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Edited by Rasgueado

I haven't had much of a chance to try this out since it happened, but I finally downloaded the surprisingly large update and booted into this afternoon. It might just be me, but I don't remember having this many sound options in the game before (someone please correct me if this is wrong). There are a lot of music tracks in there now, and some of em are actually pretty good. A lot of them also sound like they were recorded well, though there's a few cheesy midi sounds in there too.

The other bit I noticed  when I loaded up Mars are little speaker boxes in the game world. As you move around them, the music playing in the background will move around your system relative to the game world. Even more cute is that when you EAT one of the speakers, the music sounds muffled. That's the main thing I noticed anyway. There are probably others.

(Note: The main reason I noticed the new music choices was because the game defaulted to a song I had not heard before, and was so incensed by its viscious tones I had to immediately find a way to turn it off. The song was a Noby Noby Boy version of It's a Small World Afterall. I am now curious if the inclusion of this incredibly annoying song was to push more people to discover the new(?) music menu. If so, that is at once both brilliant, and devious.)
Posted by Diamond

Yea I posted about it before, they updated a LOT of stuff.

Instead of just one song there's a dozen or so now, there's a voice synthesis system for both English and Japanese, there's all new graphics, lots of new features...