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Posted by Ineedaname
@coffeesash: It's not Solidus isn't the eye patch on the wrong eye?
Posted by NAZAR3NE

My Prediction: MS will announce MGS4+Oxide... Oxide will be timed exclusive DLC where you get to play as Raiden. I also think That MGS5 will possibly be announced at MS Conference and will (knowing MS) Possibly start out as a timed exclusive as well. LMAO, thoughts?

Posted by TheKidNixon
NAZAR3NE said:
My Prediction: MS will announce MGS4+Oxide... Oxide will be timed exclusive DLC where you get to play as Raiden. I ... [more]
Maybe on the first bit, though the playing-as-Raiden bit is iffy.

The second half...just no.
Posted by Ineedaname

Wait I've got it, it's the MGS equivalent of Soul Calibur 4. They're going to do one character special for each console. The big twist is Yoda and Darth are still in it.

Posted by JohnDudebro

My favorite crazy theory is that the cyborg ninja is actually Sunny. I'd be on board for that.

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So I sat up 'til 3 AM on a week night to see what the frickin' timer revealed.... Was it worth a ruined day to see another timer? We'll kinda. This is what I got out of the details.

Between every Big Boss flash theres a 6 letter/number combination, pretty much a random mixture of the following: E, P, S or 5, 3, e or mirrored 9, R

What do you get from that..? Well, I have my speculations.

E3 PReS(entation maybe?).... okey kinda far-fetched.

Also by closely observeing Big Boss' cap, you can see that the patch reads: Militaires Sans Frontières (French for Military without Frontiers). What comes to mind is the Doctor's without Borders or Médecins Sans Frontières campaign whom are active around the world in helping war-torn countries with medical aid etc. Military without Frontieres or Borders on the other hand, led me to this: http://www.world-military.net/spip.php?article7

Something in the way of MGS3, some more Big Boss adventures would be golden.

I'm really not hoping for another MGS though... S as in Solid. Yes, I love him and yes he's a superbadass... but let's face the facts. He's dead. And I hope that Mr Island won't try to change that fact... Okey technically he's not dead (since MGS4 is set in 2014), but game-timeline-wise, he should be.

By the way, the "Raiden" pic seen in the Famitsu magazine isn't Raiden, because Raiden has blue eyes, and the person in the picture has brown... And what gray-haired character in MGS4 hade gray hair and brown eyes? That's right.
But could a game really have Big Boss and Sunny-Raiden, or even regular Raiden? Time vortex machine of chaos and destruction maybe, but highly unlikely. Could the game be a story set in both past and present, with sort of.. flashback sequences? Or............. Could the Big Boss we see not be Big Boss, but another clone, like Solid, Liquid and Solidus?.... Solid+Liquid... Slime? Metal Gear Slime starring Slime Snake?.. Im way to f*cking tierd for this.

There is tooooo much to speculate in to get anything clear out of it. Let's hope E3 will answer some of our questions.

After that I was too tierd to make more of it. Feel free to continue.

Posted by TomeOne

Kojima said it's not Big Boss but a clone.

Posted by phlegms

Yeah I ruined my pants for that one...

Posted by LiquidPrince

Am excited.

Edited by osmokes

Dude, that site shows an E, a 3 and possibly a 5 or an S.  I'm gonna take a WILD guess and say that the E and 3 mean E3.  I don't think it's an S so it's probably a 5 which most likely stands for Metal Gear Solid 5. What else would it be?

and 97 hours is approximately 4 days from now which is when E3 begins. Therefore unless Kojima is an evil dictator planning on world domination through continuous countdowns, then there will be an announcement trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5 at E3, probably at the Sony Conference.
Posted by NAZAR3NE

lol, you people are still on this. There is no S, the scrambled combonation is 5, 3, E, e,  R and P. So, knowing this I think it means PRE e3. there are 2 more countowns leading up to e3 and untill the next one starts I'm going to assume that the 5 represens five countdowns. We are on the third countdown and there are two left... I can't wait for more clues.

Posted by Afroman269

Hmmm once again it looks the 360 version rumor got shot down. I'm glad i decided to get the ps3 version.....hopefully this will be a mgs4 era raiden game.

Posted by randiolo
TomeOne said:
Kojima said it's not Big Boss but a clone.
mannn if you end up playing as Big Boss in modern times along side Raiden i think il shit my pants. If not, i think it will be the events leading up to Zanzabarland.
Posted by Sanj

There's speculation that the big boss in the screen...is actually AKIBA.

Posted by CL60
osmokes said:
Dude, that site shows an E, a 3 and possibly a 5 or an S. I'm gonna take a WILD ... [more]
Why would they announce MGS5 so close too MGS4.
Posted by randiolo
Sanj said:
There's speculation that the big boss in the screen...is actually AKIBA.
i wont play a game where the main protagonist cant stop shitting his pants.
Posted by GioVANNI

All I know is that Big Boss is awesome freakin' awesome, and I want a new Big Boss game.

Posted by theMcNasty


Posted by Balaamsafe

Grey Fox, it's been too long.

Posted by BatOtaku13

i dont know why, but im still not entirely sure its going to be a metal gear game.  as much as i love the series, this is hideo kojima we're talking about here...

Posted by iiNF3RNo

maybe another prequel starring big boss and gray fox?

Posted by ImperiousRix

C'mon, Kojima.  Nobody likes a tease....

Posted by TheKidNixon

I have to say, for all the bitching people have done about the countdown, thus far it has worked like a charm. It has got people excited for the game, though I suspect the eventual reveal of...whatever it is (save for being something totally unrelated to Metal Gear and Kojima is just fucking with all our collective heads) will have less impact than the Trailer for MGS2.

But as far as hyping people up for wanting eyeballs on that Sony and/or Konami press conference, mission fucking accomplished and how.

Posted by Kazona

WHy is it that even as someone who is not a fan of MGS, I'm still allowing myself to be dragged into the hype fest of this teaser?

Posted by Doobit

If you managed to sit through Kojimas' TGS presentation (not as easy as it sounds), the guy wouldn't shut up about "The Ultimate Stealth Game" and made it clear that MGS4 was not there yet... so clearly it's going to be Totally Stealth: Totally Party!

Posted by SunKing

I'm just gonna laugh my ass off if it reveals yet another countdown :P

Posted by xionpunk

Are we sure this isn't just a portable ops game?

Posted by Iceman2913

Form the looks of things it will most likely be on the psp or ps3

Posted by GaspoweR
Doobit said:
If you managed to sit through Kojimas' TGS presentation (not as easy as it sounds), the guy wouldn't shut up ... [more]
Metal Gear: Totally Party: Uncaged Edition
Posted by sneakysnake128

Drip, drip, drip advertisement. Fix that faucet.

Posted by Coleslaw893

Whatever it is, just PLEASE let it be for consoles and not another handheld title...

Posted by Fearsome121

My guess would be it's either Solidus or snake in the 9 year gap between MGS 2 and 4, that would fit in with Raidens story too, Big Boss never tilted his cap that way (left side) and the emblem is new. Also in the Famitsu interview with Kojima, Kojima says he wants us to mistake "this guy for someone else" or something like that.. The eye patch is to throw us off i'll bet!

Posted by ZeroCast

Some people say it's a Portable Ops sequel others say its a MGS3 Era type of game, you know what i say?

It's a Kojima game and it's going to effin' Rock.

Posted by pepper

Seems kinda soon since MGS 4

Posted by donaldkhogan
@ZeroCast: Fo sho son!!  Well said.
Posted by ArbitraryWater

Well, It is Metal Gear at least. So it will be crazy and awesome at the same time.

Posted by Gloobus

I can see how a bunch of people hate this kinda of tease, but for the hardcore fans of Metal Gear, the ones who actually like watching all the cutscenes and all the crazy shit that goes on in the games, this sort of thing is right up our alley. I can't see Kojima or a Metal Gear game doing anything but something like this anymore, and I for one, love it.

Posted by KommanderCevin

right now, their site is a lightening storm over a field but a letter is flashing with every lightening bolt. I wonder what it spells.

Posted by Kenzo287

oh i get it he wanted to fool everyone into thinking Raiden would be the star when it was really Gray Fox

Posted by TomA

I could care less cause MGS is retarded.

Posted by Insectecutor

I could care less because I care a little bit.

Posted by Arjuna
@TomA: Fine choice of words.  "Retarded"...  Bravo, sir.  And what more appropriate place to call MGS retarded than in a thread sure to be frequented by MGS fans?...  hahaha!
Posted by Otacon

I'm backing the just before MG2 speculation and that character being Gray Fox. Excited whatever it ends up being.

Posted by Kenny
@coffeesash: It can't be Solidus as his eye patch was on the opposite eye when compared to Big Boss.
Posted by Kenny
@coffeesash: It can't be Solidus as his eye patch was on the opposite eye when compared to Big Boss.
Posted by smokeH

probably multi platform eh?

Posted by Pepsicolaboy

Ok so im going to put it out there for the critical scrutiny of you all, my peers:
The list of cross platform titles that are amazing is easily as long as the list of fantastic exclusives.

Who cares if this is exclusive or not? As long as you own either system, we all win.

Posted by Pepsicolaboy

Oh and another thing!

Who precisely is complaining about this whole teaser procession?

..Metal Gear fans presumeably enjoy overly elaborate, drawn out fanfare (hence; Metal Gear fan), so that seems entirely idiosyncratic.

..People who dont enjoy MGS? But how does this single website that I found difficult enough to come across in the first place interupt thier everyday lives? It couldn't be, since they'd have to be deliberately observing the site or indeed, the speculation by thier own volition.


Other than realising that I just divided the entire population of earth into those who like MGS and those who dont, I cant think of anyone else.

I.e. Shut up.

Posted by Tebbit
Pepsicolaboy said:
Oh and another thing!Who precisely is complaining about this whole teaser procession?..Metal Gear fans presumeably enjoy overly elaborate, drawn out ... [more]
lol, touche ;)

Well I'M hyped for it, unless, as someone said before, its another crappy iphone game.
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The flash movie embedded in the site actually has the dates and times of when the next movie will be uploaded.

param name="movie" value="frame.swf?lmt01=20090518100000&lmt02=20090522100000&lmt03=20090527100000&lmt04=20090602070000"
According to this, the next one will be June 2nd at 7am (2009 06 02 7:00am). I'm guessing Japan time, so that would be 3pm PST on the 1st. If this is actually true — the countdown doesn't really add up, but I haven't counted 88 hours from now to check. 

A little side note: there is a typo on the website!

Apparently it requires "flash plaryer".