Snake...not no more MGS games.
He also said that MGS4 was his last MGS. He said the same thing about 2 and 3, but for some reason, some of us believed it, if only because it felt like a conclusion.

But yes, Konami already confirmed that more Metal Gear was on the way. I just assumed someone else would be helming it.
Posted by Contra
@donaldkhogan: Yes.  I read that article.  It was in theOctober 2001 issue of official PSM ¬___¬
Posted by DukeTogo

Zanzibar Land!

Posted by geekbot

Although I'd be open to many different options at this point, I think it'd be really great if they re-made Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.(The original games for the MSX.) 

If those two characters are in fact, Big Boss and Gray Fox, it would make a lot of sense. 

Another possibility could be that this is in fact a sequel featuring Raiden. In that case, I'm going to guess that the "Big Boss" looking character is NOT Big Boss but another clone who ends up taking on the Big Boss's end boss role in some convoluted scheme involving some other re-incarnation of Metal Gear.

98:50:16 and counting... :P  
Posted by donaldkhogan
@TheKidNixon: I see, that makes sense.
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I think it would be good for Sony if MGS4 is ported to the xbox360, It could create more fan of the series and maybe some of them will buy a PS3 if the new MGS is on ps3 first.

Posted by RHCPfan24

There will never be sane, contained speculation for a Metal Gear game. This just is one example.

Posted by Mattalorian
Posted by ryoma122

curse you hideo curse you all the way to hell
but this is a leason i learned a wile ago
you should never trust hideo untill the deal is done

Posted by Pepsicolaboy

i really wouldnt be suprised if this was a handheld release....a new metal gear (of sorts) for the new PSP, wich is cool... i guess.

hope its not just the 360 port, hope its at least 1 new game, dont care which system.

Posted by Gloobus

I was really really hoping that it was gonna be another game about Big Boss, but that "P" has me kinda worried it's going to be another "Portable" for the PSP. I loved the idea of the games, but trying to control the characters in those games gave me a headache. Here's hopin it's a PS3 release.

Posted by Unlogik

After reading through a Japanese BBS I found an interesting point.

If the next game was to be a Metal Gear Solid game and was following the same pattern of telling the timeline. It would be a prequel before MGS3.

In timeline: 5 --> 3 --> 1 <-- 2 <--4
In order of release: 1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 4 --> 5 (Origin, Future, Past, Future, Past)

I personally don't think it's Metal Gear Solid 5, but it was an interesting read.

Posted by Undeadpool

C'mooooooon Raiden game. C'moooooooon Raiden game. I'd love to see how he went all badass cyber ninja AND rescued Sunny.

Posted by Gloobus
@Unlogik: I dunno if that timeline would really make sense though. At least in terms of that image that flashes on the site, it seems like Big Boss already has his private military career going. And that would have to be after MGS3, since that was kinda the origin of Big Boss. This is all just going by one picture on a Kojima teaser site but I think the time line would go more like MGS3, MGS5, MGS1, MGS2, MGS4.
Posted by ddensel

A buddy of mine had an idea, MGS5 is split up into two parts. One part is a futuristic Ninja Gaiden-esque Raiden game and the other is an MGS4 style game set in the 1980s featuring Big Boss.

Posted by crusnchill

Something occur's to me and probably many other's... After examining the picture for a few seconds it becomes apparent that snake is young(er) in this teaser. In MGS4 his rapid aging made him look and behave increasingly old. which definitely confirms this game is going to go back into MGS's past some.

I'm slightly frustrated with konami pro' for not releasing MGS4 on the X360 yet (YET being the word in question.) but I am happy they are releasing a new game, even if I never get a taste of it, something to raise the bar for their next release ever higher(they allways deliver) hopefully I will have the PS3 and/or PS4 by then. ;-)

Posted by CL60
crusnchill said:
Something occur's to me and probably many other's... After examining the picture for a few seconds it becomes apparent that snake is young(er) ... [more]
It's not snake, it's big boss.