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Posted by Jeff
Makes for some great stills... good thing it's a photography game, then!
At first it was a game that no one ever expected would make its way out of Japan. Then some word started fluttering around, claiming that National Geographic was going to get involved. But nothing came of it, and Sony's Afrika seemed doomed to never make it to North America.

Today, Natsume stepped up and announced that it would be bringing the safari game over here in the early Fall. It will be the company's first PlayStation 3 release.

In a past life, I probably would have exploded over this news. Afrika was one of the PlayStation 3's great mysteries. Unfortunately, with all the time that has passed since Afrika's Japanese release, I went ahead and imported a copy. It seems kind of bad. Ryan played a bit more of it than I did and had this to say about it, in case you want to know more.
Posted by Oy


Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud

The game sounds bad from everything I've seen about it.  Hopefully Sony doesn't go too much out of their way because I don't see the game selling.

Posted by babblinmule

I say we flip a coin on whether itll be any good or not.

Posted by HydraHam

about damn time.. i played the import at a friends and ive been wanting it since but didn't want to import it.

Posted by JJOR64

Kick ass!  I've always wanted to try this game.

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Posted by TheKidNixon

Dammit. Now that damn Toto song will be in stuck in my head all day. Thanks, Bomb!

Posted by Contra

Its gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

Posted by CL60

Can you get attacked by rebels? If not, no buy.

Posted by End_Boss

I almost feel like this Afrika game is more of a tech demo...

"Look at what the PS3 can do! All of these animals, so beautifully rendered! And the light, the way it falls there..."
"So you can take pictures of 'em."

Posted by strangeling

Hey, I remember hearing about this game way back before the PS3 was in stores.  I didn't even realize it was out in Japan, I thought it just died.

Posted by DragoonKain1687

Great, Ive been wanting this game for some time. Lucky me I did not import it before :D

Edited by Death_Burnout

*ahem* European release pleeease?

I straight up want Afrika regardless of how good it is...like in the same way i want Duke Nukem Forever, only in a much much smaller way.

Posted by RHCPfan24

We just need Afrika: Origins Undisputed to come next!

Posted by Cube

Good to see Natsume is publishing - Less pressure on Sony.

Posted by TooWalrus

Great- but I'd much rather see a new Pokemon Snap!

Posted by JJOR64
TooWalrus said:
Great- but I'd much rather see a new Pokemon Snap!
Me to actually.  :-)
Posted by LordAndrew

When is Nintendo finally going to give us our true Pokemon Snap successor, with more safari and less track?

Posted by dagas

any hype surrounding this game has been dead a long time...

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Sweet. Now we just need Aquanauts to come to America.

Posted by Bwast
RHCPfan24 said:
We just need Afrika: Origins Undisputed to come next!
Afrika: Origins Undisputedly Uncaged Edition (Remix)
Posted by LordAndrew
Bwast said:
RHCPfan24 said: We just need Afrika: Origins Undisputed to come next! Afrika: Origins Undisputedly Uncaged Edition (Remix) [more]
Totally Party
Posted by PLWolf

As long as it's only $40 that'll be cool. You can already get the, full english, korean version from import sites like play-asia.com for $40

Posted by TheHBK

Oh yeah...Afrika....That came out in Japan?  When the fuck did that happen?  Why was Sony hyping and showing trailers for this game so much when it didn't look like anything other than a showpiece.  And 3 years after we first saw it, it comes out to no fanfare?  Sony is still fucking up.  This should have been a fucking hunting game.  Where you get to fight a lion with your bare hands and have to conquer afrika after it had been abandoned by all the people and tribes that keep killing themselves over there.

Posted by goatmilk

The asian version of this has full english. I've had it for a while and it's about as amazing as you would expect. I jump whenever I see a Rhino on national geographic now, since they loooove to charge you and that makes all of the photos on your camera disappear.

Posted by Thunder

sounds boring as hell

Posted by Arjuna
@Thunder: Hell isn't boring.  Hell is very exciting.
Posted by Blazer74

Playstation 3 fans you now hae your killer app. Finally!

Posted by JackiJinx

Unless this game gets invaded with Pokémon, I'm not interested.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

heh heh Afrika

Posted by SuperJoe

Will the DLC include a hunting mod?

Posted by Godlovesugly

The Afrika thread at GAF seems to have nothing but praise for this game, I guess playing it in japanese like Ryan did causes too many problems to fully enjoy it?

Posted by RVonE

So, the tech is in place. Nothing should prevent them from making a new Pokemon Snap.

Posted by Delta_Ass

So... is Afrika supposed to be Africa under a communist regime?

Posted by get2sammyb

YES! I actually really want to play this.

Posted by lord_canti

wouldent it need to have trophies? what the hell would they be? gold trophie take a picture of a penguin

Posted by MeatSim

Once the mystery of what this game was about was gone everyone lost interested fast. 

Posted by Media_Master

With a K