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Posted by FallenFatKid

i fucking love comic vine and gman

Posted by pissedoffthewitch

it's funny seeing the joker sneaking up on someone and kicking their nads

Posted by CL60
@CL60 said:
" This game will be great. Still gonna buy it for 360 though even though I have both, would rather have achievements than joker tbh. "
dang, let go of the 'chievos! "
I CANT! I'm an achievement whore, and it gives me reason too play through things I normally wouldn't
Posted by JoelTGM
@CL60 said:
" This game will be great. Still gonna buy it for 360 though even though I have both, would rather have achievements than joker tbh. "
dang, let go of the 'chievos!
Posted by CL60

This game will be great. Still gonna buy it for 360 though even though I have both, would rather have achievements than joker tbh.

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This has to be the greatest Batman game yet!

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sweet, glad i have a ps3 as well. 

can't wait to play this, that trailer was fucking awesome man. haha, dude, joker rules. 
Atomic_Tangerine said:
I have a PS3, but I like my 360 more, so I'm going to be missing out on this content.  ... [more]
you make no sense. seriously, what is wrong with you? who buys a ps3, only to leave it in the corner like some unwanted ugly step child?
Posted by jynxce

Regardless of the gasping for straws attempt to get the PS3 version some sales, the Joker will most likely be unlocked a couple weeks later with the "magical" 108kb DL key 360 players are used to seeing.  Don't fool yourself, It's on both disks.

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Posted by sanguis_Malus

Games looking good.

Posted by angelfan91

So, what is the over/under on the time this takes to come to the 360.

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Exclusive my ass, thats totally rediculas. You used to be cool Rock Steady!

Posted by clubsandwich

wow, eidos, seriously? you just shot in your own foot, I won't get this game now as I only have a 360.

Posted by handlas
@addictedtopinescent: I'd hope for Two-Face personally.  That is if he is even in the game.  No vid of him.  You'd think he would be in the game since he is awesome :o

I also hope Clayface is in the game!
Posted by addictedtopinescent

So anyone think there will be an 360 equivalent to this ? Playing Bane or whatever 

Anyhow, PS3 version is the one to get. 
Posted by MKHavoc

I think this will eventually make its way to the 360 possibly as DLC mainly because of things like Fallout DLC eventually going to the PS3 and the characters in Soul  Calibur were eventually made available as well.

Posted by suneku

Damn I love Mark Hamill's Joker voice. He's definitely gave it a more darker tone then in the animated series. Joker looks fun to play with too.

Posted by faustyn

meh. it's probably a timed exclusive and they will release it as a dlc on 360.

Edited by KinjiroSSD
@handlas:  Exclusive demos? I wasn't aware that Live got demos for those games since I sold my 360 couple months back.
Well demos aren't always a good thing for sales. You may not buy Bionic Commando after learning it isn't an open world game to swing around in.
Posted by Hamz

Sort of disappointed it's PS3 only. But since I'm buying it on the PC then maybe someone will create a mod for this section? Either way looks good and the game looks like it really will bring a refreshing unique twist to a character with around 70 years of lore and mythos surrounding him.

Posted by Jambones

I have to say, for some reason, this game has me excited to play it. I was surprised to get a chance to play the demo in Best Buy the other day, and the combat seems fun. Despite that it looks to be a minor addition, the Joker's gameplay looks great!

I have no doubts this content will be in 360 soon enough though.

Mark Hamil Does a great Joker laugh.

Edited by Oy
@Meptron: From my understanding this mode is complete for all versions, but is being taken out of them because of Sony.  Kind of like how Sony is stopping Ghostbusters from coming out overseas on Wii and 360.  It's dirty is all I'm saying.

GTAIV was a complete game without the promise of DLC and the Fallout 3 DLC was not made for PS3 by Bethesda's own choice.  This is a mode that is being held from the other versions.  It's not even DLC. Therefore it's not even comparable to GTAIV or Fallout 3.
Posted by handlas

And exclusive Tomb Raider DLC and demo.  And exclusive Bionic Commando demo.  And notice how the Red Faction MP demo showed up on European PSN and then was suddenly taken down hours later, never to be put back up.  Yet it is still on the Xbox 360 marketplace.  Their excuse was that the demo wasn't working so they took it down.  Yet I d/led it before it got taken down and it worked fine.  I even played it a few days after it was taken down and it still worked fine.  Hummm....
Posted by bcfish

I smell future downloadable content on XBox Live, don't you?  Exclusive content these days doesn't mean jack, unless you are Microsoft spending a gagillion dollars for GTA IV add-ons.

Posted by Meptron
Oy said:
So is this Sony's game now?  Buying out timed exlusive "modes" in games.  What will they say? "Uh oh, looks ... [more]
I respect your dislike of exclusive content. It bugs me too. But you can hardly say that this is something that only Sony does... DLC for Fallout 3 and GTA for example were both Xbox 360 exclusive... at least for a while. You probably would "hate Microsoft with a passion" too if you were on the other side of this and you only had a playstation.
Posted by KinjiroSSD
@Oy:  Really? I guess GTA4 and Fallout 3 deals were ok in your book? I'm not saying exclusive anything is good because it isn't but cursing Sony for opening up their wallet for a change is retarded.
Posted by trophyhunter

dude!! that was badass

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

My guess is that it'll be a timed exclusive, which will come to the 360 at some point as DLC simillar to SC 4 with Darth Vader and Yoda, even if they deny it now it could change since Namco/Bandai denied the possibitlity before, if you thinking "well this isn't Namco Bandai" your right, but it would be foolish of them not to since they could charge for it and probably make a lot of sales.

Posted by Atomic_Tangerine

I have a PS3, but I like my 360 more, so I'm going to be missing out on this content.  Then again, the 360 will get it eventually somehow, so I don't really care.

Posted by Raydanger

Well, the 360 gets scarecrow actually, and not the crappy one from the movie, but the badass one from the comic. In all honesty, Scarecrow might be more fun to play from a gameplay perspective, making people go crazy and freak out from their fears.......

Posted by zityz

I love how the joker struts instead of walks.

It will probably be a timed thing, because game companies like money. So they more than likely add this as The Joker DLC Pack for 360 sometime next year. Just as everyone forgets about the game and moves onto something else :)

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

All I can say is, this game looks really good, and this is just another feature added to the mix.

Also, the Fallout 3 content was exclusive to the 360 for a while before they said it would be coming to the PS3.  Just give it time, and we may be surprised.

Posted by FlipperDesert

He has an awesome hopping animation, I might need to wait until I have a PS3 to get this.

Though... Then I'll miss-out on a Batarang. :(

Posted by TooWalrus

Didn't we agree that, as a society, we would quit freaking out about exclusive DLC? I'll be playing as the Joker in a few months on my Xbox 360.

Posted by OmegaPirate

lets not turn this into fanboy flame wars guys

Some of these comments are pants on head retarded.........
Posted by John1912

This game looks better evey god damn time I see it.  Also WTF?  PS3 only for the Joker?  God damn it, I wanted to buy this for Xbox, I dont know that I can pass that up thou.  God damn gimpstation...

Posted by DudeSupreme

Even if this game isnt so great, Ill still want to rent it to hear Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy.

Posted by jarias78

This game is going to be SICK!!!!  Can't wait till it drops!!

Posted by JoelTGM

It looks like a lot of fun, but I don't like these exclusives.  It always hurts one group who just happen to own the wrong console.  Microsoft nabbed the GTA download content, and Sony nabbed the Joker content for the PS3.  I own both consoles, but it still sucks.  It's a dick move because the content is there for everyone to play with, but after some money changes hands suddenly the content becomes exclusive to one group.

Posted by Oy
@chililili:  I could care less.  As long as they don't start saying it's because of teh Blu Rayzz.  They should just admit they delayed the game so they could buy the exclusiveness.
Posted by jaks

How appropriate that you can play the Joker on the PS3!

...I don't even know what that means

Posted by Lukeweizer

What if it's all a joke?

Posted by chililili
@Oy: Wow, were where you on all previous exclusive x-box deals? GTA anyone? Don't bitch about something that Sony does in retaliation to something Microsoft started, true its bad that all companies are resorting to this, but it will ultimately not remain exclusive as very few things do in this generation.
Posted by Derios

sup g?

Posted by Oy

So is this Sony's game now?  Buying out timed exlusive "modes" in games.  What will they say? "Uh oh, looks like Blu-Ray can only fit this mode on the disc. Too bad for DVD..." Ugh, god. I hate Sony with a passion.

Maybe I'll play as the Joker on "X-Box" when the DLC 108KB file is finally released on Marketplace.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Hey, it's GMan! Nice to see you on this site.

And I realized that the PS3 version is the one to get. I will sacrifice the achievement points, yes, but this looks like a sweet bonus.

Posted by louiedog

X-Box? Really? I usually only see that on sites like CNN and nytimes when there's a story about video game violence.

Looks interesting, but I wonder how much actual Joker gameplay we'll see. Hope it's not just 5 extra challenge maps for him.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

GMan is cool in my book.
I do hope this is just a "timed" exclusive.

Posted by AllanIceman

Looks good.  Love the Mark Hamill Joker.

Posted by GMan

I am.  I run the 'sister site' ComicVine.  I come around here occasionally when I get a moment away.

Posted by Brendan

Who's G-man?

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