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Posted by LordCrom

YES!  I support your choice 100%.  I was having the same thoughts as well.  I own off of the games for their original system and I believe I will buy them off of Live (for the points) as well as the Ultimate Collection eventually.  Call me crazy!

Posted by Spiritof

Rebought Gunstar Heroes on PS3. Way more fun than even I remember it being. Online multi-player is completely janked, but acheivements/points are dead easy.

Posted by WiqidBritt
@hellknight8619: this!
Posted by lasafrog

Gunstar Heroes and Phantasy Star 2 are far and away the two I love here.

Problem is, I own them still in cart form, I own PS2 on my PS2 Sega Genesis collection, on my GBA Phantasy Star collection, I own both on VC with my Wii, plus I have them emulated a dozen different ways on PCs and portables.

So you wanna sell me something Sega? Finally put HERZOG ZWEI on XBLA complete with achievements!

Posted by Nasar7

Still waiting for Strider.

Posted by KingBroly

Considering Sega's youtube channel has/had a listing for Sonic Mega Collection 3, the Sonic games probably aren't worth a buy.

Posted by RJPelonia

Actually, being able to lock-on Sonic 3 with Sonic & Knuckles is a pretty big deal. When playing only either of those games alone, you only get half of the Sonic 3 story. With lock-on, when you play the game, as soon as where Sonic 3 normally ends, spoilers, I guess... instead of the Death Egg exploding, it continues to fall toward the island and you continue the rest of the story through the Sonic & Knuckles levels, to which you also get a new (read: the true) ending afterwards.

Just saying.

Posted by gunstarhero

my fav is there gunstar heroes but i just cant bring my self to pay that kinda of money for it ,i know they have to emulate it but i still think theses should be at the dearest £1.

Posted by Darro

While I don't agree with you on Sonic 3 (best in the series when its apart of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles combo), I am glad you said Gunstar Heroes is still awesome and getting to play it online co-op style is good for me and others.  Could have done with some better achievements though like complete the game without dying would have been a proper one for this game.  I end up being an idiot and getting Sonic 3 even though I have 3 versions of that game already (Sonic Jam, original cartridge and Sonic & Knuckles collection on PC) but I have the other two on XBLA  also.

Posted by Supermarius

I respect Jeff's opinion alot, but he is 100% wrong about Sonic 3. It's an excellent sonic game, maybe the the best. It is weird that a guy who has such good insight on alot of games is so wrong about a genesis classic. I kinda think that reviewers hate sonic more than normal video game players because they are forced to play the new crappy sonic games and they are letting that resentment color their opinion on old sonic games. At least I'd like to think its something like that, and not just a massive case of bad taste.

It also bugs me that people talk about how the new bad sonic games can somehow make it so that the old, good sonic games dont count. F**** that. Sonic on the genesis was great and allways will be great. Is 4 great games enough to be remebered as a great series? In, my book, yes. There are four main MGS games, does anyone say that's not enough games? No. I honestly dont care how many crappy sonic games get made, he will still be one of my favorite characters because of the many many hours I played sonic 1 through Sonic and Knuckles on my sega genesis, coupled with how well those games hold up to this day. I bought sonic 3 for xbla on day 1 and played through it in one sitting and its stil las amazing as it ever was.

Posted by Dethfish

I downloaded a few of these demos. Maybe it's just me but I don't think Phantasy Star II holds up that well, but if they put some more old classic RPGs on XBL I'd be very happy.

I had never played Comix Zone before. I liked it at first until I kept falling into this damn hole in the first level over and over again.

Posted by McBradders

I, sadly, double dipped on Sonic 3 because I have the other two as XBLA releases ¬_¬

I feel your pain Jeff, not as bad, but I feel it.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

The weird thing has been the absence of PS IV in a lot of the compilations out there.  I bought the THQ collection for the Game Boy a while back, I - III, but IV I only have in its original Genesis form (hidden somewhere in a pile of inaccessible stuff).  A lot of people like that game, so I don't really understand why they tend to keep it hidden.

Really, I think they would make a lot of people happy actually making a straightforward, modernized RPG out of the old Phantasy Star franchise again, but I've been saying that for years now. 

Posted by aseddon130

Sonic 3 is my all time favourite Sonic game, so it was a definate that i was gonna buy it to complete my XBL trilogy collection anyways, and i bought Gunstar Heroes for the sake of owning it because its not on the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection didn't have it.

The only other one i did buy was Altered Beast because i needed a game to tie me over while i waited for "Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island" to download, it took me about an hour to complete it and get all 200 points, which is suprising too because i absolutely hate Altered Beast ... i always have done, it's a dreadful game. But it was worth it for the achievements i suppose.

Is getting these games again for achievements really a bad thing? i don't think so tbh. Although i haven't bothered with the other 3 releases for the basic fact that i don't like them :) I'll probs buy Sonic & Knuckles when that hits XBLA too.

Posted by ahriman22

I thre up a little in my mouth when I saw those on my dashboard... Ugh.

Except for gunstar heroes, but I'm still not buying it.
Posted by ExitDose

This obsession with achievement points is a little sad.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Jeff is a liar. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the pinnacle of the Sonic franchise.

Posted by get2sammyb

Gunstar Heroes is totally worth it.

Posted by SunKing

Just to play devil's (and by devil I mean Jeff) advocate, I agree that "Sonic 3 was where the whole series started to go rotten". That's not to say Sonic 3 was crap, because it wasn't. But there was something in the level design of Sonic 1 & 2 that makes these games better than Sonic 3. A while ago I remember playing through Sonic 1, 2 and then coming to 3 and just feeling bored playing through the levels. I think as soon as they started adding new characters and new gameplay gimmicks, they veered away from the simplicity and purity of the original concept. I admit, as a kid I loved Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but looking back on it now there are the seeds of failure imbedded in that game. And the Carnival Night Zone: does anyone remember the barrel of death? And the music? Oh my god, lol, I still have nightmares.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

I bought the ultimate sonic collection and was dissapointed that it didn't have gunstar heroes (probably my favorite genesis game). I'll probably pick this up even though it seems like a rip-off compare to the USC.

Posted by Media_Master

I don't achieve points

Posted by Church069

I would probably get Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles to do the lock on stuff so I could reminise about my childhood (wasted several days of my life playing that game).  Other than that if I wanted to play old sega games, I would probably just get the collection rather than buying all of those arcade titles.

Posted by Hammerjelly

While Gunstar Heroes should have been on the Ultimate Genesis disc, its only $5 and they added online co-op. Since the others are on the disc, there is no point in buying the rest.

Sega, if you are going to keep doing this can I please get Xmen 2 Clone Wars for XBLA?

Posted by darkspirit138
@ExitDose said:
" This obsession with achievement points is a little sad. "
True to the point of law.
Posted by Captainlunchbox

Gunstar was all I bought and probably all I will buy.

Posted by Jon_Rivera
It's been a long while since I've been on here, so I apologize if I am late on this. But I do want to weigh in on this. This pack sounds pretty good. Phanatsy Star II, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 3, Shinobi, Comix Zone, Altered Beast are all fine games. Especially Gunstar Heroes. However, I already own all these games on the Genesis (and I am one of those crazy retro gamers who's willing to hook up his older systems just to play one game). I don't think I'm willing to lay down the money the them on XBLA; even for points. 
And about Sonic 3, I do not think that it was the beginning of the end for the franchise; I personally think that the Sonic 3D Blast title is truly to blame for the weird spot that the franchise is in now. Regardless I would rather rebuy Sonic 2 than the third game.