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Posted by MachoFantastico


Part 3: Nintendo!


The previous two E3's for Nintendo have been rather forgetful events. While they've promised big announcements for Nintendo fans each of the past two shows, all to often we've come out of the conference wondering what the hell we just witnessed. No truer was this, then at last years Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2008, where Nintendo unveiled Wii Music. Now I still recall watching the streaming of the press conference in shock and laughter at what was being shown. It was generally agreed that Nintendo misunderstood who actually attended E3, there weren't many seven year old kids when I looked into the audience afterall. 

So Nintendo got it a little wrong last year, not to mention that they have continually laid down promises to please the core gamers of Nintendo. The type of gamers who wants to see top quality Mario titles, or see a new Zelda game hit the Nintendo Wii. So this year will hopefully be just that, while there is already some strong evidence that a brand new Mario title will be unveiled at E3. There is still some question over the future of Zelda, though Reggie himself stated that a new Zelda game was in the works. I'll admit I'm not a massive Nintendo fan, never have been to be honest with you reader. But I've always appreciated their franchises, many of them being the cornerstone of the videogame industry. Games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Pikmin are loved by millions and it's only fair to say that Nintendo, have some of the most loyal and dedicated fans of any gaming company.

But the big question entering this years E3, will surround Nintendo's ability to please such hardcore fans. While their popular portable console the Nintendo DS as contined to see many hardcore pleasing titles hit it's catalogue over the past few years, the Nintendo Wii as become a home for rather average party styled poorly produced games. I for one haven't touched my Nintendo Wii for many months now and that saddens me as a gamer, I want to be excited about a specific Wii game rather then feel that I've just wasted my money on a console I don't often play. So like many gamers, I'll be eagerly watching what Nintendo can produce at this years event. Now a new Zelda game doesn't exactly excite me, afterall I agree with Jeff on the E3 Bombcast who stated that the series needed to evolve. But I would enjoy me some more Mario. Nintendo have shown signs of answering the many concerns of the hardcore gaming crowd with the recently released Punch Out! But before we get into the games, let's talk about hardware. 


Wii Motion Plus is expected to receive some coverage within Nintendo's press conference, and they'll no doubt be some questions concerning what improvements it actually provides over the current default Wii Motion controller. Without a doubt, Wii motion controls have helped the system sell to a shocking degree around the World and I for one find it fascinating.  I'm not a massive fan of motion controlled gaming, though it seems to suddenly be all the rage if Sony and Microsoft are rumoured to be unveiling their own motion controlled pieces of hardware. Wii Motion Plus will apparently 'enhance' motion controlled gaming on the Nintendo Wii and isn't just another Nintendo Peripheral for all us gamers to waste our money on. I haven't seen it in action myself so I will be rather interested to see how it performs compared to the current controller, a controller that in my personal opinion. Seems perfectly fine for the job that it does, do we really need even better precision?

Wii Motion Plus, I've yet to be convinced!
To be fair, I probably don't play as much Nintendo Wii to realize how bad the current controller can be in the heat of an exciting action game or the lack of precise precision it provides for a good puzzle title. Reading this you might get the feeling that I'm anti-Nintendo Wii, and to some degree I am. But only because I've always felt that it's a system with such great potential, but all to often Nintendo seem happy for below average titles to make an appearance on the system and of course the fact that there hasn't been enough core games released for the console hurts my general opinion of it. But despite this I am still rather intrigued to see how Wii Motion Plus will improve the way I game. Though I'd be even more interested to see what games appear using this new motion control extra, hopefully we'll get to see some unique titles that aren't party games. 


All this talk as made me think that this years Nintendo E3 press conference could end up being all about the games. How perfect would it be if the Japanese giants decided to go mad and announce a whole basketful of new and exciting titles for the hardcore Nintendo fan. Why does it always have to be old franchises that excite gamers? Why not create some new IP's that could become legends in their own right in the years to come. As I said previously, a new Mario game does indeed look set to be announced at E3 and I really do hope to see some new IP's from Nintendo. Super Mario Galaxy was a fine example of how entertaining the Wii console can be, it's just that form of entertainment seems rather few and far between nowadays. There seems to be a split in the media though, on if a new Zelda game will be unveiled. While we already know one is in the works, not everyone is convinced we will actually see it at this years E3 Expo. 

A new Mario title is expected to be announced at E3!
Speaking of party games, I'm pretty sure we'll see a good few of them. But there are of course a number of already announced titles that will potentially get a showing at this years press conference, for example I'm pretty confident that The Beatles: Rock Band will get some coverage cosidering how well rhythm games are currently doing on the Nintendo Wii. There could also be a few other game announcements from Nintendo, the much talked about Wii version of Kid Incarus could finally be shown not to mention Pikmin 3. There's every chance that we'll see more Wii Fit and fitness games in general considering how successful that game as been in sales since release. Despite what we do know, there is still quite a lot that could make an appearance and I'm finding it hard to make true predictions on what we might be seeing at the Nintendo E3 press conference. After last years event who knows what will happen.


While Nintendo will give much coverage to the Wii, I also fully expect to hear some big DS and DSi announcements at this years E3. The DSi in particular will potentially see the biggest changes and owners are eager to see smarter and more thought out features appear for the DSi. While I'm not a DSi owner myself, it would be nice to finally see an actual reason to purchase one rather then feel like it would just be a waste of my money. They'll probably be some Pokemon game shown, and we already know that The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will be at the event but the beauty of the Nintendo DS, is that one can simply never know what to expect when it comes to games. The more I think about it  the more I believe that the DSi will be key to the success of the Nintendo press conference and there is a chance that we'll be seeing changes in the way they distribute games. There as already been some talk that classic Nintendo titles could make their way onto the DSi.

This alone would be another example of the change in the way videogames are being distrbuted, considering the newly announced Sony PSP Go! will be only distributing games digitally. There is so much more they could do with the DS, but even with this in mind I believe Nintendo will look to give full coverage to the latest and most exciting hardware being released on the Nintendo Wii. Of course some mention of general sales are to be expected, but what press conference at E3 doesn't have that. Afterall that's partly the whole point for the big gaming companies, it's a place where they can show off how well their currently doing. But being more of a fan of the DS, I hope we get a good few surprises that can excite. What about a new Animal Crossing DS game, or I'd love me some Elite Beat Agent 2. It's hard to predict what announcements will be made for the Nintendo DS and DSi, but one thing is for sure. I'm excited to see what appears. 

E3 2009 is yet another year, where Nintendo as to bring some big guns to the battleground to please the core gamers. Hopefully they've learnt from the many lessons of last years event and will provide some mouth watering news for all us gamers to chew over. While I still believe that this years E3 press conference war will be won by Sony, Nintendo could be a real challenger with eager members of the media looking to check out the latest pieces of hardware and newly announced games. Sadly it's already been announced that Cammie Dunaway and her terrible fake smile will appear at the Nintendo Press Conference, thankfully Reggie some provide some stability for us normal folk not looking to be creeped out. Hopefully there will be more Reggie, and less Cammie this time around.

What are you most excited about seeing from Nintendo at E3 2009?
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